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TOPIC: New Article: The Canaanite Deception. Goat Fuckers and Jewish Feminists.

New Article: The Canaanite Deception. Goat Fuckers and Jewish Feminists. 25 Feb 2016 02:33 #1

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Finally: Gawker Jew Addresses Bella and the Bulldogs Cuckoldry

Take a bow, brothers. You made it happen.

The Jews have been forced to address Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs cuckoldry plot.

Writing for Gawker, Ashley Feinberg (@ashfein) laid out most of the whole situation, then called it a “conspiracy theory” and told people not to even worry about it.

The thing is, there is no theory here. All we have done is point out something which is taking place. Maybe it is theoretical that the network’s Jews are doing this because they get off on it, as that is an assumption of motive, but it is not in any way theoretical that the network’s Jews hired a Black cuckold fetishist to produce a children’s show with cuckold fetishist themes.

Feinberg explains the situation, then posts this diagram.

The diagram does not contain any “theories” but merely shows events from the show, as well as aspects of its production background.

The Jew writes:

This objectively insane theory has been slowly gaining steam amongst the various ultra-conservative, ultra-racist, right-wing message boards scattered across the internet. So, inevitably, it ended up on The Daily Stormer, a blog born of the aggressively racist and unfortunately thriving message-board Stormfront.

She has a conspiracy theory that this site was born of Stormfront (it wasn’t). We have no theories.

Again: one can draw theoretical conclusions about why Nickelodeon is doing this, but that they are doing it is not theoretical.

She goes on:

It certainly seems like a good majority of the people ranting and raving do actually believe in the bullshit they’re spewing. Whether or not the whole movement started out sincerely, though, is debatable. The discussions of latent cuckoldry appear to have originated on 4chan’s /pol/ and /tv/ boards, and, as we know, 4chan has a habit of trolling anyone prone to hysteria—or more accurately, just anyone at all.

What bullshit, Ashley? All we have done is report on the content and production of the show, which absolutely exists.

As far as 4chan, you seem to be a little bit behind on your internet culture. /pol/ is not joking when they point out that Jews like you are responsible for the destruction of White society. And your own attempts to confuse a non-confusing situation about teenage cuckoldry show that they are correct in their assessment.

She even posts this tweet:

Ashley, it this theoretical? Or are these actual frames from two different productions by the same cuckolding fetishist?

Are you arguing, Ms. Feinberg, that we internet “White supremacists” have faked these screenshots, or lied about the producers of this show? That we faked the fact that “Bella” means “White” and that “bull” is a term for a Black buck who has sex with a White man’s wife? Because that would definitely be an actual conspiracy theory, and one which can be easily disproved through Google.

What a pathetic attempt to confuse the goyim this is, Ashley Feinberg. But I don’t personally believe all goyim are as stupid as you think they are.

Now that this has been in Gawker, other outlets will surely be covering it, and the “this is just a theory” line, making absolutely no form of basic sense, cannot possibly hold up.


THE CUCKOLD is a controversial dramatic feature that pushes a camera lens through the peephole of American taboo, focusing on the flashpoint where racial and sexual tensions collide. While set against the backdrop of a little-known fetish in the swinging lifestyle called ‘cuckolding’, THE CUCKOLD tells the broader story of two suburban couples and two urban men whose lives collide in a tale woven together by the threads of deceit, lust, and primal vengeance. It also explores the consequences and risks in looking beyond the skin in search of love.
– Written by Jonathan Corban Butler

Interesting. I can see how that easily translates into children’s entertainment. By selling these themes to children, Black Butler is basically cuckolding all of White America. The term “bull” is used to describe a Black male who is brought into a relationship to have sex with the wife in front of the man.

This is not the first time Nickelodeon has been involved in something bizarre. They have, for a long time, been underfire for allowing an apparently p***phile Dan Schneider, to produce shows and spend hug-time with the pre-teen actresses.

So, all of this weirdness should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Actual clip of Ariana Grande from a Schneider produced show

The director of this gargabe was found liking pornstars in his personal Facebook account:

Taylor Wane is a famous porn “actress” and producer
All credit goes to 4chan and all those who helped.

Entertainment for children?

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