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TOPIC: Lost Hiker - Day Hike To Overnighter - Unprepared Survival

Lost Hiker - Day Hike To Overnighter - Unprepared Survival 29 Jul 2019 02:18 #1

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Would you be prepared to survive if your day hike turned into an overnight survival scenario? Are your survival skills good enough? Is you day hike kit enough to keep you alive? In this survival scenario I test myself. It's a rough adventure but a good learning experience!

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Lost Hiker - Day Hike To Overnighter - Unprepared Survival 05 Aug 2019 17:04 #2

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It's a long 59 minute vid but I'll watch it bit by bit, I've been a member of survival forums for years..:)
I spotted a goof in the first 30 seconds when he built a fire at night, because it'll attract every zombie, mutant, alien and psycho from miles around, and even in daytime the smoke will attract them too.
The golden rule is only build a fire when you HAVE to, for example to boil / sterilise water

PS- Most "survival" films and shows are a joke (Grylls, Stafford etc)
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