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The NAZI Myths 02 Oct 2014 06:55 #1

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Argentina, North Pole, UFOs, (Ok there might me some truth in the latter)...

The Biggest NAZI myth is NAZI
And so it came to pass that, in that beginning in that same year of 1933, many of those “International Jews” fled Germany to their safe havens in France, England and America (especially New York City and Hollywood), and began a worldwide media campaign of “hate” and fear mongering, full of bogus atrocity stories, as I have also previously documented. And I dare say, that campaign of “hatred”, blatant lies and omissions, anti-Hitlerism, and anti-Germanism continues unabated to this day!

Dialog from the film:
Friedrich Hollaender: “Everyone’s depressed – bad for the economy but excellent for cabaret. German people don’t need democracy, for God’s sake, they need music, laughter, someone to tell them what to do so they can get in line and follow.”
Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Don’t tell me you’ve become a nationalist?”
Friedrich Hollaender: “I’m a satirist, Ernst. The most dangerous politician of them all. Speaking of humor, I’m going to hear Hitler tomorrow – would you like to come?”
Ernst Hanfstaengl: “The anti-Semite?”
Friedrich Hollaender: ” The National Socialist anti-Semite. We call them “Nazis” just to piss them off. I hear he’s fascinating.”
Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Well, that’s very open-minded of you.”
Friedrich Hollaender: “You mean for a Jew, yes? I’m not supporting him, for God’s sake. I need new material!”

So, according to Hollaender, the word “Nazi” was a “hateful” term created by the self-described “Jews” that was intended to demean and to aggravate patriotic Germans back in the 1920s. And it is still used today in common everyday speech in Canada and around the world,
To understand who rules over you look to whom you tube can't criticise

The media isn't there to cover the news
It's there to cover the news up

All establishment lies pass through three stages
First, they are accepted as being self evident
Second, they are exposed by diligent research
Third, they are enforced

"Communism is the bloodiest, most difficult and the most terrible way from capitalism to capitalism" from Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina
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