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TOPIC: Holocaust, Hate Speech, and Were the Germans So Stupid?

Holocaust, Hate Speech, and Were the Germans So Stupid? 04 Nov 2014 16:27 #21

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Deanna talks about how the Allies prepared for Nuremberg and some of the "evidence" that they used. After World War I, the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Congress (AJC), founded in 1918, composed of Jacob H. Schiff, Louis Marshall, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Julian Mack and Abram Elkus, unsuccessfully attempted to convene a World Tribunal to impose war guilt on Germany. They failed after World War I but were successful after World War II because now they could persuade people, with the help of the media and compromised politicians, that Germany had perpetrated a holocaust against the jews.
The resident shill announced
blue_tackler wrote:
please make my profile inactive, I no longer want to have any connection to this forum.

yet he is trolling further. :facepalm:

blue_tackler wrote:
the lice are only going to jump onto other typhus victim

Prime example of holocaustianity mental issues, clinically insane, and utterly ill informed, a danger to public health if this dude was working for CDC.
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Holocaust, Hate Speech, and Were the Germans So Stupid? 04 Nov 2014 20:10 #22

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Lessons from the 'Holocaust' Fraud: The Evils of Lying
Written by Rerevisionist 6 June 2013

The 'Holocaust' fraud, (or Holohoax, Holoco$t, LOL-ocaust) was started before Nuremberg, but took some years to be developed by TV and other then-new media. At the time of writing, it's been the dogma of 'Holocaustianity', Michael Hoffman's name for the official post-1945 ideology. No official historian or journalist or broadcaster or churchman (as yet) has stood against it. This of course is a tribute to the power of paper money, the root of Jewish power. But it's also only possible because 'Jews' think (or rather feel) in a herd. What do (names taken from a few at hand) Michael Gove, Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw, David Cameron, both Milibands, George Soros, Menachem Begin, Isaac Deutscher, Michael Grade, Michael Lyons, Susan Sontag have in common? The lesson of the 'Holohoax' is that they will tell lies for money; not just occasionally, not intermittently, not now-and-then—but permanently, for life.

The psychology of the 'Jewish' race is a product of their history.
Assuming the Khazar hypothesis, their evolution (in the relatively minor, racial variety sense; not full-scale evolution) must have been affected by the spread of the Talmud and similar material to Asiatic Europe. Human beings, unlike animals, change their own environments, and so affect their own evolution: recently, air travel has affected population genetics, medical science ditto, and, further back, books must have had their effect. After (say) 1000 years, say 40 generations, the sorts of pressures described by Kevin MacDonald must have caused genetic changes. Telling lies to outsiders is simply taken for granted by this race. Centuries of preferring life in squalid little groups - taking orders from fools who are unable to separate words from reality, and prefer written slogans to careful analysis, and who are terrified their flock will one day start to ignore them, leaving them nothing - have left ineradicable genetic traces.
Let me amplify. Most people follow their herd beliefs, and if Talmudic stuff appears from nowhere it would have the effect of condoning killing of people who don't accept it. There may therefore have been quite a dramatic effect on khazars as the 'jews' doctrines took hold. This would feed back into actual genes.

From nowhere, a primitive nomadic tribe suddenly had the written word imposed from nowhere. It was their only media exposure. Its stories, attitudes, phrases, beliefs etc would permeate them; their original folk beliefs would be diminished and probably erased. Abraham, Moses, Jericho, Cain and Abel, slaughter, sacrifice, King David, 'the temple' would dominate their mentality. They'd be told ad nauseam that the highest wisdom is to kill the best non-Jews. They'd be told to be sly, secretive, contract-breaking, liars—as of course would be necessary when meeting any other people—and would practise pilpul and all the rest. The rabbi caste would be told they are chosen by God, all-wise, worth a fortune, and entitled to genocide out of existence towns and populations they didn't like. They would be likely to believe this out of self-interest and pride. They would twirl live chickens round their heads, celebrate supposed victories, mutilate boys. I would guess that many young people, and entire families, who dissented, would simply have been murdered: there was no police system to stop this. Like 'honour killings', it would be institutionalised. Or they might be ostracised, sent out to a likely death. In only a few generations hair-trigger fanatics could be bred. This is what I meant by the introduction de novo of Talmudic teachings.

What are the effects of lying? It seems likely that any more-or-less homogenous group would have been damaged by persistent lying. Any group members who lied about (e.g.) food needed, or clean water or using-up of resources would usually damage their group. Liars in everyday, mundane matters would cause indignation or retribution, and presumably be squeezed out. Correlatively, however, most people would be credulous, believing what they're told, since many generations would have made this the best policy. Children would learn consistent lessons from teachers, parents, and contemporaries.

But in the modern world, there are plenty of examples of lies: lawyers impose non-disclosure clauses, preventing awareness of incompetence in medicine. Newspapers and broadcasts are full of lies and distortions. Wars, housing, and so on are lied about. There are entire knowledge-islands of lies: immigration, JFK's murder, the 'Liberty', NASA, 'AIDS', 9/11 are just a few examples. In all these cases, there was/is heavy Jewish involvement.

The biggest disaster of the past few centuries has been the success of Jews in seizing the paper money and credit systems of Europe and the USA. The resulting ability to fund corrupt groups, with sufficient disguise and cushioning for concealment, has led to endless harm. To take a computer analogy: it's as though rootkits have been introduced into these countries' operating systems, so that legal, moral, and other considerations are secretly redirected to secret Jewish-controlled groups.

Many people have learnt the formula: Jews do what's best for Jews. This fits the Holohoax case - any amount of denigration, insults, lying about the USSR and USA, is automatically accepted by them to make money. As the Holohoax starts to crumble, there will be ever-increasing awareness that Jews, all of them, every one of them, in an unholy union, will unblushingly lie, on the most serious subjects.

But the instinctive, inbred racist tribal solidarity of 'Jews' has a further effect, which has not been generally noticed. What do unrestricted immigration, non-reporting of black on white crime, disbursal of funds to violent groups, enforcement of poor quality education, selective housing of non-Britons, insistence that medical professions must not check qualifications, causing loss-making wars in a general sense, all have in common? They all damage white people. Whether this can be said to be deliberate is questionable, like wondering if homosexuality is inborn. If it's genetic, Jews will automatically clot together, to decide instinctively on actions which will cause harm.

Whether easy-going white credulity will be replaced in time by firm retribution, remains to be seen.


Fascism: Tony Benn: “Fascism was the response of capitalism to the arrival in Moscow in 1917 of socialism. However distorted it later became under Joe Stalin it was seen as a threat—in every form—communism, socialism, social democracy—everything that challenged the capitalist system—the repression of it was supported by western leaders. And in my opinion from 1917 until the Berlin wall came down and still today it is the prime objective of any of the governments representing capitalist societies or believing in capitalist ideas to destroy all forms of socialism, and a readiness to use fascism for that purpose.”
Kipling’s Collected Verse; Swastika Motif on Book Spine. Kipling received the first Nobel Prize for literature A.J.P. Taylor on derivativeness of the ideas of Fascism, or perhaps more precisely, Nazism. He said (I’m quoting from memory) Social Darwinism was British, Kiplingesque imperialism was British, racism and the white man’s burden was British (and incidentally Kipling’s works were decorated with swastikas), Empire Day and big shows of strength at Spithead were British. Click for a very long, detailed, review of A J P Taylor's life, and in particular his book The Origins of the Second World War.
Baden-Powell’s Scouting for Boys (or a similar publication) had a passage saying the most exciting type of hunting was 'hunting man'. The ideas of eugenics, racial degeneration and so on certainly existed, or flourished, in Britain and America. An odd similarity is the idea of the rural idyll, the countryside as unspoilt and more genuinely English (or German) than towns. Another odd parallel is the work of J R Green, whose History of the English People in the final quarter of the 19th century popularised the idea of the British as freedom-loving Germanic Anglo-Saxons.
The problem is to exclude things you do, but include them when the others do them. Cp John Pilger speaking on Indonesia, in 1995, ‘by any definition fascist’.
What seems to be a similar view to Hitler was expressed by Stalin—Isaac Deutscher’s biography: ‘Yet while Hitler’s armies were advancing, the Soviet authorities did their best to evacuate the Jews from the threatened areas, even though in some towns—.. Taganrog ..—the Jews, disbelieving the warnings.. refused to budge. With Stalin’s authorization, a Jewish anti-Fascist Committee .. was formed; it called upon the Jews of the West to support the Soviet Union. .. Jews serving in the armed forces fought bravely, ... But qua Jews they were not accorded any merit. ..’
591ff: ‘.. [post-War, when demonstrations etc in favour of Israel were forbidden] The Jews were deprived of the right which as a nationality they had hitherto enjoyed; [.. also e.g. theatres, publishers, writers, poets; ‘rootless cosmopolitans’, men of ‘uncertain allegiance’.] It was .. said.. even intended to deport all Jews to Birobidjan, the ‘Autonomous Jewish region’. [However, there were e.g. nuclear physicists and ‘Nearly twenty thousand Jews held teaching posts in the universities’.]
[Note added 24 Sept 2013: the area, territory, location, or whatever of Birobidzhan has been suggested as a suitable location for 'Jews' by e.g. Lady Renouf. And possibly there may be plans for it kept in reserve.]
There’s somewhat of a myth of Jewish unity, as there’s somewhat of a myth of ‘English speaking peoples’, at least so far as I’ve observed. In practice Jews in (say) western Europe don’t communicate much with Jews from (say) Eastern Europe; like most people, they look up official-seeming figures in official-seeming books. There’s also somewhat of a myth of Jewish religious awareness, again, so far as I’ve observed. Typical Jews have no idea whether (e.g.) Jews once spoke Aramaic, or whether Hebrews of archaeology were bands of mercenaries, or whether there are racist passages in their religious texts.
Quote at chapter start from a book by Ian Kershaw on Nazism ‘scarcely capable of rational analysis’ reflects a common attitude.
Hobsbawm on pogroms: ‘handful of dead of 1881’ and ‘40 to 50 of Kishinev pogrom of 1903’ given in a puzzled way as contrasted with later numbers of deaths. There seem to have been many more killings of strikers in the USA than of Jews in Russia. Hobsbawm seems to have—or pretend to have—no feeling for the reasons for Jewish emigration.
At a lecture ('Can We Write the History of the Russian Revolution?' 3rd Dec 1996 at the LSE), Hobsbawm spoke of the early days of the Soviet Union and the ‘establishment of socialism.’ Nobody even laughed. One of the achievements of censorship on this whole complex of topics is that many neutral or desirable things have been smeared. Thus ‘communism’ has been smeared, and ‘socialism’. ‘Democracy’ never quite achieved the same status—not many people believed in ‘peoples’ democracies.’ The good and bad points of ‘nationalism’ are rarely discussed.
[Note added 24 Sept 2013: First of three articles in The Occidental Observer on so-called 'pogroms' (May 2012). Recommended as a good overview, with references to Jewish propaganda in the USA and the UK. ... Little or no historiography has been dedicated to peeling back the layers of "refugee" stories to uncover what really happened in the Russian Empire in the years before and during the riots. ... by Andrew Joyce. 1: Russia's Jewish Question. 2: Inventing Atrocities. 3: The Jewish Role.
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Holocaust, Hate Speech, and Were the Germans So Stupid? 04 Nov 2014 21:37 #23

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Mario as usual copied and wrote:

What a cheek!

Hypocrisy dastardly outdone by ultimate chutzpah.

The dumb "German thinking and feeling" goyim - the do-gooders of all nations in earth don't realise what is going on as usual .... ?


truth-zone.net/forum/general-discussion/63386-what-to-do-with-germany.html?start=120#137304 et seqq.

You and your ilk will surely have to pay the bill for all you did in the end and I concur with your standardised gif statement,
as far as you are concerned:

Mario wrote:

TRULY END TIME BOYS & GIRLS! .......... All signals are given loud & clear!

@ oiram @

Btw .... what happened to Android Replicant?

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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Holocaust, Hate Speech, and Were the Germans So Stupid? 04 Nov 2014 22:49 #24

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Btw .... what happened to Android Replicant?

Seems he doesnt want to play anymore after his time out... doesnt even want to sign in once to unsubscribe from threads to stop the emails coming.

So he reported the emails as spam instead.

The above info was posted over u know where.. you could try signing up and asking him yourself... see how long you last over there. :chuckle:
I remember the good old days, when 90+ year olds in nursing homes lived forever. Darn this pesky virus.

1365 = 1

1.1365 = 1,283,305,580,313,352
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