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TOPIC: Himmler's Offer to Free Jews

Himmler's Offer to Free Jews 07 Apr 2016 02:53 #1

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I just watched a National Geographic segment on Himmler. I regard it as more propaganda and it showed very little about the occult usages at Wewelsburg Castle. It did not mention that many ruling or elite Anglo-American people backed Hitler before the war and tried to replace FDR with a Fascist. It did not even mention the well known backing of the English King, and Canadian Prime Minister for Hitler. I would have hoped for a little honesty about the Ship of Fools or efforts by high German officials before the war to establish a Jewish homeland which was blocked by Lord Rothschild's backing of the Balfour Declaration. There are so many lies of omission I could list in addition to those already mentioned. I have done a book called The Un-Necessary War which includes a pre-war offer by the German High Command to remove Hitler if Chamberlain stood fast and honored the Treaty with Czechoslovakia. That letter was given to Churchill who always knew Stalin was a worse and more serious threat.

Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery. - Thomas Jefferson

Jewish Talmud:
Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."

An American professor wrote a book detailing how the Swiss people laundered the stolen Jewish assets and used their safely hidden industrial might to build highly needed ball bearing and such to maintain the war and get it going in the right direction. He said at any time if the Allies stopped this Germany would fold up in two weeks with no oil - up until they got control of the Romanian oil fields.

* Churchill received a letter from Himmler shortly after the Allies landed in France, but destroyed it. The program said Himmler was looking for a post war position helping to defeat Russia. Churchill and Patton would probably have supported this, if they felt Himmler was needed but they already had other Nazis working with them. Mac Arthur had a top Nazi helping him in a high position as various secret deals were made with Hirohito's family - having to do with many billions of bucks and assets stolen and hidden away during many years of occupation including the Philippines.

* Silent Help program in Italy run by Himmler's daughter and wife, was mentioned. But though they were asked where Himmler was; they did not know. I got the impression their Silent Help group was allowed to continue and I suspect it was because the US was competing with other nations to get German scientists like Von Braun and Strughold (MKUltra and mind control with his new name - Green, see what David Guyatt says). www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...y-suicide.html

* The Pope and Rat Lines - It took decades before a TV documentary proved the Catholic Church was behind many things after the war - leading to Nazis getting away. The Pope was most afraid of Stalin and (Stalin was trained in a Catholic seminary) never ex-communicated Hitler. The Catholics admitted this but continued to proceed to make him into a Saint.

* Reinhard Gehlen a top Nazi doing exactly what Himmler wanted to do. I will go into this more in the next post. He ran a secret army for the Allies.

* The desecration of Himmler's Body hides his torture and the Nat Geo lie of a medical exam which missed his cyanide capsule. Himmler was tortured and laughed at his captors according to other reports. He told them they were mere children in matters of getting information and what the mind and soul is all about. His death's head cult was not all about killing Jews and neither is the same insignia in Tibet or on the Bush boys club at Yale. It was the Skull and Bones when used by Pirates for at least four millennia. One base for these Phoenician Pirates who included Germans called Silesian (DNA proof) or Cilesians was Epirus who removed the Skull and Bones from stamps in the 20th Century. Why do these TV shows continue to hide the cults who are behind the backing and creation of Hitler (As a Messiah - see Eckhart)? Synarchy is not over - no, you won't believe it. Would you imagine the propaganda you watch on TV is thorough and total lies? Actually it is worse because it includes some facts and seems believable.

* The death of how many Jews is due to Allied actions? The bombing of Germany made it impossible for Germans to feed themselves much less the millions in the concentration camps that all Allies knew existed even before the war. The Dresden atrocity alone is a monstrous breech of decency which has no excuse. What happened at Hiroshima was desired by the military industrialists. The Allies also knew about the murderous acts of Himmler's people in Russia - remember Russia was an Allied key country. They knew everything and I will quote you a Jewish Rabbi who says they had previously offered to let all German Jews go free, if they went to a fair location not specified by the Balfour Declaration. My estimate not including how many Himmler might have saved from death if his offer was acted upon - as the show showed the Swedish Ambassador was given it (I sometimes get Swede and Swiss mixed up - but I think this is correct.): is 2,000,000. Yes, I am blaming the Allies for killing 2,000,000 of the 6,000,000 Jews but also many gypsies and Poles. Then the Allies not including Russia wasted many German soldiers. The show showed they had Himmler in a camp outside and when it got cold many of these people died a slow painful death. Many more were treated more foully by Russia - and you should know the Russians never let their own people get officially wounded - they shot them if they did not advance.

But consider the ethnic homogeneity isn't as strong as the usual presentation of the Jews for an instant and you might recall Russian Jews were persecuted by other Jews. You don't even have to have read Koestler to know this because the elite of Judaism aren't always free of discord in every ghetto or Jewish part of the world you know about. Horror of horrors, at the end of this line of reasoning you might conclude the Priory of Sion and the Benjaminites like the Rothschild/Rockefeller money that funded Stalin and Hitler, might actually like to see the Israelites suffer for their war against them that led to the Phoenicians taking them to Arcadia in Greece. The Germans did offer to let the Jews out of Germany in 1941 and the Zionists in Switzerland refused in order to force the world to create Israel after the war. Here is part of the story according to one Rabbi.

“By Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L
Dean of Nitra Yeshiva

IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France; on condition that:
a) none of the deportees travel from Spain to Palestine; and
b) all the deportees be transported from Spain to the USA or British colonies, and there to remain; with entry visas to be arranged by the Jews living there; and
c) $1000.00 ransom for each family to be furnished by the Agency, payable upon the arrival of the family at the Spanish border at the rate of 1000 families daily.

IS IT TRUE that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Turkey received this offer with the clear understanding that the exclusion of Palestine as a destination for the deportees was based on an agreement between the Gestapo and the Mufti?

IS IT TRUE that the answer of the Zionist leaders was negative, with the following comments:
a) ONLY Palestine would be considered as a destination for the deportees? {Which Rothschild influence and money ensured in the many options leading up to the Balfour Declaration.}
b) The European Jews must accede to suffering and death greater in measure than the other nations, in order that the victorious allies agree to a "Jewish State" at the end of the war.
c) No ransom will be paid

IS IT TRUE that this response to the Gestapo's offer was made with the full knowledge that the alternative to this offer was the gas chamber?
IS IT TRUE that in 1944, at the time of the Hungarian deportations, a similar offer was made, whereby all Hungarian Jewry could be saved?
IS IT TRUE that the same Zionist hierarchy again refused this offer (after the gas chambers had already taken a toll of millions)?”

History has many secrets to bend the mind trying to understand but the "They killed our Saviour!" comment should always be seen as what Empire (Second Reich) did to make Rome what it still is through it's Holy Empire in league with nations since it set them on the path of Divine Rights after the Treaty of Westphalia lessened the role of Kings so the elite could do "their thing" and not be responsible to the people anymore. Yes, Sovereign Rights are what Divine Rights used to be.
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