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TOPIC: the Gandhi Myth

the Gandhi Myth 05 Mar 2015 19:13 #1

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Debunking the Gandhi Myth: Arundhati Roy

This kind of disgusting and disrespectful behaviour is condoned here

ORANGEAID verbal abuse

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the Gandhi Myth 05 Mar 2015 19:25 #2

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Gandhi Sexually Abuses His Grandnieces

''The following excerpts from articles in The Wall Street Journal
and The Independent, published in 2011 and 2010 respectively,
detail Gandhi’s bizarre experiments with sex.

The key point they contain is, for years, Gandhi sexually abused his
17-year-old grandniece Abha and his 18-year-old grandniece Manu.
He forced them to sleep with him simultaneously and naked nightly.

The story is a tragic one of psychological and physical molestation
perpetrated against vulnerable young girls with not option for escape.

Additionally, for years prior while living in an ashram, he forbade his followers
to sleep with their wives but required the wives to sleep with him again, naked.''
read more:

Thrill of the chaste: The truth about Gandhi's sex life

''It was no secret that Mohandas Gandhi had an unusual sex life.
He spoke constantly of sex and gave detailed, often provocative,
instructions to his followers as to how to they might best observe chastity.

''Meanwhile, Gandhi was challenging that abstinence in his own way.
He set up ashrams in which he began his first "experiments" with sex;
boys and girls were to bathe and sleep together, chastely, but were
punished for any sexual talk.
Men and women were segregated, and Gandhi's advice was that
husbands should not be alone with their wives, and, when they felt
passion, should take a cold bath.

The rules did not, however, apply to him. Sushila Nayar, the attractive sister
of Gandhi's secretary, also his personal physician, attended Gandhi from girlhood.
She used to sleep and bathe with Gandhi.
When challenged, he explained how he ensured decency was not offended.
"While she is bathing I keep my eyes tightly shut," he said,
"I do not know ... whether she bathes naked or with her underwear on.
I can tell from the sound that she uses soap." The provision of such personal
services to Gandhi was a much sought-after sign of his favour and aroused
jealousy among the ashram inmates.''

As he grew older (and following Kasturba's death) he was to have more women
around him and would oblige women to sleep with him whom –according to his
segregated ashram rules were forbidden to sleep with their own husbands.
Gandhi would have women in his bed, engaging in his "experiments" which seem
to have been, from a reading of his letters, an exercise in strip-tease or other
non-contact sexual activity.
Much explicit material has been destroyed but tantalising remarks in Gandhi's letters
remain such as: "Vina's sleeping with me might be called an accident.
All that can be said is that she slept close to me." One might assume, then, that
getting into the spirit of the Gandhian experiment meant something more
than just sleeping close to him.

Eighteen-year-old Abha, the wife of Gandhi's grandnephew Kanu Gandhi,
rejoined Gandhi's entourage in the run-up to independence in 1947
and by the end of August he was sleeping with both Manu and Abha
at the same time.

When he was assassinated in January 1948, it was with Manu and Abha by his side.
Despite her having been his constant companion in his last years, family members, tellingly,
removed Manu from the scene.

Gandhi had written to his son: "I have asked her to write about her sharing the bed with me,
" but the protectors of his image were eager to eliminate this element of the great leader's life.
Devdas, Gandhi's son, accompanied Manu to Delhi station where he took the opportunity
of instructing her to keep quiet.

While it was commonly discussed as damaging his reputation when he was alive,
Gandhi's sexual behaviour was ignored for a long time after his death.

It is only now that we can piece together information for a rounded picture of
Gandhi's excessive self-belief in the power of his own sexuality.
Tragically for him, he was already being sidelined by the politicians at the time of independence.
The preservation of his vital fluid did not keep India intact, and it was the power-brokers
of the Congress Party who negotiated the terms of India's freedom.''
This kind of disgusting and disrespectful behaviour is condoned here

ORANGEAID verbal abuse

''Cinta is a whore.
I don't change one word I've said.''
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the Gandhi Myth 06 Mar 2015 00:21 #3

Thought you were going to say he wore Crocs and not flipflops :emb: :P

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the Gandhi Myth 06 Mar 2015 05:42 #4

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Gandhi attended Samaldas College in Bhavnagar but after the end of the first term he had to drop out because he could not understand the English language. Here is an excerpt from a biograpy of Kastur Gandhi, spouse of the spy:
The months passed but not quickly enough for Mohan. He had realized almost from the day of his arrival at Samaldas College that he was floundering. He understood little that was said in classes. Lessons were conducted in English; his marks were abominable; he was fighting loneliness, frustration, and an oppressive awareness that he was soon to assume the responsibilities of parenthood. When his first term ended in May, he quit the college and went home to Kastubai determined never to return to Samaldas College. (Gandhi, The Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur, Wife of Mahatma Gandhi, pp. 34-34).

It was soon after he dropped out of college that a "friend" suggested that he go to England and study to become a "barrister."
A university degree, and a knowledge of English, are minimum requirements to enter the Inns of Court in London.

Gandhi was a college dropout and he came from a poor family.

He spent his 3 years at the school for spies . . . and definitely not at the aristocratic, expensive Inns of Court.

There is nothing wrong with being poor....The Messiah came from a poor family . . . but Shiloh also said that all LIARS . . . RICH and POOR . . . will end up in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 21:8).

Like fellow spy Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Gandhi could have entered the Inns of Court after graduating from a university in India, but he had neither the brains or the money to pursue a legal career.
In 1887, Mohandas Gandhi began his training as a British Secret Service agent in the capital of the Empire.

His cover was "barrister" or "lawyer."

The British were determined to retain the "Jewel in the Crown" at any cost and that necessitated saturating India with British trained spies.

2 committed British imperialists were responsible for recruiting Gandhi as a spy and paying for his expenses while undergoing training in London
Lord Roberts of Kandahar ("Mr. British Empire") was stationed in India for most of his military career.

He recruited Gandhi for training as a spy.

Aristocratic admiral Edmond Slade provided the finances for Gandhi's training in London.

His daughter Madeline fell "madly in love" with Gandhi
Gandhi was not charged any tuition while he studied at the spying school so admiral Slade was only responsible for his living expenses while in London. Adolf Hitler was another famous or infamous graduate of that school.

The "Apostle of Non-violence" had the backing of 2 of the top military men in the British Empire....While he was staying in London, Gandhi forgot to mention his benefactor admiral Slade . . . or staying at his country mansion, Milton Heath.

In June 1891, his spy training completed, he sailed home to India. When he arrived home to Bombay, no adoring crowds greeted him because the Gandhi legend was not yet born:

The voyage home was a sad one, and his homecoming even more dismal. The Bombay docks were bathed in a misting monsoon rain as he landed on July 5, 1891. Not even the reunion with Kasturbai and his family could lift the gloom–or a growing "sense of helplessness and fear." Within a few months of trying to start his own law practice in Rajkot, he confesses in his autobiography, "I had serious doubts as to whether I should be able even to earn a living." (Herman, Gandhi & Churchill, p. 82).

Gandhi need not have worried about his future as a "lawyer" because admiral Slade and the British Raj was committed to taking care of the financial needs of all of their spies!!.

Gandhi fought for the British during the brutal Boer War!!

In 1893, Gandhi sailed for South Africa. Until the discovery of gold in South Africa, the Cape Colony was just a stopover on the passage to India
In 1893, Mohandas Gandhi arrived in South Africa without his wife and 2 children.

South Africa already had a large Indian population so he was more successful as an "attorney" there than in India
Upon arriving in South Africa, Gandhi started practicing law. He returned to India on July 4, 1896, to collect his family from Jajkot. In 1899, the veIn 1899, Lord Roberts commanded the British Empire during the Gold War.

Gandhi was part of a special ambulance corps that assisted the British Empire forces
Lord Roberts was the architect of the brutal concentration camp system for Boer women and children. Gandhi never seemed to be bothered by the abysmal treatment of innocent women and children . . . as long as it was for the good of the British Empire!!

Once the British Empire defeated the Boers, the vast quantity of gold was shipped to the Bank of England in London. That gold was used by the British to finance the Kaiser and the German military buildup prior to WWI. The gold was also used to finance the Russian Revolution!!
After the British conquered South Africa, the Zulus felt the iron heel of oppression.

In desperation, they rose in revolt, which was brutally crushed.

Sergeant major Gandhi commanded an ambulance brigade during the uneven contest.
The Bambatha Uprising was a Zulu revolt against British rule and taxation in Natal, South Africa, in 1906. The revolt was led by Bambatha kaMancinza, leader of the amaZondi clan of the Zulu people, who lived in the Mpanza Valley, a district near Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal.

Unlike the Boors, the natives fought with swords and spears and they were no match for the superior firepower of the British Empire. The death of Chief Bambhatha brought an end to the conflict.

Mohandas Gandhi sailed for England in July 1914–just in time for World War I.
It never occurred to Gandhi that WWI was financed by South African gold!!

He raised a battalion of ambulance drivers but fell ill with pleurisy and was unable to serve on the Western Front.
To his big disappointment, Gandhi never served on the Western Front because he fell ill with pleurisy and was unable to fill his command tasks. He sailed for India on December 19, and reached Bombay on January 9, 1915.
Gandhi's propaganda press had preceded him and this time he was hailed as a hero of non-violence and civil rights for the oppressed. The legend of Gandhi was born and a Nobel prize winning poet named Rabindranath Tagore gave him the flattering title Mahatma or "great soul."
Mirabehn was Gandhi's liaison with the British Secret Service!!

Madeline Slade followed in the footsteps of her "intelligence officer" father. According to her biography, she fell in love with Gandhi after a French writer named Romain Rolland called him "another Christ" and the greatest figure of the 20th century....Nothing could be further from the TRUTH, she met Gandhi while he was training in London.
Madeline traveled all the way to India to be with her hero Mahatma Gandhi.

She called him "Bapu" (father in Gujerati) and he changed her name to Mirabehn, after Meera Bai, an Indian goddess.

It was a meeting of old friends
Madeline Slade sailed for India in October 1925, and she arrived at Gandhi's Ashram on November 7. Madeline provided the funds from the Bank of England for Gandhi's passive resistance or satyagraha.

Gandhi's adoring devotee claimed that the relationship was purely platonic!!

In 1931, Gandhi left for Britain to discuss Indian "independence."

He was accompanied by his political adviser Mirabehn
Gandhi was treated like a celebrity when he arrived in London in 1931. He met Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald, and he had tea with the king at Buckingham Palace. He toured the Lancashire linen mills that supplied the huge Indian market.
The financial stakes were enormous for Britain because India was a "captive market" and dumping ground for most of her manufactured goods. As expected, Gandhi played his part as a spy very well and he returned to India empty handed.

Gandhi fasted to keep the British in India!!

Winston Churchill was determined to keep India a part of the British Empire at any cost. He overlooked no weapon–no matter how insignificant–to accomplish this.

As well as being a master of disguise, Gandhi had another unique talent for a spy: the ability to fast....Churchill loved the idea of fasting and non-violence because it would accomplish absolutely nothing to free India . . . except help his spy Gandhi to lose weight . . . and live longer.
Churchill the Druid never did much fasting but that discipline is a vital part of Hinduism. When Westerners visit India seeking the "wisdom" of the Hindus, or to contact their dear departed loved ones, the gurus tell them to go on long fasts . . . and then they will be able to make contact with the dead . . . or communicate with the unseen powers of the universe!!

Fasting for power over Satan is also highly recommended in the Holy Bible but it tells us not to advertise when we fast. The Messiah of Israel said:

“Moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Verily, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly" (Matthew 6:16-18).

The emaciated frame of Gandhi spinning a yarn became famous throughout the world.
Gandhi forced Subhas Chandra Bose to resign from the Presidency!!
Subhas Chandra Bose was the real hero of Indian independence and the true FATHER of the Indian Republic. From the very beginning of his quest for Indian freedom from British oppression, he was mightily opposed by Gandhi . . . even to the stratagem of having him poisoned.
Gandhi forced Subhas Chandra Bose to resign from the Presidency!!
Subhas Chandra Bose was the real hero of Indian independence and the true FATHER of the Indian Republic. From the very beginning of his quest for Indian freedom from British oppression, he was mightily opposed by Gandhi . . . even to the stratagem of having him poisoned.

Bose as President of Congress
Bose as President of
Congress in 1938.

In February 1938, Subhas Chandra Bose was elected President of the 51st session of the Indian National Congress.

Under his leadership, a united India was on the road to true freedom.

Gandhi opposed him mightily . . . even resorting to poison!!

Gandhi trying to put his best face on his relationship with Bose.
Gandhi trying to put his best face on his relationship with Bose.

As Congress President, Bose worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork for Indian independence and unity:

As Congress president, Bose pursued the deep interest in international affairs he had developed during his European exile. He sent a Congress medical mission to China as a symbol of solidarity against Japanese aggression. He encouraged cultural troupes, such as the dancers Uday Shankar and Amala Shankar, to visit Europe and disseminate Indian arts. He closely monitored political and military developments in Europe as the Third Reich spread its tentacles, and he sharply criticized the British and French betrayal of Czechoslovakia in 1938. On the death of Kemal Atatürk in November 1938, he held up the father of modern Turkey as "a magnificent example of the dictum that those who strive for liberty and win it should also put into effect the program of post-war reconstruction. (Bose, His Majesty's Opponent, p. 152).

In January 1939, Mr. Bose was reelected to Congress for another year. Gandhi was highly displeased with the result of the election. After visiting him, Bose fell dangerously ill:

Bose headed to Wardha for a meeting with Gandhi. He hoped that a face-to-face meeting would clear the air, but no breakthrough was to be achieved during their talks on February 15. On his way back by train to Calcutta the next day, Bose fell ill with a high fever. When he asked for a postponement of the Congress Working Committee scheduled for February 22, Vallabhbhai Patel led all the members–except for Jawaharlal Nehru and Sarat Chandra Bose–to resign. Nehru issued an ambiguous separate statement, which led many to believe that he too had joined Patel in leaving the Working Committee (Bose, His Majesty's Opponent, pp. 157-158).

Unable to get any cooperation from Gandhi, Bose resigned from the Presidency on April 29, 1939. This was a momentous moment for India, as World War II was about to erupt in Europe, and a chance for India to gain independence from Britain.

Gandhi presided over the partition of India in 1947!!

Subhas Chandra Bose would never have agreed to the partition of India into warring factions. The partition of India caused a dreadful civil war between Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi's answer to the millions who were uprooted from their homes was to FAST.
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