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TOPIC: The terrifying Lebensborn project

The terrifying Lebensborn project 01 Sep 2015 20:58 #41

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Dublin woman found she was bred by Nazis for ‘master’ race

''Naomi Linehan, co-author of Irish No 1 bestseller Nowhere’s Child, on how Kari Rosvall
survived Hitler’s breeding camps to find an Irish home''

''Kari discovered that she was born as part of a Nazi breeding programme during the second World War. Lebensborn,
“the spring of life” programme, was a secret SS project designed to create a so-called Aryan race of blond-haired,
blue-eyed children who would be the future leaders of the Third Reich. Kari Rosvall was one of those Lebensborn
children. This is the secret that had been kept from her, for her entire life.''

full article here:
This kind of disgusting and disrespectful behaviour is condoned here

ORANGEAID verbal abuse

''Cinta is a whore.
I don't change one word I've said.''

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The terrifying Lebensborn project 01 Sep 2015 21:04 #42

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Last relevant to the subject post
before one of the resident, notorious hasbara jidf trolls
started to post its typical anti-German hate propaganda:

:arowup: I did some research on Olaf Sinner-Schmedermann. He was a deplorable innocent victim of re-education.

This is how your ilk distorts reality and obsessively turns truth upside-down .... your hateful anti-German
holowood propaganda exposes you for what you are, cinta. You are accusing Germans
of everything your ilk did to my people and others - and this singular crime against benevolent humanity
is still going on.

Chapter 8

Crimes Committed Against Children

The most cruel and most shocking chapter of the tragedy of the ethnic Germans in
the communist Yugoslavia is the fate of the children. Their demise in the liquidation
camps, caused by starvation and diseases is documented in many eyewitness and
first person reports. The extent of the spiritual and mental anguish, however, can
never be adequately described.

The attempt of the Tito regime to send the surviving children who had no parent or
relative left in the camp to government children homes, subject them to a re-
nationalization process and arbitrarily determine their ethnic identity
runs against the
human rights and personal dignity. Fortunately for most of the children, this
despicable experiment had to be terminated at the beginning of the 1950's due to
world-wide moral pressures, particularly those exerted by the International
Committee of the Red Cross (IKRK) in Geneva. At that time, the IKRK, as well as
world opinion, could resort to the United Nations Resolution of December 9, 1948
according to which the re-nationalization was explicitly termed a form of genocide
and condemned.

The torture of children was also programmed at the end of 1944 together with the
internment of all ethnic German civilians. The children were, together with the old, the
sick and those unable to work chased into the liquidation camps - also called "death
camps," and "starvation and dying camps." Particularly cruel was the brutal taking of
children from their mothers since almost all young women were to be shipped as
work slaves to Russia.

It is documented that 45,000 children, of up to 14 years of age, were interned and at
least 6,000 (13%) starved to death. The percentage of children in the liquidation
camps was very high. On April 30, 1946, at the Rudolfsgnad camp there were
approximately 18,000 inmates registered of which 8,288 were children under the age
14. For many children the care by parents or relatives was of short duration, since the
death rate, particularly up to May 1946, was at its peak and the older people used to
sacrifice themselves by giving their tiny rations to the children.

The terms "death camp," and "liquidation camp" are, indeed, justifiable, particularly
when you consider that, for example, at the death camp Jarek 171 of the 190
children of the village Bulkes, Batschka, died within one year. That's 42% of the 457
children interned at Jarek.

At the Rudolfsgnad camp 7,664 people out of 17,000 perished between October
1945 and December 1946. Of these 1,036 were children up to 10 years old.

The rapid demise of older people, mostly grandparents and relatives of these children
without parents, created a high percentage of orphans. These were then put into
children homes within the camps. From there they were then shipped to children
homes in the Banat and the Batschka and from there split up to distant homes from
Mazedonia to Slovenia.

Siblings were separated with the intention to make them forget their origin. This was
mainly achieved with very young children. Those forcefully separated brothers and
sisters met again only many years later - if at all - at Belgrad where the Red Cross
organized the reunification transports. Most did not recognize each other any more
and even spoke different languages. Very few, however, still spoke German.

Eyewitness Reports of the Children's Fate

Volume III of the documentation series Leidensweg III contains 53 reports. They were
written by men and women who experienced these events as children. The following
are a few of these tragic experiences.

DAVID GERSTHEIMER, born 1936 at Kischker/Batschka. Within a few months after
being interned at the Jarek liquidation camp his mother, six siblings and grandparents
died of starvation. David, at that time 8 years old, was the only survivor and sent to a
government children home for re-education and "Slavinizing."

Father WENDELIN GRUBER, born 1914, Filipowa/Batschka. He spent some time in
the Gakowa death camp: "Afternoons I went to the children homes which were set up
in the larger farm houses. There the children, between 20 to 30 in a room, were lying
around, only on straw and scantily covered. Only skin and bones, sick, and with
infected wounds. Nobody cared for them. The small ones cried and screamed pitifully
- they were starving. Others were lying motionless; they didn't even have the strength
to cry anymore. I went from room to room, always the same picture. A woman who
took over as caretaker leads me to the room in the back. Carefully she pulls the cover
from a pile of children. What a sight! 'Are they still alive?' I ask trembling. These little
ones, in a row on rags are almost naked; skin and bones only. They are gasping for
air with open mouths. The last thing the world can offer them. 'We pulled these out
since they cannot digest food any more and are the first to die,' was the reply."

Suco, the almighty commander of the Gakowa camp, responding to the question of
what plans the Communists had for the surviving children tells Father Wendelin
Gruber: "Don't worry, comrade Pope! Everything will be in order! Our Socialist State
will look after the children. They now will be adequately fed and then housed in
government children homes. A progressive kindergarten teacher has already arrived.
She will now take over the responsibility for a good education. These children will be
Tito's pioneers and brave fighters for our liberation revolution. You will see, these
Fascist, Capitalist children will become model members of the liberated working class
and enthusiastic supporters of a better future."

This programmed re-education which was supposed to awaken the hatred for their
"Fascist" parents
was reported by most of the children. At the time of the reunification
process there were children who did not want to go home to their "criminal parents."

KARL WEBER, at that time 11 years old, reports of the tragic consequences of trying
to go begging. "My friend Philipp was beaten to death during such a begging trip (on
October 28, 1945). It didn't take much, we were already half dead," said Karl Weber
about the fate of his friend Philipp Bauer with whom he undertook several such
begging trips.

At the Jarek camp, FRIEDRICH GLAS from Bulkes who saw two of his great-
grandparents and two grandparents, as well as his two year old sister starve to
death, was caught, together with his friend PETER KENDL slipping out of the
camp to go begging. The two partisans took them to the guardroom. After a while they were
led back to the place where they were caught and motioned to go away. After they
made a few steps the guards then shot at them from behind. Fritz who played dead,
survived. The wounded Peter, however, screamed after the guards had already
started to go away. They returned and killed him with a bullet to the head.

Suicides because of despair, fright and sense of shame after being raped also
occurred. Not even children were spared from rape during the mass rapes at
Deutsch-Zerne in October 1944.

EVA BISCHOF, only nine years old, was cruelly raped by nine men. Her injuries
were so severe that she lost consciousness and was unable to move. Thereupon
her own mother, in desperation, hung her child and hung herself.

JULIANE WIRAG, born 1908, from Ridjitza strangled her twin daughters, born in
1944 because she could find no way to save them from slow starvation and then
hung herself.

EVA BUTZSCHEDEL, born 1932, from Gakowa, relates one of the most tragic and
touching experiences documented. Her mother was sick with typhus. "Day by day,
the condition in our room and that of my mother became worse. We were praying
intensely. Mother never stopped praying. God, however, had other plans for her. Her
condition became worse and we saw death approaching. Everybody in the room
already had high fever and nobody was aware of the others around them. When
Monika, my sister, became aware of mother's imminent death, she did not leave her
side. She constantly called: 'Mother, you will not die, right, Mother you won't abandon
us, right?'

"She implored the Holy Mother: 'Wonderful Mother please help our mother.' She
continuously caressed Mother and noticed that she became increasingly weaker. Her
tears kept dripping down on the terminally ill as if she believed they would help save
her from death. I think there is nothing worse in this world for a child than in such a
state of loneliness, surrounded by death and distress to kneel at the deathbed of
themother, not being able to help in her struggle and having to watch how the hand of
death slowly takes her away forever. . ."

KAROLINE BOCKMÜLLER, born 1905, Deutsch-Zerne, Banat, describes the
condition of the children camp in a part of the Rudolfsgnad liquidation camp. "I had to
visit this children camp and happen to enter a room which contained 30-35 children
(from babies to 16 months old) whose parents had died. None of them could stand,
let alone walk. They were just lying there or slid around the room on their bellies. The
room was reeking of excrements. The children were crying, pale and starving. Their
bodies were smeared with excrement, which was partially dried to the skin. I fled from
the room, weeping and asked the women whether there was anybody to look after
these poor abandoned children. They replied they could not help since they had no
diapers, nor towels, water basins, water, soap-practically nothing. They continually
asked the camp administration for just the basic requirements, however received
nothing, only the comment: 'The children should kick the bucket.'
They also tried
repeatedly to take away my grandchild and put it into the children camp but I did not
give her up. After she died I escaped from the Rudolfsgnad camp and went to
Molidorf to look for my mother. There I was told that my mother and aunt had died of
starvation in the camp."

PETER WILPER, born 1938, from Palanka, Batschka, talkes about the conditions at
the liquidation camp Jarek: "Both grandmothers died within a week. After that I was
all by myself, only six years old, terribly alone."

KATHARINA WEBER, born 1935, from Bulkes/Batschka, at that time ten years old
was, together with six of her schoolmates at the Jarek liquidation camp. Five of them
died between September 1945 and February 1946. The sixth girlfriend died in
October 1947 at the Subotica camp. The surviving Katharina was shipped to a
government home.

ANNA NIKLOS-NYARI describes the sad passing of an entire family at the Gakowa
liquidation camp: "There was a young mother who lived in a room with her three
small children. When her last child was struggling with death she said to the people in
the next room: 'I don't know anymore for whom I should pray, mourn or weep first: for
my husband who died in the war, my parents, my grandparents, brothers and sisters
or for my children. What does the Almighty want to do with me? Haven't I suffered
enough yet? Do I now also have to give up my last child?' She staggered back into
her room and knelt down next to the dying boy. We stood in our own room and wept.
If the years of compassion could have helped, the little boy surely wouldn't have died.

"We heard the boy groan and for a long time I could not fall asleep. It must have
been early in the morning when I woke up. Everybody around me was still asleep. I
looked into the neighboring room. The little boy, lying on the floor had his hands
folded; I knew what this meant: the woman's third child had now also died. She didn't
wake anybody but kept watch and prayed all by herself. At that moment I saw her
kneeling down, her gaze up to the ceiling and she started to talk aloud. Was she
becoming insane? Her voice was humble: 'Almighty, you have taken all my loved
ones to you. I hope you now won't forget to take me. Don't let me wait long, I am
ready to die. I have only one wish: When Tito dies let all the poor souls who were
tortured, starved to death and murdered on his orders pass by his death bed, me and
my children last. Only then should he be allowed to die.' "

Rescue Efforts

Promises of the Yugoslav representation in the USA were never carried out. It was all
deception and delaying tactics. Endeavors of governmental, ecclesiastical, as well as
the efforts of the welfare offices of the Red Cross in Germany and Austria, remained
ignored by the Communist Yugoslavia. Even the efforts of the International Committee
of the Red Cross in Geneva remained without real success. There were not only problems
with the Yugoslavian authorities, the Allied occupation forces in Germany and Austria
were not always understanding and often delayed possible support.

Finding the location and repatriation of the "lost children" entailed great efforts. The
distribution of the publication Kinder im Schatten (Children in the Shadow) by
Batschka writer Adalbert K. Gauss, in early August 1950 initiated some movement in
the rescue of the children. Several organizations and individuals and particularly the
International Committee of the Red Cross, after tedious struggles, achieved some
success and, between 1950 and 1959, about 2,300 children could be reunited with
their parents and relatives. Still, several hundred German children could no longer be
found and meanwhile were "reeducated" and "slavinized." They now live somewhere
in the partitioned Yugoslavia. They may be lost, but never forgotten. It is one of the
most tragic chapters of the Danube Swabian tragedy.

GENOCIDE of the Ethnic Germans
in Yugoslavia 1944-1948
and the Deliberate Media Cover-up

(free e-book)
"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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The terrifying Lebensborn project 02 Sep 2015 19:47 #43

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''Last relevant to the subject post
before one of the resident, notorious hasbara jidf trolls
started to post its typical anti-German hate propaganda:''

Tell me what anti-German hate propaganda I have posted

I never ever once said I hate Germans; it's all in your head

Just for once face the truth that not everything was hunky dory with Onkel Adolf's regime

Those photo's of the SS baptizing don't lie,nor do those people
who have have been abducted from their biological parents
to end up in an SS Aryan home.

This kind of disgusting and disrespectful behaviour is condoned here

ORANGEAID verbal abuse

''Cinta is a whore.
I don't change one word I've said.''

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