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TOPIC: The Great Ignorance

The Great Ignorance 02 Apr 2016 20:11 #1

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Now it should be clear that HIS- story had been successfully altered so far that the book I mentioned my older brother bought his kids in the 1990s which showed Stonehenge was built long after the date that humans began to exist on our planet, is a proverbial crock. Every scrap of it is fruit from the poisoned tree no matter how much you get your rocks off singing "Rock of Ages", which I recall the movie with Spencer Tracy as Darrow has ample coverage of. All of the history you have learned is derived from or part of a marketing plan instituted in Rome or Greece to put people under the thumb of elites whose power continues to grow. And that is fine, people do not deserve to have power over governing this world until they learn true history and have a disciplined ability to think or acquire wisdom.

Yes, we are not teaching the creationist rot, in Canada. But South Carolina and other US states are. Creationism is like the snake in the Garden, it slithers and waits for the next Armageddon craze which goes hand in hand with it, as fearful people never learning about their soul approach the day they sign over their wealth to churches. Nah, our government would not let cults of such criminal intent (See Abelard) operate this scam. They after all, removed the teaching of the Books of the Bible a few years ago - did they not? Don't look into how Jim Jones sold votes and arranged political rallies, and don't look into Mormon and $cientology origins in the occult either. I must be senile too, and certainly my hatred for Christianity is evident in all I write, you say. Yet if you actually read the facts presented here in just one thread, you will see I am more Christian than Roman sheep. Clearly Augustine knew it was not correct to say Christianity began with some character myth created by Rome.

"As paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould points out in an essay on Ussher, the bishop’s calculation of the date of Creation fueled much ridicule from scientists who pointed to him as “a symbol of ancient and benighted authoritarianism.” Few geology textbook writers resisted taking a satirical swing at Ussher in their introductions. How foolish, the authors suggested, to believe that the earth’s geologic and fossil history could be crammed into 6,000 years. Gould, while not defending the bishop’s chronology, notes that judged by the research traditions and assumptions of his time, Ussher deserves not criticism, but praise for his meticulousness. The questionable premise underlying Ussher’s work, of course, is that the Bible is inerrant.

Ussher began his calculation by adding the ages of the twenty-one generations of people of the Hebrew-derived Old Testament, beginning with Adam and Eve. If the Bible is to be believed, they were an exceptionally long-lived lot. Genesis, for example, tells us that “Adam lived 930 years and he died.” Adam’s great-great-great-great-great-grandson, Methuselah, claimed the longevity record, coming in at 969 years. Healthier living conditions contributed, or so it was believed, to the long life spans of the early generations of the Bible. Josephus, a Jewish theologian writing in the first century, explained it this way: “Their food was fitter for the prolongation of life…and besides, God afforded them a longer lifespan on account of their virtue.”

To calculate the length of time since Creation, knowledge of more than the ages of death of the twenty-one generations was required; one also needed to know the ages of people of each generation at the time the next generation began. Fortunately, the Bible provided that information as well. For example, Genesis says that at the time Adam gave birth to his first son, Seth, he had “lived 130 years.” Augustine (as might a lot of people) wondered how a 130-year-old man could sire a child. He concluded that “the earth then produced mightier men” and that they reached puberty much later than did people of his own generation.

The Old Testament’s genealogy took Ussher up to the first destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem during the reign of Persian king Nebuchadnezzar. Ussher’s key to precisely dating Creation came from pinning down, by references in non-Christian sources, the precise dates of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. He finally found the answer in a list of Babylonian kings produced by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. By connecting Greek events to Roman history, Ussher tied the date of Nebuchanezzar’s death (562 B.C.) to the modern Julian calendar. Once the date of 562 B.C. was calculated, there remained only the simple matter of adding 562 years to the 3,442 years represented by the generations of the Old Testament up to that time: 4004.

Ussher next turned his attention to identifying the precise date of Creation. Like many of his contemporary scholars, he assumed that God would choose to create the world on a date that corresponded with the sun being at one of its four cardinal points—either the winter or summer solstice or the vernal or autumnal equinox. This view sprang from the belief that God had a special interest in mathematical and astronomical harmony. The deciding factor for Ussher came from Genesis. When Adam and Eve found themselves in the Garden of Eden, the fruit was invitingly ripe. Ussher reasoned, therefore, that it must have been harvest time, which corresponded with the autumnal equinox: “I have observed that the Sunday, which in the year [4004 B.C.] aforesaid, came nearest the Autumnal Aequinox, by Astronomical Tables, happened upon the 23 day of the Julian October.”

A London bookseller named Thomas Guy in 1675 began printing Bibles with Ussher’s dates printed in the margin of the work. Guy’s Bible’s became very popular—though their success might be as much attributed to the engravings of bare-breasted biblical women as to the inclusion of Ussher’s chronology. In 1701, the Church of England adopted Ussher’s dates for use in its official Bible. For the next two centuries, Ussher’s dates so commonly appeared in Bibles that his dates “practically acquired the authority of the word of God.”

It is the seventh day of the Scopes trial, on the courthouse lawn in front of a crowd numbering about two thousand, Clarence Darrow questions William Jennings Bryan about Ussher’s date for Creation. Bryan at first deflects the question of whether he believes that human history began in 4004 B.C. He testifies, “That has been the estimate of a man that is accepted today,” then adds, “I would not say that it is accurate.” (Years later, in their play based on the Scopes trial, Inherit the Wind, Robert Lee and Jerome Lawrence misleadingly suggested Bryan endorsed Ussher’s pinpointing of not only the date—but also the hour—of creation. They gave Darrow the laugh line: “That Eastern standard time? Or Rocky Mountain time?”) “Everybody knows or, at least, most of the people know” Ussher’s estimate, Bryan says. Darrow presses Bryan on whether he thinks the estimate was based on a calculation “from the generations of man.” Surprisingly, Bryan does not know. “I do not think about the things I don’t think about,” he announces. Darrow rejoins, “Do you think about the things you do think about?” “Well, sometimes,” Bryan answers. Spectators erupt in laughter. Even Judge Raulston chuckles."

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The Great Ignorance 02 Apr 2016 20:24 #2

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Scoping Ussher

When my older brother bought an Ussher chronology map book for his kids about a quarter of a Century ago - I was appalled! Yes, it was not long ago that all of our society was festering in the excrement forwarded by this 17th Century Protestant who worked very hard at making himself important to the English need to dominate and destroy his country of birth. But you can look up Sir William Parsons and Jonathan Swift or other even fouler excrement meant to keep the "drunken louts" (Hume) and "hammered tools". 'Celt' is that, whereas a Kelt is an ancient pan-tribal group of people who built the Great Pyramid of Iesa to honor the Brotherhood of Man and equality for all. Ussher was competing with the Jesuits and Popes who were already well established at the Center of a universe on their Dias in Rome. "Deos" or god was closer to the Pope who was his sole representative on Earth. I think they still promote that along with the Papal Infallibility I have seen in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Like the President of the USA I call Shrub this means god can talk into their ears more easily without any other soul hearing the conversation I suppose. The Flat Earth still had the ancient pre-Christian pillars holding up a Heaven above. It had never meant to prove a Flat Earth that any five year old can climb a hill and see makes no sense, as more terrain is visible over the horizon when reaching higher distances away from the start of the climb. So here we had a young scholar getting given more and more acclaim and power over those poor lost (Ir means 'lost') souls on the once sacred Emerald Isles.

The separation of Rome and the Anglican Church is a hoax as far as the people of Ireland should be concerned. The rituals of the cult remain identical. So Ussher the Protestant administered or ministered to the people England had given land to, not long after he died. But the good King James had already ramped up the effort to get those damned 'louts' out of the bogs which made this land available for English people to seize it; through over a millennium of a war you have never heard about even though you can see the scroll at the beginning of the movie Tom Collins' That scroll says it was 700 years of persecution. In 664 AD. the non-existent country of England had begun the real war with their seizure of the Keltic Christian Church's assets in Northumbria (which became England). There are other important dates in this war you have never heard about, including when St. Patty destroyed all the books of these cultured people (See How the Irish Saved Civilization by Cahill who is writing only about the era after Rome). Well I should clarify that statement. He personally destroyed 155 hand drawn books and he doctored some of the great history of Keltic laws called the Senchus Mor so it could be said to still be the 25,000 year history of these people who colonized such a vast region we are still finding evidence of, you would not likely believe. As a reward for his destructive efforts he too was made a Bishop and oversaw continued destruction by many others - maybe over 1200 books.

Every time I put a thought to paper I recall a book I have taken to explain that thought, it seems. I did not do one on Ussher who may be important because of the absurdity that the Hegemony of Churches and State have continued to allow our children to be exposed to and brainwashed by, for purposes no one book can possibly convey. So getting back to the seizure of assets after the Synod of Whitby, that Wikipedia says were the Iona Monastic Order's let me say they are telling half truths or none at all. It was not a calculation of Easter that was at issue. It was the whole idea of an 'only begotten' who was resurrected after we crucified him for our sins. Oswiu was a cretin who had killed a cousin to take his power and he negotiated with Rome to gain more power. A deeper reading will tell you he was interested in the keys to Heaven held in St. Peter's mythical Roman hands. The Druidic leaders of Iona include a Catholic saint who was the high druid who saved 1200 Bairds or Bards at the Synod of Drum Ceatt. His name was Columcille and he is known in Catholic circles as St. Columba. Like many Druids who did not flee to America and other places throughout the far flung former Brotherhood, he stayed to protect what he could. Some of these people tried to direct a better outcome from within the behemoth and others were motivated by personal gain as is the case with St. Augustine. I must quote him to show he was no fool and knew Rome was selling a different Empire that was not really Christian. He had been a follower of Mani and if he had not sold out we might never have been subjected to such deceit and terror. Mani wanted ecumenicism and good acts to determine any afterlife of pleasure, Rome wanted to be paid for any special dispensations, confessions and a pass from St. Peter. It wanted control of souls and alms and knowledge - and it got them all after this era! This is Pauline or Roman Christianity and not at all what the likes of Yeshua, Solomon and David worked for or studied.

“For the thing itself which is now called the Christian religion, was known to the ancients, and was not wanting at any time from the beginning of the human race until the time that Christ came in the flesh, from whence the true religion, that had existed previously, began to be called Christian, and this in our day is the Christian religion, not as having been wanting in former times, but as having in later times received the name”. - Saint Augustine

So there we have the beginning of the human race. That brings us back to the Primate of all Ireland - who was a low down primate on the Scale of Nature being fomented in this era as well. If Ussher was in competition with the Jesuits as the link supplied says; I say his chronology of humanity was right in line with what Rome liked people to believe. The Churches of this cult were not friendly with their fellow cult members called Islamic or Jewish, but I suspect the rest of them shared some plans and ideas. The very name of Ussher's Church says it.

]"by Doug Linder (2004)

When Clarence Darrow prepared his famous examination of William Jennings Bryan in the Scopes trial, he chose to focus primarily on a chronology of Biblical events prepared by a seventeenth-century Irish bishop, James Ussher. American fundamentalists in 1925 found—and generally accepted as accurate—Ussher’s careful calculation of dates, going all the way back to Creation, in the margins of their family Bibles. (In fact, until the 1970s, the Bibles placed in nearly every hotel room by the Gideon Society carried his chronology.) The King James Version of the Bible introduced into evidence by the prosecution in Dayton contained Ussher’s famous chronology, and Bryan more than once would be forced to resort to the bishop’s dates as he tried to respond to Darrow’s questions.

The chronology first appeared in The Annals of the Old Testament, a monumental work first published in London in the summer of 1650. In 1654, Ussher added a part two which took his history through Rome’s destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. {This is a date I can actually accept and does not fit with the Diaspora myth,} The project, which produced 2,000 pages in Latin, occupied twenty years of Ussher’s life.

Ussher lived through momentous times, having been born during the reign of Elizabeth and dying, in 1656, under Cromwell. He was a talented fast-track scholar who entered Trinity College in Dublin at the early age of thirteen, became an ordained priest by the age of twenty, and a professor at Trinity by twenty-seven. In 1625, Ussher became the head of the Anglo-Irish Church in Ireland.

As a Protestant bishop in a Catholic land, Ussher’s obsession with providing an accurate Biblical history stemmed from a desire to establish the superiority of the scholarship practiced by the clergy of his reformed faith over that of the Jesuits, the resolutely intellectual Roman Catholic order. (Ussher had absolutely nothing good to say about “papists” and their “superstitious” faith and “erroneous” doctrine.) Ussher committed himself to establishing a date for Creation that could withstand any challenge. He located and studied thousands of ancient books and manuscripts, written in many different languages. By the time of his death, he had amassed a library of over 10,000 volumes...

Ussher wrote: “In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, which beginning of time, according to this chronology, occurred at the beginning of the night which preceded the 23rd of October in the year 710 of the Julian period.” In the right margin of the page, Ussher computes the date in “Christian” time as 4004 B.C.

Although Ussher brought stunning precision to his chronology, Christians for centuries had assumed a history roughly corresponding to his. The Bible itself provides all the information necessary to conclude that Creation occurred less than 5,000 years before the birth of Christ. Shakespeare, in As You Like It, has his character Rosalind say, “The poor world is almost six thousand years old.” Martin Luther, the great reformer, favored (liking the round number) 4000 B.C. as a date for creation. Astronomer Johannes Kepler concluded that 3992 B.C. was the probable date."

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