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TOPIC: Psychedelics - Ayahuasca Explorations

Psychedelics - Ayahuasca Explorations 20 Dec 2015 04:42 #1

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Psychedelics - Ayahuasca Explorations

In the following blog we see people who may know something even though they spell psychedelic wrong. I think the first person makes a good point about people (Hancock, McKenna, Icke) ripping off and losing the real benefit of the culture the sacred potion comes from. I know Don Juan used mescaline to take Carlos away from his materialistic focus but stopped drug use thereafter. I trust Aldous Huxley did not go far off the deep end. I certainly think these drugs have helped humanity see things and do things that did enhance their lives throughout human evolution.

As the person talks about the context of the culture I think that includes spiritual guides and attunements passed down with the nature around them. A visitor would take a long time to get that as much as might be necessary and excess drug use would not help. It probably is a genetic transfer of information just as the monkey babies who were taken to an area they had never been in Japan but they knew where the food was left by humans because their parents had known it. More to the point - I would only trust the outcome if hard factual evidence was gleaned or located - and I do not think it is the case with Hancock, Icke or Mc Kenna. LSD is the best cure for alcoholism and it was stupid to stop using it for what it was designed for.

For the locals with a focus on these rituals and associated dancing etc - major difference and growth potential such as you see the old man in Australia moving the fire to John Glenn passing overhead in Mercury or the movie The Right Stuff. The adepts who learn the old ways can do what Crocodile Dundee did with the Water Buffalo in his path - this I am certain about as I am with affecting the wind and rain for Druids like St. Columba. In short I am not 100 % certain Hancock is not learning and getting some valid insights to past or very distant anthropological knowledge. I have experienced bibliomantic things of a similar and amazing sort. I am not the MOST gifted person who ever did these things. I have never used anything more than marijuana - but some of it was cured with LSD or opiates etc. I really did not heighten my insight by their use.


Now you may think genetic info transfer such as the schools set up by St. Germain in Vienna which I have written about in some of my books (Including those on Hitler) is pure poppycock. I know there is this kind of thing in my life.

Here is research which explains it genetically, but you have to combine what I said above - they are just starting to find out these things (like the lymph system to brain and psychic points as well as chakra stuff I have reported). I am not kidding - I know more about this stuff than the people spending billions of bucks on it.
"The research published in the open access journal Genome Biology focuses on the use of horizontal gene transfer, the transfer of genes between organisms living in the same environment.

'This is the first study to show how widely horizontal gene transfer (HGT) occurs in animals, including humans, giving rise to tens or hundreds of active 'foreign' genes,' said lead author Alastair Crisp from the University of Cambridge.

'Surprisingly, far from being a rare occurrence, it appears that HGT has contributed to the evolution of many, perhaps all, animals and that the process is ongoing, meaning that we may need to re-evaluate how we think about evolution.'

Read more: www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete...#ixzz3ugc10efc "

Imagine the use of gene transfer technology when we know how to enhance the soul or brain uses!

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