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TOPIC: Hitler the Illluminati

Hitler the Illluminati 18 Feb 2016 06:00 #1

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I do not think Hitler became fully Illuminized in his five years of study in Vienna at groups set up by St. Germain, but he did learn a lot that as he said became his "granite foundation".

Hitler was not the only person trained in schools set up by St. Germain. I was invited to speak to such a school/ashram by a top Rosicrucian who had St. Germain's masonic texts for sale in his bookstore around 2007.

In continuing to research and search I find substantiation of what I wrote in my book on St. Germain and an explanation for his close association with the Hessians who were instrumental in the American Revolution and in creating a fortune for Mayer Amschel Rothschild. His mother was a Hessian!

"Many researchers believe that St. Germain was the son of Francis II of Transylvania. Francis II's second wife was Charlotte Amalie of the House of Hesse. Princess Charlotte Amalie Wanfried-Hesse (German Prinzessin Charlotte Amalie von Hessen-Eschwege, Wanfried; Wanfried , 1679 . March 8 - Paris , 1722 . February 8 ), Transylvania Princess by marriage to II. Rákóczi, a nun after her husband's exile....

“The estate of (Illuminatus) Landgrave Karl von Hessen-Kassel (1744-1836) was an occult-masonic initiatory retreat. The world’s foremost expert on the 18th-Century Golden and Rosy Cross, Dr. Christopher McIntosh: The head of the Asiatic Brethren in the 1780s and 1790s was the Landgrave Carl von Hessen-Kassel, one of the most fascinating and influential figures at the time in the world of Masonry, Rosicrucianism and hermetic studies. He not only belonged to innumerable orders and rites, but he was a practicing alchemist and was a friend of the mysterious French alchemist, the Comte de St. Germain, whom he harbored during the last years of St. Germain’s life on his estate Louisenlund in what is now Schleswig-Holstein, which he turned into a great center of Masonic and esoteric activity.” (Sursa)"


Thus when she went into the convent he was adopted by distant cousins named De Medicis. I previously had no explanation for why he was adopted as a near teenager or aged 12. There were people who feared he would lead a Revolution against the Austro-Hungarian Empire who had forced his father into exile. We also find he is related to the Royal Dragon bloodline through Europe. The fact that Sauniere had the top Hapsburg at his funeral and they were enforcing his end at that time per an agreement of some kind, makes me wonder if Sauniere might have been able to put the Royals in a better position against the Holy Roman Empire. I have a couple of other guesses where he got his fabulous fortune from, and this ranks alongside them.

Scrib'd has an author whose extensive searches for answers might yield (at a minimum) a great number of inter-relationships and intrigues. There are so many intrigues and players in these games it can be hard to name which ones are winning at any time. The author of what follows is Hamad Subani who along with his thesis advisor has suffered the pains of disinfo and marginalization. I have read enough to know he is an honest seeker but I am not sure his information is complete enough to draw any conclusions from. We all have limits to how much we can research but he points out many university people have been let go or worse when they do anti-establishment work and research. I recommend his work on esoteric German or Nazi symbology and the people behind it. He has extensive research on US officials which include Woodrow Wilson creating the present sate of American domination of the world as we know it. I saw no reference to him being a mere puppet for Colonel House and other bankers I have connected the whole matter with.

He has more than one chapter saying the Nazis were Illuminized and I certainly agree that Bulwer-Lytton and Blavatsky influenced them greatly. I am not sure this alone make them Illuminized but the Goethe or Bavarian Illuminati level - yes.

I will continue trying to read it (I am not allowed to copy it. The gibberish that results looks intentionally corrupted.) as relates to many entries on Japan and intrigues therewith. He documents Chamberlain worked with Roosevelt to bait the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor - I do not think Chamberlain was all that involved as I have made clear the importance of other players including Churchill and Mountbatten, who I do not think would have told Chamberlain much of anything. But he was an excellent puppet and all parties were concerned about the British King who was pro-Nazi which he demonstrates (like Russian Bolshevism) was an Illuminati (read Rothschild) effort. But he does not paint all Jews as culpable - like me he demonstrates there are more Jews being used as fall guys and patsies. In short there are intrigues within intrigues and you should never assume you are smarter than those who make these intrigues.

I heartily endorse his whole book - you will learn a great deal no matter how much you think you know about either side of any issue relating to the first 50 years of the 20th Century.


He mentions the following book and says it is well researched. I have seen the TV shows and I always doubted that Hitler (like most of those helped to South America by the Pope and his top people - which has been proven and confessed to) did not escape.

"We now have a serious and well researched book by H. D. Baumann and Ron T. Hansig entitled "Hitler's Escape" in which he makes a very convincing case that Stalin was correct in his statements to his western Allies in 1945, telling them that Hitler (and Eva Braun) were still alive. One of the authors' startling revelations is, that the man present in the last days of April inside the bunker was, in reality, a double of Hitler. There even is a photograph of the corpse of the double taken by Russian investigators.

Hitler's death, at the end of World War II, assumed to be by his own hand, remains unproven. This assumption was the result of, what many conceive as, a conspiracy by the Western Powers, bowing to political pressures and to fight nazism, to come up with Hitler's suicide story. This then would explain Hitler's disappearance from Nazi Germany after Germany's defeat.

Even if one takes the years later submitted Russian report on Hitler's autopsy at face value, there still remains the fact that there was no trace of the corpse of Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress and later wife. This alone disproves the double-suicide theory now part of German history.

Based on the well-documented revelations, this book can rightfully be called "the biggest detective story of the twentieth century". "

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Hitler the Illluminati 19 Feb 2016 16:07 #2

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Back and forth through history we must go because history is prologue to the present. Today there is a revival of interest and appreciation for both Stalin and Hitler. I think they were both pawns and the Military-Industrial Complex is still reaping the benefits. Here is a post on a thread with the name Grover Furr.

Re: Grover Furr: Stalin was demonized

« Reply #31 on: May 14, 2015, 12:10:44 AM »

Quote from: Jeremy F Kreuz on May 13, 2015, 09:40:02 AM

Russia media is also increasingly discussing Stalin - here a article (only in Russian - and mine is not yet good enough to understand/translate fully)

Миф о Сталине: разоблачение фальсификаций - politrussia.com/istoriya/meny...li-nuzhen-456/
(The Stalin Myth: dispelling falsifications)


Right now about 52% of Russians have a positive opinion of Stalin, while only 30% a negative one. The article points out that USSR's population actually grew considerably during the Stalin era (no mean feat, considering the damage wrought by WW2), as compared to the decrease during the "liberal" rule of the 1990s. Moreover, even at the height of the Purges, a smaller proportion of USSR's population were repressed than are imprisoned in the United States today. That Stalin presided over a tremendous developmental leap forward goes without saying.

In the process of reading it, at the economy chapter right now. I think that's not the best sign they get their data from "Наука" (Wiki.ru) / Nauka (publisher) - I'm pretty sure it was full of propaganda data back in the 1970s.

To get an idea about the mystery behind that 'economic boom', I recommend Sutton's summary:

((1) Sutton's Conclusions to his Trilogy; Antony C. Sutton, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1945 to 1965)

In the 1970's(!) Sutton wrote a well documented trilogy on Western involvement in Soviet economy in the years 1917-1965. The three volumes of over 500 pages each can be found here:
_http://peswiki.com/index.php/Site:LRP:Western_Technology_%26_Soviet_Economic_De velopment
but to have an idea just read the conclusions linked above. I'm not sure Stalin deserves full credits for that boom. And the price was 1) paying mostly with raw materials and 2) complete dependence on the West.

And add to it the German-Soviet credit agreement of August 19, 1939, signed just 4 days before the M-R Pact:


Between the political arrangement of August 1939 and the German attack on June 1941, economic relations between the two states had increased in an extraordinary way on the basis of the credit agreement of August 19, 1939, and the two economic contracts of February 11, 1940, and January 10, 1941. While in 1939 the German- Soviet trade capacity of 61 million RM hit the low of the time between the two world wars, it rose to a total turnover of 600 million RM in 1940 and reached a peak of about 425 million RM in the first half of 1941. ...
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Hitler the Illluminati 19 Feb 2016 21:39 #3

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Sutton and his book showing the connection between Hitler and Rothschild bankers is quoted by racist haters who do not know the Rothschilds prey on Jews and have for at least five millennia and they wrote the Bible to give themselves the monopoly on usury and share other money with their elite friends.

These racist haters will never learn or read the Halakah which establishes the hierarchy and who can (by law) do what to whom. Some are beginning to see how almost every genocide is attributable to elites except the ones their sometimes friends do to them. The Cathar era is a study in Hegelian play and Rome or Empire to beat any moral person to a near death state. But few study it anyway.

Here is Jeff Rense quoting one such racist fool who will not learn. He says John Kerry is guilty for his role in Vietnam where he spoke out avidly against atrocities. It is so bad an example of what fools will believe I would laugh - except it is not funny.


How Labor Zionists Sacrificed
Europe's Jews In WWII
Kerry, Gaza And The New Sabbatean Holocaust
By Barry Chamish
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the first week of February 2004, two related incidents occurred in Israel and America. Prime Minister Sharon announced his decision to evacuate the Jewish residents of Gaza and John Kerry won enough primaries to just about settle the issue of who will be the Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming American elections.

Here are a few less than publicized facts about Kerry:

- He is a graduate, like both President Bushes, of the occultic Yale University cabal, the Skull And Bones Society. So whoever Americans vote for, they get the same secret society determining their lives. {This is a low level cult - but there is truth in this.}

- Kerry, like Howard Dean, Wesley Clark and Joe Leiberman are all members of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). So whoever Americans choose to be the Democratic candidate, they will get the same CFR agenda.

- The well publicized CFR agenda insists on Israel withdrawing from Gaza, Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem, making Israel unviable as a state. To that end, like Dean before him, Kerry has promised to appoint Jimmy Carter (CFR) or Bill Clinton (CFR) as his administration's Middle East advisor.

- Not that Kerry will receive any new advice from either of them, since his campaign manager is Alan Solomant, an executive of Peace Now - America.

- Kerry is being protected from exposure of the ugly crime of participating in a massacre in Viet Nam. {A total lie as noted already.}

- But as his prominence grew, so did the investigation of his past. And what did we recently discover; why Kerry is Jewish on his father's side. Somehow, he forgot the fact that his grandparents were prominent Jewish business people in Prague and that his father is 100% Jewish. Ask yourself, do you know anyone who doesn't know his father's religious background?

As rare as it must be, that affliction runs rampant in CFR circles. Former CFR Secretary-of-State Madeleine Albright also forget that both her parents were Jews, even though she was raised in the Jewish home of her relatives in London.

If you don't feel like voting Kerry, there is Wesley Clark waiting in the wings. Uncannily, he is also a CFR member who only discovered his father was Jewish while he was burning Bosnia to ashes.

Now how come, no matter which Democrat you choose, you get a CFR half-Jew who forgot all about it? The answer is found in the Sabbatean (also Shabbataian and similar spellings) policy of having their Jewish apostate followers converting and hiding their roots and beliefs. {He contradicts himself and is raving.}

Allow me to quickly summarize Sabbateanism/Frankism:

In my previous article, The Deutsch Devils, I revealed {Revealed how the Zevi character converted to Islam is all. It was just as bad as this so called scholarship.}the findings of Rabbi Antelman in his books To Eliminate The Opiate Volumes I and II. His focus is the false messiah Shabtai Zvi, and the continuation of his evil ministry through the Turkish sect called the Donmeh. In the eighteenth century, Jacob Frank brought the Donmeh ideology to Europe and joined a fateful alliance. This was described in the article as:

Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers' financial empire. This is worth repeating: Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati and the Rothschild empire. {It was not! It was at William of Hesse's castle. And that is not the Illuminati - it is just the Bavarian Illuminati.} When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money. What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati and that the Frankists added with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds.

Jacob Frank became instantly wealthy because he was given a nice handout by the Rothschilds of Frankfurt. There is no other explanation.

And from this starting point, Rabbi Antelman gave us a blueprint for the war against Judaism and all its good, and indeed against humanity and all its moral treasures. A movement of complete evil now took hold. The Jesuits' goal was the destruction of the Protestant Reformation leading to a return of one pope sitting in judgement on all mankind. The Rothschilds goal was to control the wealth of the planet. And the Frankist vision was the destruction of Jewish ethics to be replaced by a religion based on the exact opposite of God's intentions. When these factions blended, a bloody war against humanity, with the Jews on the front lines, erupted and it is reaching its very pinnacle at this moment."[/

The Jesuits have fought against Popery more than any - and they were disbanded for it during the time Weishaupt (a Jew) created the Bavarian Illuminati. In the mid 70s I spent a few occasions with a VP of one of their top universities and he told me they were seriously considering leaving the Catholic Church over issues including women priests, celibacy and abortion or it's planned Parenting side of the argument. I have written a book on the Jesuits and this is so wrong it probably seems right to those whose mind is twisted by hate - which as John Paul II said (he was a Jesuit) you can create Hell from in his 1999 speeches which included many apologies for things I discussed with the executive of PR at Xavier. So this Satan fearing worshipper of Hell is so ridiculous it makes a mockery of the likes of Rense.
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Hitler the Illluminati 21 Feb 2016 20:53 #4

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Hitler studied at Illuminized schools or in their groups after having learned from his father who had also been in those same circles. There are many others who traveled far and wide in search of the things Himmler and Hitler sent forth many scientists to discover or uncover. You do not need to have read a great deal to know this - just watch Indiana Jones who is largely based upon a British jurist in India who knew a great deal about linguistics and who saw the grammar and syntax in Greek and Sanskrit were near to identical as my Ogham scholar told me and it took me years to confirm.

Knowledge systems being integrated and similar throughout the whole world clued me in to what had to be happening for a very long time - humans travelling. I will allow there is ESP and tap-ins which can allow knowledge to travel on it's own - but the depth of knowledge and results seems to have only one explanation - actual physical travel. Not aliens like the Bible and other players have sought to generate in order to keep sheople doing what they want or need. The academics in many fields spent and spend their energy learning lies and repeating them rather than seeking answers already apparent in the mystical traditions. Fortunately the best scientists have awakened from this slumber or what Gurdjieff called sleep-walking.

The likes of philosophical giants throughout history are here to see through the eyes of spiritual and incisive scientists like Jung and now another - named Maurice Nicoll who was his friend.

So who is this Nicoll?


"Maurice Nicoll: Spiritual Giant, Gentle Genius

Humanity is regarded as unfinished, incomplete, imperfect. We have the possibility of completing ourselves, perfecting ourselves; all that is necessary for this lies in us.

— Maurice Nicoll —

What would be your reaction to meeting a man of towering intellect, infinite kindness, commanding presence, and amazing insight into the workings of human nature, knowing that he was also the student and colleague of three of the greatest spiritual teachers of the twentieth century? If you are like us, you would be immediately attracted to him and want to study with him.

That reaction has been the foundation of our respect, admiration, and love for Maurice Nicoll since we met him through his writings over a decade ago. The depth of his work has guided us in our efforts to ground the Enneagram in a simple, clear understanding of human nature in the hope that we can make it accessible to the widest possible readership.

The Man and his Education

Henry Maurice Dunlop Nicoll was born in Kelso, Scotland in 1884 and died in Great Amwell near London in 1953. Son of Sir William Robertson Nicoll, founding editor of The British Weekly and one of the most famous men of letters of his day, he studied at Caius College, Cambridge and received his medical degree at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London. In the first decade of the twentieth century, against his father's wishes but with his blessing, he studied with Carl Jung and wrote one of the first books on Jungian dream interpretation. He said that encountering Jung was the first important event of his life. He and Carl Jung remained lifelong friends, and when he married Catherine Champion Jones in 1920 the newlyweds spent part of their honeymoon with Carl and Emma Jung.

After serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps in Mesopotamia during the First World War under harrowing conditions, he established his practice on Harley Street in London where for many years he was known as London's leading neurologist and one of Britain's leading psychologists. There, it is said, he received people of both great and small station in life with uniform graciousness and kindness. News of his unique combination of wisdom and love spread slowly, since he published most of his books toward the end of his life.

In 1921, while he was considering Dr. Jung's invitation to be his personal representative in Great Britain, he met P. D. Ouspensky, student and colleague of George Gurdjieff, and was immediately taken with his ideas.

Gurdjieff, a contemporary of Jung and Nicoll, had spent the first forty years of his life searching throughout Asia, Africa, and the Near East to discover a valid conception of the meaning of human existence. In this odyssey he learned methods and practices for releasing latent powers in the human psyche for personal transformation. Calling his new method by various names — the Fourth Way, the System, and the Work — it is the way of balancing all three centers: thinking, feeling and doing. In 1910 he founded the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man in Moscow, later moving it to the Caucasus and finally to Paris in 1919 to escape wars and revolutions. The central idea of The Work is that humanity is asleep and must awaken through self-observation; one must die to oneself and the thousands of attachments one has made in life so that a new self, a ‘Real I' can emerge.

"In the Fourth Way, you live an ordinary life in the world, and life is your teacher. Balancing the three centers in the midst of daily life has a deceptively simple sound to it. In actuality, it is the most relentlessly demanding way of all. However, working with yourself in this way causes profound shifts in your consciousness, so that you no longer view life in an ordinary way. You come to realize that life has a meaning beyond itself." – Maurice Nicoll

In 1922 Nicoll, his wife Catherine, and their infant daughter Jane moved to Avon near Fontainebleau in France where they took up residence at the Château du Prieuré and began a year of work in Gurdjieff's institute. Gurdjieff's methods included days filled with physical labor followed by long hours of grueling experiential spiritual practices, leaving little time for sleep. Nicoll became a carpenter, handyman, cook, and janitor in the community of thirty or so members. Since most of the people who participated in the institute were people of means and/or education, living a life so different from their ordinary habits created many opportunities for self-observation. After a year of intense study and practice, Gurdjieff closed the institute and continued his teaching by traveling throughout Europe and the Americas. Nicoll and his family returned to England and, while he was a sturdy man who had endured tremendous hardship during the war, he found himself close to death.

When he recovered months later, he formed what was to become a lifelong friendship with Pyötr Ouspensky who lived with the Nicolls for several years; Nicoll became Ouspensky's student until, in 1931, Ouspensky commissioned him to teach The Work on his own. By this time he had synthesized this wisdom with his vast background that included the Gnostic literature, the Neo-Platonists, the Alchemists, some of the Indian Scriptures, the Hermetic writers, the Sufi literature, the Bible, the Chinese mystics, and the writings of Eckhart, Boehme, Blake, Swedenborg, and, of course, his years of study with Jung."[/

Those names are a pretty impressive list - soi dosant.
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Hitler the Illluminati 21 Feb 2016 21:42 #5

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In order to explain the cultural aspects of what Gurdjieff and his Russian confreres like Thomas de Hartmann experienced in places like Munich during the rise of Hitler we need strong stomachs and equally strong chronovisors to see the past as it was. The unifying possibilities of quantum physics had just started to be understood in the works of Heisenberg and Bohr. The linguists were indeed seeing some historical connections which seemed to mirror ancient Norse or Wagnerian myths. An article addressing some of this in reference to Kandinsky might help us see past one school of thought or one university like the Frankfurt School and understand how Critical Theory and thinking makes sense to have survived so well. I think Jerry Cullum describes a starting point to understanding the mere idea of what became THE Final Solution and I think in-depth analysis of his whole article will describe why Wiligut and Himmler dug a very deep hole in search for the Hollow Earth; or other searches went forth looking for the 'cosmic ice' Professor Horbiger adopted from Aristotle.

"Julie Mehretu, Matthew Ritchie, and Carroll Dunham are among the artists who have taken an interest in Kandinsky’s belief in a synthesis of art, science, and culture in the anthropological sense of the word (i.e., the overall conceptual assumptions underlying what sociology calls “society”). None of them have imitated Kandinsky’s visual approaches (there is an entire body of American painting from the 1930s and 1940s that openly draws its inspiration from Kandinsky’s composition and palette, but that is a separate, obscurely historic topic).

What irrefutably separates these artists from Kandinsky is the level of optimism that accompanied his quest for a scientific basis for art. When he wrote in Concerning the Spiritual in Art that “When we remember that spiritual experience is quickening, that positive science, the firmest basis of human thought, is tottering, that dissolution of matter is imminent, we have hope that the hour of pure composition is not far away,” he meant that everything in the sciences tended towards the destruction of the bases on which the nineteenth century formed its arrogant certitudes: physics was discovering the basis in immaterial-seeming energy of a material world that was itself only an instance of fugitive moments of forms of energies consolidating (we might remember here that Kandinsky’s Russian Orthodox faith was based on the notion that matter itself is sustained by the “divine energies”); in the investigations of the new psychology, the mind was proving to be full of immaterial-seeming energies that belied the assumption that its underpinnings were open to the simple deductions of logical reasoning; and the cultural basis of world civilizations, plural, was turning out to be open to an investigation that assumed the value of European accomplishments but did not thereby devalue the discoveries of cultures that Europe found alien. Surely, given these developments undercutting belief in a unilateral progress towards an affirmation of a materialist rationality as the highest accomplishment of human evolution, the expectation of a Great Utopia was not intrinsically unreasonable.


None of these lines of thought turned out as expected. The underpinnings of culture turned out to be undecidable; is culture an arbitrary construct, or is it intrinsically itself constructed by a biologically grounded individual psychology that leads human beings to make the same mistakes over and over again, no matter how hard they try to impose a logical order on a collective behavior that is grounded in instincts instilled by genetic structure? Is there any way of deciding whether mathematics is the inbuilt order of the entire material universe, or itself only a complicated human construct that gives us useful clues as to how to manipulate the universe’s structure, thus giving rise to technology? Is there such a fundamental disjuncture between the underlying structure of nature and the underlying structure of culture that there is no underlying unity between the two, or does nature trump culture every time, even if culture is transforming nature at such an unparalleled rate that culture can’t quite predict what nature is going to do to it?

In other words, the culturally created artifice of civilization, and the biological basis of human behavior, and the processes of the natural world have all turned out to be more unpredictably related than seemed to be the case in the early twentieth century. That there is an underlying unifying order seems indisputable; the dispute is over the question of what that unifying order is, and whether human beings are fundamentally incapable of knowing it even when they think they know all there is to know about it. Are we a self-deceptive species that is very, very good at thinking that the positive effects of imaginary solutions to real problems demonstrate that the solutions themselves must be real?

That’s the kind of thing that artists in search of a Gesamtkunstwerk grapple with these days, and none of these questions instill a sense of confidence in the possibility of final solutions beyond the grim types of alteration of the course of history with which those words are now inextricably associated. We can change the world, but the extent to which we can explain it remains in doubt."[/

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Hitler the Illluminati 23 Feb 2016 04:29 #6

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I know William Wynne Westcott studied Swedenborgian alchemy or hermetics and founded the Golden Dawn. There is a free book on this Magus here already and I have connected George Washington and other founders of the Enlightenment with this through line that Swedenborg is only a small part of; or I have not seen where he actually added much to the genre despite many people studying his work who have added a great deal to our collective enlightenment. Through Westcott one can draw lines back and forward to almost all the adepts of the last three centuries. His Sepher Yetzirah is even more popular than it should be.


Here is a lot on his interpretation of the creation of life or Sepher Yetzirah.


The Swedenborg claims to be able to visit Heaven and Hell at will are patent psychopathy or beyond my desire to travel further into his thinking, at least. His influences are many including Balzac (Crowley and the Hellfire Club) and Baudelaire as well as those I have mentioned.

If you have not been down this road - it is worth reading, and maybe a little more than that. Just read the parts you think apply.


I apologize for my earlier disgust with the Heaven and Hell comments. I should know better the nature of the projections and how seductive they can be. I agree with the Jesuit pope John Paul II when he said (in 1999) that they created Heaven and Hell and that we too can make our lives whichever of these falsehoods we choose. I probably should try to explain how many Royals like Frederick of Prussia or William of Hesse are all part of an elite even more foul than either Hell or the Devils that can be called forth and sometimes, when the victim or society at large accepts their projections and vile offerings become a reality, like a genocide as allowed in the elite manual of the Benjaminites called the Halakah. I have done that a whole lot, but maybe naming the game will help. A very old game which might have been designed by the Olmec or their predecessors in Central America or in Persia near Lake Urmin includes both Dragons and the hierarchy. It is Snakes (Chanes, Naga etc.) and Ladders. I personally think the game represents reality just like the game played in the Pelota which has astrological or Heavenly implicated outcomes and the winning team can choose to die. But you would have to read every book by Carlos and then start a ten year or more study to grasp what Quantum Jumping tries to say it knows.

Thus I will offer a little of the game inside this circle of disinfotainment which hides behind the Jewish nonsense and occasionally forfeits the lives of these lesser Jews who have catered to the tables of the elites. I should give it to you and at the same time tell you it is largely projected lies and deceit. But if you want you can do what Swedenborg did and manifest the imagery as you are brainwashed to believe. Dom Pernety for his boss Frederick II, or Pasqually and many names these illumine or illuminati or alumbrados may take all serve a purpose you will not get to know until you are at the top rung of the pile of whatever you wish to call it. They let the sheep think it is what the sheep fear (Devils and the like) and thus they maintain a shield of secrecy with a host of great and often Noble (Royals and politicos) people to run interference in front of them telling things with great hesitancy and letting the leaders of the sheep (priests or whatever pulpit-pounder proselyte name) will enjoy whipping the rabble into a frenzy about. It makes a high incentive to get higher up in the orders and yet, sometimes I am not sure the truth was even left by whoever started the game of charades.

Here is a low level example of the jargon or degrees in the hierarchy.

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Hitler the Illluminati 27 Feb 2016 05:36 #7

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Yes, I know this is a duplicate post. It was posted somewhere that other people are into discussing things irrelevant and not keeping the through-line of this scholarship. If you do not like factual threads then remove all my posts.

The issue of how powerful the Thule Society was in the run up to making Hitler their puppet is up in the air. Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands was a member of it and the Gestapo. He said he "had a lot of fun during the war". His family was not just Royalty but part of the Royals who ruled Europe when Rome or the Second Reich was in power and they are possibly still seeing themselves as the Fourth Reich today. Hitler was tasked with uniting Europe and he said (wrote in a book after Mein Kampf or it is reported in Hitler M'a Dit by Rauschning) he accepted their order which had been tried before by Napoleon and in political ways many times including Prince Metternich. It is a great goal and good for all mankind if it succeeds. The Treaty of Lisbon in recent years was passed without approval by the people of Europe. Likely this will result in no borders in Europe and an increasing government of Europe centrally. I say the world wars were needed in order to make this happen. You might easily say we could have got here in a better way, and I would hope that was true, but I am not so sure. Please read the whole of the Treaty of Westphalia to get the situation in mind before you argue the point or decide on your own. The following author's use of the word satanic is not correct but I feel comfortable similar sex rituals went on including Tantra such as Adam Weishaupt was expert in. You should also read about the Hellfire Club and know Crowley was also a disciple of Bulwer-Lytton whose influence over these cults is pernicious. I think he once ran or founded the Vril Society which was a major part of Himmler's SS cult.

I understand those who say Bulwer-Lytton or Blavatsky founded things and they joined up and so on, I also understand what Himmler's warlock Wiligut meant about earlier groups and Thule going way - waaaayyy back. I am going with history and archaeology so I am not siding with Channellers like Hitler, Steiner, or the rest of them. I can show Wiligut was right and take it back to when white people first walked the face of this planet.

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Hitler the Illluminati 27 Feb 2016 14:18 #8

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Since the gang of idiots has retarded finger issues and prefer living in denial about their occult brainwashing and who ran Hitler, here are some links. My book Hitler and the Occult has apparently added to continuing research on how political leaders are often actually run (It means what it sounds like) by occult handlers. Actually I have other books that show a lot more including how Woodrow Wilson was run right into the ground by Edward Mandell House whose father might have been a son of one of the Lafitte's (with black blood despite them starting the KKK).

The Nazi Occult - Page 21 - Google Books Result


Kenneth Hite - 2013 - ‎Games
... the primordial Aryan super-culture, and thus recreate Germany in its image, restoring the golden age of the Armanenschaft. Himmler and the others decided to ...

Ariosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The most notable other case is Himmler's Ahnenerbe. ... the sun-king: an estate of intellectuals who were organised into a priesthood called the Armanenschaft.

Guido von List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


2.1 Runes and the Armanenschaft; 2.2 Millenarian views ..... the coterie of prominent Nazi Heinrich Himmler and influencing the symbolism and rituals of the SS.

Aryan Myth and Metahistory: Heinrich Himmler`s Thor`s ...


Mar 2, 2014 - ... Myth and History and Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen blogs. ... My research indicates that Himmler`s Hammer was sold as part of a lot ...

Nationaal Socialisme en de Tempeliers? - Stormfront


May 14, 2007 - The most notable other case is Heinrich Himmler's Ahnenerbe. ... persecution of the Armanenschaft was Himmler's personal occultist, Wiligut.

Internet Archive Search: subject:"Armanenschaft"

1 * The Enigma of the Swastika 2 * The SS Blood and Soil 3 * Adolf Hitler 4 * Himmler the Mystic Synopsis The documentary contains mainly black and white as ...
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Hitler the Illluminati 29 Feb 2016 16:37 #9

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What you see here is a very small part of my research on this matter.

As I continue to research Caesar and his legend on a thread devoted to him I get connections backwards through Greece to pre-Trojan eras and forwards to where one later finds Kaiser titles derived from the word Caesar. It all fits with a larger history of Keltoi Phoenicians or DN of Homer back to when Dolni Vestonici proves some very important technology in 27,000 BCE.

Another source raises an item I suspect is false in reference to Caesar selling his body to a man. But you never know, his troops did sing songs saying he had to pay for his Gallic women. More importantly we have dates which could show Julius had no father at age 12 or 13. This source is widely copied and who knows where it originates. http://wordpress.as.edu.au/advanced2014/files/2014/05/Biography-of-JC.pdf

"102/100 BCE: Gaius Julius Caesar was born (by Caesarean section according to an unlikely legend) of Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar, a praetor. His family had noble, patrician roots, although they were neither rich nor influential in this period. His aunt Julia was the wife of Gaius Marius, leader of the Popular faction.

c. 85 BCE: His father died, and a few years later he was betrothed and possibly married to a wealthy young woman, Cossutia. This betrothal/marriage was soon broken off, and at age 18 he married Cornelia, the daughter of a prominent member of the Popular faction; she later bore him his only legitimate child, a daughter, Julia. When the Optimate dictator, Sulla, was in power, he ordered Caesar to divorce her; when Caesar refused, Sulla proscribed him (listed him among those to be executed), and Caesar went into hiding. Caesar's influential friends and relatives eventually got him a pardon.

c. 79 BCE: Caesar, on the staff of a military legate, was awarded the civic crown (oak leaves) for saving the life of a citizen in battle. His general sent him on an embassy to Nicomedes, the king of Bithynia, to obtain a fleet of ships; Caesar was successful, but subsequently he became the butt of gossip that he had persuaded the king (a homosexual) only by agreeing to sleep with him. When Sulla died in 78, Caesar returned to Rome and began a career as a orator/lawyer (throughout his life he was known as an eloquent speaker) and a life as an elegant man-about-town.

75 BCE: While sailing to Greece for further study, Caesar was kidnapped by Cilician pirates and held for ransom. When informed that they intended to ask for 20 talents, he is supposed to have insisted that he was worth at least 50. He maintained a friendly, joking relationship with the pirates while the money was being raised, but warned them that he would track them down and have them crucified after he was released. He did just that, with the help of volunteers, as a warning to other pirates, but he first cut their throats to lessen their suffering because they had treated him well."

The Nichomedes mention takes me into his family tree to find Celts (AKA Keltoi in Greece - and the ancient ones or DN). Then one sees people invading and doing nothing or enforcing the status quo in a large territory beyond just Greece. It was shortly after Alexander of Macedon (AKA 'the Great" who definitely was gay as were Cretans and Spartans who just happen to be where we find Caesar's Nichomedes) united a large area which I say was ruled by Phoenicians like the Hatti or Milesians two millennia earlier still. This is a wiki excerpt.

"He commenced his reign by putting to death two of his brothers but the third, subsequently called Zipoetes II, raised an insurrection against him and succeeded in maintaining himself, for some time, in the independent sovereignty of a considerable part of Bithynia. Meanwhile, Nicomedes was threatened with an invasion from Antiochus I Soter, king of the Seleucid Empire, who had already made war upon his father, Zipoetes I, and, to strengthen himself against this danger, he concluded an alliance with Heraclea Pontica and shortly afterwards with Antigonus II Gonatas. The threatened attack, however, passed over with little injury. Antiochus actually invaded Bithynia but withdrew again without risking a battle.

It was more against his brother than his foreign enemies that Nicomedes now called in the assistance of more powerful auxiliaries and entered into an alliance with the Celts who, under Leonnorius and Lutarius, had arrived on the opposite side of the Bosphorus and were, at this time, engaged in the siege of Byzantium, 277 BC. Having furnished them with the means of crossing into Asia, where they founded Galatia, he first turned the arms of his new auxiliaries against Zipoetes II, whom he defeated and put to death, and thus reunited the whole of Bithynia under his dominion.[2]"

As suspected we have Cilicia and Silesia connected but I am surprised to find a book or two connecting them directly to Germany at this time. I think you can now see why Alexander had to get the consent of the Kelts before he went off to spread his Empire - else his base of operations would be taken away.

"The Great German Nation: Origins and Destiny


Craig M. White - 2007 - ‎History
These Silesians probably come from the Cilician region of the Hittite {This is Hatti and Chatti and Katti} Empire. The battle-axes of ancient Silesia are traced back to Troy by Gordon Childe,585 ...

2300 Days of Hell - Page 100 - Google Books Result


Joseph F. Dumond - 2014
The name of Cilicia in Asia Minor was simply transplanted to Eastern Germany by the Hatti who migrated from Cilicia to Silesia, then to the Rhine Silesia is only ...
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Hitler the Illluminati 31 Mar 2016 00:59 #10

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There is a great deal to be learned about what went on in the publication of this book and the preparations (almost dictating of it to Hitler) in the jail it was authored in. Then to have it doctored or commented upon as it was translated for use and abuse by Americans who in some cases are involved in supporting eugenics and funding Hitler makes it even more difficult. But what I will quote next will demonstrate that Hitler saw a way to build and ensure a means of forming nationalist opinions with the same methods used in religions but taking away the uncertainties that had failed the religion and government which he had grown up in. You will see the author of Mein Kampf understood people and how little the average person is capable of making wise decisions. The political process in democracies does much more than lower the net intellect of the whole to it's lowest common denominator. Plato observed this and some recent pundits call it dumbocracy it is part of why the USA is not an all out democracy. If it was the influence of General Karl Haushofer who was one of Gurdjieff's Remarkable Men that would not surprise me; that is also where the doctored or adapted Swastika came from.

Is it most important for most people that they be proven correct and that they can say they knew better than their neighbor as to the way of the world? Or is it more important to conform and be seen as wise within the paradigm. And maybe the trickiest question of all is answered in the words of the author of Mein Kampf. It really does not matter which answer you give. Whether you believe in the potential of humanity to manage itself or not, the history of the last 5,000 years proves it is not. So in order to make it possible for humanity to work together things must change. Please read these words by Hitler to see he was carrying out another attempt to globalize or at the very least (And he did say he was tasked to do this.) unify Europe in order to bring it into the Brit-Am conclave attempted in Colonel House's League of Nations. Yes, Woodrow Wilson was a patsy.

Continuing from Mein Kampf, we have a rather insightful understanding of politics and potential origins of it - and how to form public opinion to gain power, but leaving a place to blame others if the plan does not go a certain direction, and still come out ahead.

"What we mean by the word 'public opinion depends only to the smallest extent on the individual's own experiences or knowledge, and largely on an image, frequently created by a penetrating and persistent sort of so-called 'enlightenment.'

Just as confessional orientation is the result of education, and religious need, as such, slumbers in the mind of man, so the political opinion of the masses represents only the final result of a sometimes unbelievably tough and thorough belaboring of soul and mind.

By far the greatest bulk of the political 'education,' which in this case one may rightly define with the word 'propaganda,' is the work of the press. It is the press above all else that carries out this 'work of enlightenment,' thus forming a sort of school for adults. This instruction, however, does not rest in the hand of the State, but partly in the claws of very inferior forces. As a very young man in Vienna, I had the very best opportunity of becoming really acquainted with the owners and spiritual producers of this machine for educating the masses. {Ask how this is true and you will find schools or cults set up by St. Germain.} At the beginning I was astonished how short a time it took this most evil of all the great powers in the State to create a certain opinion, even if this involved complete falsification of the wishes or opinions in the minds of the public. In the course of a few days a ridiculous trifle was turned into an affair of State, whereas, at the same time, problems of vital importance were dropped into general oblivion, or rather were stolen from the minds and the memory of the masses....

This rabble, however, manufactures more than two-thirds of the so-called 'public' opinion, and out of its foam rises the parliamentary Aphrodite.

One would have to write volumes to describe this procedure correctly in its entire mendacity and untruthfulness. However, if one leaves this out of account,...

On the whole, one cannot contradict too sharply the absurd opinion that men of genius are born out of general elections. First, there is only one real ' statesman ' once in a blue moon in one nation {Here we have the opinion well-expressed by Thomas Carlyle who was a protégé of Goethe.} and not a hundred or more at a time; and second, the masses' aversion to every superior genius is an instinctive one. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than that a great man is 'discovered ' in an election.

What really stands out of the norm of the great masses generally personally announces its arrival in world history.

So that it is five hundred men of more than modest competence who vote on the most important concerns of the nation; they appoint governments which, in turn, in each single case and in each special question, have to obtain the consent of the illustrious assembly, and thus politics are actually made by five hundred men.

And it usually looks like it, too. ...

Of course, one will now raise the objection that the individual deputy has actually but little understanding for the one or the other matter; that in coming to a decision he is advised by the parliamentary faction as the leader of the policies of the gentlemen in question; that this faction always has its special committees which are more than amply advised by experts.

At first sight this seems to be correct. Then the question would still be: Why does one elect five hundred if only a few of them have sufficient wisdom to define their attitudes towards the most important matters?

This, then, was the gist of the matter! [Ja, darinliegt eben des Pudels Kern. A paraphrase of a line in Goethe's Faust.} * {Goethe was a founder of one of many Illuminized groups - the Bavarian Illuminati also included William of Hesse who worked with Mayer Amschel Rothschild who had been given the Templar and Benjaminite monopolies on usury and their spy network by St. Germain de Medicis.}

It is not the object of our present-day democratic parliamentarianism to form an assembly of wise men, but rather to gather a crowd of mentally dependent ciphers which may be more easily led in certain directions, the more limited the intelligence of the individual. Only thus can parties make politics in the worse sense of the word today. Only thus is it also possible that the actual wirepuller is able to remain cautiously in the background without ever being personally called to account. Because no decision, no matter how detrimental it is to the nation, can now be charged to the account of a rascal who is in the public eye, but it is dumped on the shoulders of an entire faction.... {And he was the outcome or patsy, you can interpret.}

When after the Great War the House of Habsburg started with utmost determination to root out, slowly but steadily, the dangerous Germanism of the dual monarchy (about whose inner conviction there could be no doubt) for this would mean the end of the policy of Slavization the resistance of this doomed people broke out in a way that the German history of modern times had never known.

For the first time men with national and patriotic feelings became rebels. {If that is because nations as such had never really existed for long - then it is true; but pride in cultures and propaganda had a long history.}

Rebels, not against the nation, not against the State as such, but against a form of government which in their
opinion was bound to lead their own nationality to its doom.

For the first time in modern German history, traditional dynastic patriotism separated from national love for country and people.

It was the merit of the Pan-German movement in Austria, during the nineties, that it clearly demonstrated beyond a doubt that a State authority can only demand respect and protection as long as it corresponds to the desires of a nationality and at least does not harm it."

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Hitler the Illluminati 31 Mar 2016 17:40 #11

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Why does one need to know about Enlightenment if it is a never-ending quest with dangers galore? Am I under the thrall of some seductive influence which is better explained by religions?

The occult web behind Synarchy will cause your head to spin and blood vessels to pop if you believe in much of it. But there can be no doubt it made a major impact. Concepts forwarded by Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves with Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn and Scottish Rite reformations were probably fomented in Scotland and Ireland by what I call the Hibernians going back to my namesake Robert the Bruce reforming the Templars as the Societas Rosicruciana en Anglia. The Stuart Royals and Francis Bacon's secret societies and spies made real sense coming out of the Dark Ages. Their schools or initiatory systems definitely are part of what the cult of conspiracy has raised to some level they call Illuminati in order to avoid doing any real work at understanding the complex nature of real events. Spies, secret codes and so much more exist in internecine labyrinths that no one has really made sense of any of it enough to say they can prove the Ascended Masters truly exist as independent personas through various incarnations.

Synarchy is an elite hierarchy with a Platonic origin which Saint-Yves attributed to his astral travels in Agarttha (I spell Agarthe). As far as manifest existing cities they claim - you can read Yogananda to see his mentors creating such visions. The authors of the book The Sion Revelation are probably the best people to get a grounding in the myths of these Hermetic groups I consider to be on the verge of knowing something about collective forces and consciousness and yet (like myself) not really able to prove much more than Newton's Aether having design structure. According to them Saint-Yves rejected the top position in the Martinists formed by Papus and may only have been a sincere seeker following the works of d'Olivet and grouped in with Schwaller de Lubicz. This festering cesspool of semi-adepts led inexorably from the mid 19th Century to a full out social engineering cauldron in the mid war period or during the cessation of hostilities planned by those at the highest level of this group I use Thulean to describe. It was far more than a Russian Czar and Prince Metternich who knew uniting Europe was a necessary outcome and it probably began with St. Germain influencing the outcome at Culloden and leading to deals with the Kings of England and his Rothschild cousins which later manifested through Cecil Rhodes and other leaders who were occultly handled and even controlled. I think I have proven the most important people who were definitely controlled and I have their own admissions to back it up. Napoleon, Woodrow Wilson, Hitler and Cecil Rhodes are center stage in this history.

I respect people like Hugo and all the named heads of the Priory of Sion as well as Plenipotentiaries, Jean Lafitte and the likes of Thomas Paine but there have been far lesser lights circling this continuum which is all part of an Illuminati pursuit of Enlightenment. It has no real central organizing force and yet some exceptional people come out of it to make the plans which seem to have a reach deep into every nation through families like Lord Mountbatten studied - his own, Merovingian and Benjaminite group. Once you get the structure of a little knowledge some people will seek to run with it, and go some weird places. Churchill was on the fringe of the same families and knew Mountbatten was the possessor of the family books, so he brought him into a group including just Beaverbrook and himself. Paine, Franklin, and George Clymer were the American Council of Three from Rosicrucian circles who lead the founding of the Enlightenment Experiment. St. Germain was back up in the US venture and Paine was a central figure with him in France or the planning there making a new order we still have. It took me three books to present my case and I will not be able to make sense of it all in this forum. You can say it is insane to try, even more so after you know more of the players and methods employed.

Many threads here have part of the story. I am very weak on the non-European and American part. In Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs he quotes shadowy figures with made up names like Hieronymus talking about a worldwide group of three, and about all I have a handle on is St. Germain. I am weak on the part headed by El Morya and even weaker on the far east or Asian part of what went on during the era after the Treaty of Westphalia we are addressing and still living through. My greatest contribution is far more ancient roots from before Classical Empires or the last two Reichs if you can call what Hitler did a Reich. In short it is what Himmler's warlock named Wiligut tried to give his masters insight to. Pre-Atlantean or pre-Egyptian history is becoming clearer as we get more forensic tools like DNA.


So, I try to tell my nephews that it is more complex than saving the trees, birds and bees, or the natural world they love.
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