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TOPIC: 50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism

50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism 23 Sep 2016 00:55 #1

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The Third Reich was doing the Lord’s work on earth.

On January 30th 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. From an unknown soldier in WW1 in 1919, he became master of a nation which had long been governed by Aristocratic elites. He was from a middle class family and during his early life he knew what hunger was as he had been through starvation. He fulfilled a dream of every poor and of middle class person to make it big. Eighty years later, Let us now examine, Good things that Adolf Hitler / Nazis did in 5 years of their rule that we are never taught. But first, the lies being taught:

The National Socialism (NAZI) is one of the most evil political, economic and social systems in the history of the earth, made famous by their severe acts of cruelty and completely inhuman behavior etc etc etc.

Now the truth:

1. Breaking free of International Financiers;

When Hitler came to power, the national treasury was empty. Countless homes and farms were lost to private (Jewish controlled) Banks. The very first “invention” of the Third Reich was the breaking away from the international banking system, which made its money on debt finance; i.e., usury. (This act later probably caused WWII.) Nazi government thwarted the international banking cartels by issuing its own currency known as Reich Marks, free from manipulation by International Financiers. World Jewry responded by declaring a global boycott of German goods. See here. Within two years, Germany was back on its feet. It had a solid, stable currency, and no inflation.

The Third Reich was building for the future, not trying to destroy the past.

2. Thriving Economy, Removing Unemployment and Zero inflation.

When Hitler came to power a wheelbarrow full of 100 billion-mark banknotes could not buy a loaf of bread. Germans lived in hovels. They had no work, no money and were starving. Hitler began a national credit program by devising a plan of public works that included construction of new roads, bridges, Dams, canals, and port facilities and flood control, repair of public buildings and private residences. All these were paid for new State owned currency Reich Marks which was free from manipulation by International financiers. Hitler said, “For every mark issued, we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.” Women were encouraged to be homemakers thus creating jobs for unemployed men. Within two years, the unemployment problem had been solved, and Germany was back on its feet.
It’s often been claimed, that Hitler’s success in reviving his nation’s economy was based largely on government spending for rearmament. This is a myth. As the renowned British historian A. J. P. Taylor noted: “Germany’s economic recovery, which was complete by 1936, did not rest on rearmament; it was caused mainly by lavish expenditure on public works, particularly on motor roads, and this public spending stimulated private spending also, as [British economist John Maynard] Keynes had said it would. …while nearly everyone else in Europe expected a great war, Hitler was the one man who neither expected nor planned for it.” A. J. P. Taylor, From Sarajevo to Potsdam (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975), p. 140.

3. Strong family values:

Maintaining the traditional family value was the principle doctrine of Nazis because they think that there was something special in children, in family and in the togetherness. Hitler was master in fixing the family to its true place. He was widely admired for his “high regard for mother” attitude. Poor families were helped by financial incentives. Family allowances, marriage loans and child subsidies were provided equally to each and every segment of society.

The family is the primary unit around which a functioning society is built.

4. Workers Welfare Programs:

In the best passage of Government largess, the Nazi regime fostered a purified liberal concept to enhance the living standard of German citizens across all segments of society. In order to stimulate the spirit of integrity, comradeship and happiness, Adolf Hitler fanned numerous programs and instituted strict rules for officials to carry them in eternal way.

a) Highly Subsidized International vacation trips.

b) Between 1933-1938 Strength through Joy (KDF) movement Organized 134,000 theater and concert events for 32 million people. 2 million people went on cruises and weekend trips and 11 million went on theater trips.

c) Nazis ensured that every citizen had a Radio.

d) 5 day week.

e) Free Public Health.

f) Trade Unions were banned. All workers had to join German labor Front. Strikes for higher wages were banned. People who refused to work were imprisoned. With fall in Inflation, purchasing power increased and wages actually fell.

g) Large factories had to provide rest areas, cafeterias, dressing rooms, even playing fields and swimming pools

h) They also banned “lock outs” for industries. No “reverse strikes” for them either.

German workers were better treated in the Third Reich than at any time before, or since.

5. Organized Industrial production

In 1933 Nazis put in place policy of AUTARKY. The aim was self-sufficiency. Industrial Production was controlled to produce not what is more profitable but to produce what is required by Germans. Emphasis was laid on to produce whatever Germany was hence before importing so as to make it self sufficient and debt free.

6. Organized Farming:

In 1933 new Farm Policy and Laws were introduced. In Nazi Farm law, farmers were organized into Reich Food estate and strictly controlled to produce not what is more profitable but what is more required by Germans. To compensate loss of profit, Farmers were assured 100% sales and given subsidies.

7. Elimination of crime:

Nazis adopted all means to keep away social misfits and criminal elements from his land and to bring them in mainstream by giving jobs. In order to encourage a peaceful lifestyle, Hitler banned general strikes on the city streets. By all accounts of historians, during the Nazi period, it was safe to walk on streets at night and people were far away from the apprehension of any kind of burglary, theft, arson, loot or murder. Offenders of peace were sent to concentration camps and were punished to extent.

8. None shall starve nor freeze to death:

The Winterhilfswerk (WHW, English: Winter Relief—literally “winter help work”) was an annual drive by the National sozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (the National Socialist People’s Welfare Organization). Nazi Germany had one of the largest public welfare programs in history, based on the philosophy that all Germans should share a standard of living. Its slogan was “None shall starve nor freeze”. The Hitlerjugend and Bund Deutscher Mädel (boys’ and girls’ associations, respectively), High ranking Nazis and common citizens all took to the streets to collect charity for the unfortunate. This generated general good public feeling toward those in need and instilled spirit of comradeship. As part of the effort to place the community over the individual, totals were not reported for any individuals. In fact those who “forgot” to give had their names put in the paper to remind them of their neglect. On one occasion, a civil servant was prosecuted for failure to donate, and his argument that it was voluntary was dismissed on the grounds it was an extreme view of liberty, to neglect all duties not actually prescribed by law, and therefore an abuse of liberty.

A canister used for the Winter Relief Fund effort.

9. Anti-tobacco mission:

Nazi doctors, in line with their campaign for public health were the first to write a major scientific paper linking smoking with lung cancer. The Nazis banned smoking in restaurants and public transportation systems, citing public health, severely regulated the advertising of smoking and cigarettes, tobacco tax was raised to extent, medical lectures were organized for soldiers and health education was promoted for the restoration of better lifestyle. Nazis had one of the most expensive and effective anti-tobacco movements throughout history. Several health organizations in Nazi Germany even began claiming that smoking heightened the risks of miscarriages by pregnant women, now a commonly known fact. The statistics of annual cigarette consumption per capita as of 1940 had Germany at only 749, while Americans smoked over 3,000. He prohibited selling of cigarettes to women. He prohibited smoking to people in uniforms and persons under the age of 18. He also prohibited smoking in public areas. He first placed photos of lungs etc. on cigarette boxes.

10. Nazis started first checking of drunk drivers.

Alcohol consumption was discouraged though not banned.

“He does not devour it, it [the cigarette] devours him!”

11. Music promotion:

In an attempt to synchronize the culture on musical platform, Reichmusikkammer (State Music Institute) was founded in 1933, just after the Nazi came into power. This institute was formulated to promote the legendary work of masterminded composers – Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Wagner etc. In order to preserve the rich cultural heritage of ancient Germany, the Nazi government promoted youngsters to adopt music as a career. It is a matter of fact that jazz, swing and sexually suggestive type of music were banned. Nazis ensured that every citizen had a Radio. Music was used extensively to inject a sense of pride in national heritage.

12. Respect for women and children;

German was seeing declining birth rate. Depression had added effect. What to say of feeding the children, families were finding it difficult to feed themselves. Birth rate had declined from more than 2 million children in 1900 to less than 1 million children in 1933, hence in August 1933 a law was passed that enabled married couple to obtain interest free loans minimum 1000 Reich Marks (equal to 9 months salary) to set up homes and start families. For each child produced they got to keep 250 marks and did not have to repay. Same system is still prevalent in Switzerland. The importance of women’s role in a nation’s success believed by the Nazi Party can be seen in what Hitler once said; “…what would become of the greater world if there were no one to tend and care for the smaller one? Nazi Party set out women’s roles in life which became to be known as the three Ks, Kinder, Kirche and Küche (children, church, and kitchen). The Nazi viewed women as the preservers of the tribe, the guardians of future generation, and the priestesses of domestic virtue.

13. Modern Day boy Scouts is based on Hitler Youth.

Boys were made to be physically and mentally fit from the youth to undertake public welfare. The nature of the Hitler Youth was; camping, outdoor activities, outdoor skills, and sport. This helped attract the youth to the Hitler Youth movement. With its summer camps the youth were able to escape from their normal lives and drudgery of school. Hitler preached for peace and equality. During the Hitler Youth rally, he states;-
“And we want that you, German boys and girls, to absorb everything that we wish for Germany. We want to be one people and through you, to become this people. We want a society with neither castes nor ranks and you must not allow these ideas to grow within you”.

14. To achieve classless society.

Nazis believed in equality for all women and men despite class, rank, race, or religion. Nazi regime insisted that all Germans take part in the May Day celebrations in the hope that this would help break down class hostility between workers and bourgeois and ultra rich. Films like Metropolis ’whose message of equality and fair treatment of anyone regardless of class, rank, gender, or race was emphasized to inculcate feeling of oneness. The film revolves around a capitalist controlled state, in which the majority of people are oppressed by an overbearing, rich minority. (remember OWS). The masses are forced into hard labor whereas the rich minority dwells in comfort and solace with little or no work to do except supervise the masses and frolic in their beautiful, ornate gardens. By capturing the true plight of the workers, through the filming of them walking to and from work like lost drones Nazis assuages the viewer to their cause. When Maria arrives and leads them to revolt, casting off the chains of oppression, the viewer is with them every step of the way, cheering them on. Similarly, Riefenstahl’s Triumph des Willens embodies a similar spirit of oneness. These two films carried almost exact messages of rebellion against unjust oppression and of equality for all women and men despite class, rank, race, or religion.
“The phrases nationalism and socialism identify contemporary political currents of the age and did not require that new values be created. The lack of sense of community gave way to mutual burning hatred. Today the contrast between bourgeois and proletariat needs to be overcome, because the rise of any nation can only take place under common ideas. We need to close the gap and collect the forces again on a new platform.” — Adolf Hitler.

Hitler himself drew the original design for the Volkswagon.

15. Volkswagen:

It was 1934, when Hitler started on his dream project that every German family had a car which can carry at least two adults and three children with maximum speed of 100km/h. Hitler started working hand in hand with his top-notch officials and eventually launched his dream project, powered by an 25 horsepower engine. Literally meaning “People’s Car”, this vehicle was presented as a car that every German citizen could afford to buy. It was based on the advice of Hitler to the designer, saying that it should resemble a beetle. The car was a huge success (it was made available to citizens of the Third Reich through a savings scheme at 990 Reich marks, about the price of a small motorcycle. It became the most popular vehicle in the world, known for reliability, stylish design and ease of use.
"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism 23 Sep 2016 01:08 #2

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16. Affordable Homes with Gardens.

All Germans were made available affordable housing and environmental homes. Homes with gardens. No more “rabbit-warrens”.

17. Banning Vivisection;

Nazi Germany was the first country to ban vivisection in the world, enacting a total ban in April 1933. High ranking Nazis such as Hermann Goring, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler were very concerned about animal conservation, particularly pertaining as to the manner how animals were butchered. Most current laws in the World are derived from the laws put forth by the Nazi Party. Hermann Goring, who was established as the Prime Minister of Prussia, had this to say:
“An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself…. I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.”

A cartoon showing animals saved from vivisection saluting Hermann Goring. The sign in the window says “Vivisection Forbidden”.

18. Preservation of nature and animals:

Leaders of Nazi Party were patrons of animal protection and that’s why they adopted standardized parameters to ensure the security of animals in their regime. Mishandling an animal was considered as a heinous crime and if someone was discovered treating them like a pulse less property, then he/she was straightforwardly sent to concentration camps. Hitler, himself, was a great admirer of animals and was widely popular for his fascinating relationship with Blondi, his German Shepherd dog. When the Nazis came to power in 1933, their concerns not only laid with the people, but with the animals native to Germany. In 1934, a national hunting law was passed to regulate how many animals could be killed per year, and to establish proper ‘hunting seasons’. These hunting laws have now been applied in most western countries.

This law was known as Das Reichsjagdgesetz, the Reich Hunting Law. The Reichstag also footed the bill for education on animal conservation at Primary, Secondary and College levels. Additionally, in 1935, another law was passed, the Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature Protection Act). This law placed several native species on a protection list including the wolf and Eurasian lynx. Additions were added later as to afforestation and the humane slaughter of living fish. Without this law it is likely some species would have completely disappeared from Germany’s forests.

19. Nazis Created 1st ecologic laws for protecting water, earth and air.


Lands protected included:
“Remaining portions of landscape in free nature whose preservation on account of rarity, beauty, distinctiveness or on account of scientific, ethnic, forest, or hunting significance lies in the general interest.”

“National Socialism is politically applied biology.” — Hans Schemm, Founder and Head of the National Socialist Teachers Association

“[It is] useful to know the laws of nature – for that enables us to obey them. To act otherwise would be to rise in revolt against heaven.” — Adolf Hitler

Hitler was a well-known animal lover.

20. Autobahn / Freeways:

The idea of highway system was given by the Nazi and till the date they are admired for dispersing the network of roads to get you somewhere faster without a speed limit. Right after the Nazi takeover of 1933, Hitler bosomed the idea of interstate highway system without intersections with sophisticated engineering. This ambitious project was the best tool to eradicate unemployment and to cater mobility for the motion of motorized land forces. Using state-of-the-art technology, the highways were made without a single pothole with free resistance surfaces and gentle curves. Hitler was an enthusiastic supporter of the idea and pushed for the largest network of roads to be built across Germany. Established as the first freeway system in the world, the autobahn was a revolutionary feat of engineering that forever changed the way humans travel. Thousands of countries have emulated the system Hitler put in place, including America and Britain. It is single handedly the largest network of roadways in the world, with roads stretching all across the country, even to other countries such as Austria.

It was a goal of the Nazi party to try and bring the country into a sense of unity through the roadway system, and for the most part it was successful. Aircraft was tested on the long, smooth, straight sections of road and Grand Prix racing teams are known to practice on them.

The autobahn is still famous to this day as being the finest roads in the world.

21. Innovations in Film

Audio technology using magnetic tape was a Third Reich invention. Copying German tape recorders was how the famous American corporation Ampex got its start. Magnetic tape was also essential later for the video tape recorder. Allies hadn’t a clue how the Axis was transmitting speeches and programs hours apart to different locations and having them sound “live.” It was top of the list of technologies to capture as the war concluded.

Management systems for keeping massive and complex development programs on track was another “invention” transferred to the US, along with its scientists and project managers. These systems allowed the Germans to have developments underway in numerous categories and perform them remarkably well.

The Nazis were very interested in both film and music as essential cultural pillars. The first known magnetic tape recording was of a speech made by Hitler, and Joseph Goebbels pushed for more complicated methods of filming. The propaganda film ‘Triumph of the Will’, sequel to the former propaganda film ‘Triumph of the Faith’, is regarded as one of the most important pieces of cinematographic history. The director, Leini Riefenstahl (pictured below) used an astounding thirty film cameras and over one hundred technicians to produce the two hour film. Cranes and track-rail filming were used, techniques still used today to make a smooth ‘traveling’ effect.

The Third Reich movie industry was big enough to be a serious rival to Hollywood.

22. Advances in fashion and sportswear.

The Nazi style of uniform was as bold as their style of government. Thick-soled leather boots, slouch hats, cowhide coats, and peak hats were some of the staples in Nazi fashion, as well as muted color tones often in gray, tan and black. The SS Panzer military organization struck fear into the hearts of their adversaries, with black forage caps and leather coats which were later adopted by American rockers. Doc Martens closely resemble the jump boots that many Schutzstaffel officers wore. Look around at any rock, industrial or otherwise ‘edgy’ group and you see small traces of Nazi fashion sense. The American novelist Kurt Vonnegut once described the style as ‘mildly theatrical’. Additionally, the founder of Adidas, Adolf Dassler (whose nickname was Adi), was a Nazi. He produced shoes for the Wehrmacht during the war, as well as providing American and Nazi athletes with his footwear during the Berlin Olympics. This created national acclaim when Jesse Owens won the sprinting event at the Berlin Olympics wearing Adolf Dassler’s shoes. Adidas is now a multinational company, supplying athletes all over the world with a supply of footwear and sports accessories.

His brother, Rudolf Dassler, was the more ardent Nazi of the two brothers and went on to found another proficient sports company puma and Hugo Boss was a Nazi who, from 1934, was an official supplier of uniforms to the SA, SS, Hitler Youth, NSKK and other Party organizations.

23. Development of all Sports – Berlin Olympics 1936;

Morale of the people was high, there was euphoria among the population and a feeling of freedom after 15 years shackles of slavery under war Treaty for Versailles. A sense of general well being and good feeling after years of repression was felt by public which was reflected in performance of its people in all spheres of life. In 1936 Berlin Olympics; Germany topped the medal tally with 33 gold, 26 Silver, 30 Bronze medals. United States of America came a poor second with 24 gold, 20 silver and 12 Bronze. Habsburg empire (Hungary + Austria + Czechoslovakia ) won 17 gold, 13 silver and 8 Bronze.

Hugo Boss advertisement.

24. Olympic torch relay ceremony was introduced by Nazis.

25. Jewish settlement in Palestine by “Havaara Agreement”

Hitler and Nazis are also known as Founder of Modern day Israel by being first to actually start Jewish settlement in Palestine (modern day Israel) to fulfill 2000 year old desire of Jews and Final solution of Jewish question of their own homeland, Nazis began active collaboration with Jews and Zionists for active Jewish control of Palestine.
Circular 54/1933 of the Reich Ministry of Finance, August 28, 1933;-

“To further the cause of Jewish emigration to Palestine through allocation of the necessary sums of money, without putting too much strain on the currency reserves of the Reich and simultaneously increasing German exports to Palestine, an agreement has been reached with the appropriate Jewish authorities. It is based on the following conditions:…”

The Agreement made it possible for millions of German and other European Jews to occupy and control Palestine Lands now known as Israel till England’s declaration of war on Germany which prevented allocation of further resources for immigration and settlement. The Reich spent several million RM on Jewish occupation and settlement in Palestine. The total amount transferred from Germany to Palestine through the Ha’avara between August 1933 and the end of 1939 was 139.57 million German marks (now equivalent to more than $66 billion). W. Feilchenfeld, et al., Haavara-Transfer, p. 75.; “Haavara,” Encyclopaedia Judaica, (1971), Vol. 7, p. 1013.

A Coin commemorating the German/Jewish collaboration had on one side the Swastika and on the other side the Jewish ‘star of David’ now seen on the Israel national flag also. The ships which carried Jews for occupation and control of Palestine bore their names in Hebrew and the Swastika flew from the mast.

26. Father of Modern V-2 Rocket:

V2 Rocket (the world’s first known object to achieve sub-orbital spaceflight). Better known as the A-4, V-2 is credited for being the first non-human-piloted artifact as well as the world‘s first long range combat-ballistic missile. This rocket comprised a number of key technological innovations, still used in the space programs of the United States and the Soviet Union. Hitler named it “Vengeance Weapon 2″ because it was conceptualized to wipe out a city-size target with its accumulate guidance and transmission system. Father of Modern Rocketry

The man who invented rockets as we know them today, Wernher Von Braun, was a member of the Nazi party and commissioned Schutzstaffel Officer. He aided both Germany and the United States in the use of rockets during and after WW2, and eventually became a naturalized U.S. Citizen. Although he pioneered many areas, including the installation of liquid-fueled rockets in aircraft and orbit to ground missiles, he is best known for his achievements in NASA. His best achievement there was undoubtedly the development of the Saturn V booster rocket, that helped man to finally touch the moon, in July 1969. Von Braun officially opened the gate to space travel through his innovative inventions.

27. Banning Nuclear and atomic weapons;

In 1938, two Germans scientists, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, discovered that when they bombarded uranium with neutrons they could split the uranium atoms’ nuclei into two parts releasing energy and more neutrons (a process called fission.) Thus Nazi Scientists knew how to create energy-producing fission chain reactions as the neutrons from one split-atom plowed into surrounding atoms, splitting them also.

According to Skorzeny, the atomic Bomb was opposed by Hitler himself as early as in 1940 “for not converting this planet into a stellar object being consumed by Flames” After the sabotage action in Norway, “which had damaged the capacity of producing heavy water and also freighters transporting heavy waters were sunk”, he discussed the topic with Hitler:

Hitler, who had read an article of Heisenberg, said:” The effects would be terrible.. All kind of life, not only human life but also life of animals and plants would be exterminated for hundreds of years within a radius of 40 Kilometers …… No nation; no group of civilized humans beings could consciously bear such responsibility. From strikes and counter strikes the human species would exterminate itself”

Modern rocketry would not exist without the advances that the Third Reich made.

28. Development of Missile technology:

Ground-to-ground, air-to-air, air-to-ground, ground-to-air, ship-to-ship, etc., using wire guidance, TV guidance, IR guidance. Most of these missiles were not at the highest form of development, but their work launched and made a bundle of money later on for corporations like Boeing, Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft, North American Aviation (Rocketdyne Div.), etc. All of these companies had their German “Chief Scientist” heading up research and development operations.

29. Reunited all German speaking languages into Großdeutsches Reich;

Germany was cut in several pieces in Treaty of Versailles and its pieces gifted to other nations. Saar Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland, slowly rejoined Germany under Plebiscite needless to say without firing a single shot. Dangiz was last of such places. 98% population had voted against its forcible separation from Germany in 1919. Poland and England refused to allow Danzigers to choose their own destiny to rejoin ‘home’. After the war, England gifted whole of Poland to communist Russia along with half of Europe as against small German corridor of Danzig desired under Plebiscite.

30. Hitler had spared the 338,000 British and French troops at Dunkirk in 1940 if not the result was the capture of the entire British Expeditionary Force.

31. Hitler refused to use chemical weapons against allies during D Day Landings.

Hitler had sparing the 338,000 British and French troops at Dunkirk in 1940.if not the result was the capture of the entire British Expeditionary Force. He was first to realize the Threat of Bolshevism and Stalinist Russia which was followed later by NATO but realization came after 72 million had died and Europe UK lay in ruins.

32. From Weak to Strongest Nation in just five years:

In just five years Germany became most powerful state in the World. On September 3, 1939 England and France declared World War 2 by attacking Germany. France was run over in 2 weeks, England ran to US for help. It took combined strength of 50+ nations including Russia US, UK, France, and China to defeat a country of size of Texas only because collectively they had far more resources than Germany. The ratio one Nazi Soldier to allied soldiers was 1:97.

Wernher Von Braun developed the booster rocket

33. Computer, invented by Konrad Zuse 1941.

34. After death of Fritz Todt he created black box for airplanes.

35. Jet plane in 1939 by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke.

36. Nazis Invented first effective automatic rifle, single person anti-tank weapons (precursors to RPGs). StG 44 Assault Rifle (considered by many historians to be the first modern assault rifle).

37. Stealth technology was invented by the Horten brothers during the Reich.

38. The Wankel engine, which is now referred to as the “rotary engine” was invented during the Third Reich. Mazda uses this engine extensively.

39. Development of IR technologies used in Night vision, Thermography, Hyperspectral imaging, Tracking, Communications, Spectroscopy, Meteorology, Climatology were mostly all developed during the Third Reich. They had “night vision” devices while the Allies were still wondering if such things were possible.

40. Modern sewer treatment facilities are all derived from Third Reich technology. They are generally seen with their settling ponds and huge skimmers.
"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism 23 Sep 2016 01:13 #3

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41. It was the Third Reich that perfected television and conducted the first broadcasting While the Englishman, Farnsworth, gets credit for the invention of a very rudimentary television.

42. Application of geophones for seismic wave detection used for locating artillery.

Hitler did not see any work as demeaning and would not ask anyone to do something that he would not do himself.

43. The “rail gun” was another significant invention, which the US and SU copied. This weapon employs a series of ring magnets to propel a rail mounted projectile. The significant feature of this “gun” is that it can accelerate the projectile at a speed nearing infinity — at least in theory. Conventional explosives are limited by their individual, finite rates of expansion and hence constrained in how fast they can make a projectile move.

44. The Fischer-Tropsch process to produce synthetic fuels from coal, which fueled Germany’s armed forces throughout the war.

45. Third Reich scientists also performed extensive work in the area of occupational carcinogenesis. Physicians documented the health hazards of asbestos, and in 1943 Germany became the first nation to recognize lung cancer and mesothelioma caused by asbestos inhalation as compensable occupational illnesses.

46. Inflatable sex doll – Dr. Rudolf Chargeheimer, a psychiatrist appointed by Himmler to help develop the prototype, wrote that “the purpose and goal of the dolls is to relieve our soldiers. They have to fight and not to mingle with ‘foreign women.'”

47. The opiate drugs methadone (the heroin substitute) and pethidine (a powerful pain killer) were Nazi inventions.

48. Much of what we know about hypothermia (re-warming techniques and cold-water suits) comes, from Nazi experiments.

49. Microwave cooking (necessary for troops in Russia)

50. Nazis had invented the Nerve gasses Sarin and Tabun.

51. Magnificent Nazi architecture.

Hitler was a very versatile artist and did not just draw architecture.

Hitler, as a trained artist, was well-versed in architecture. Hitler felt that the key qualification for an effective public building was that it expressed the strength of its owner. Perhaps the most archetypical of Nazi buildings was the New Reich Chancellery in Berlin. The building housed administrative offices for senior officials of every branch of the Nazi regime. The Chancellery, displayed all the features that have since come to be associated with the Nazi architectural style. The Voss-strasse entrance, high columns and massive doors. There are no columns or statues, only rows of windows, evenly aligned. There is nothing exciting happening on this facade, no writhing sculptures or twisting baroque decorations. Instead, Speer’s design focuses on line. Nothing pushes against the lines and nothing curves.

In buildings not intended to be part of diplomatic life, they imitated traditional German dwellings. The Hermann Goering Youth Home and Speer’s West front headquarters both imitate this traditional style. The Tannenberg Memorial draws inspiration from the castles of the medieval Germany’s Hohenzollern era and combines it with the new Nazi aesthetic of clean lines and stark, blank facades. This style echoes the glory of German conquerors like Barbarossa, and reminds the Volk of their history of greatness.


To call itself developed, Western society in general, absorbed as much of the Nazi technology and social control mechanisms as we could lay our grubby hands on. We didn’t invent them, and we weren’t working on them at the same time. We took them from the Nazis wholesale. In all, 300,000 patents and copyrights were expropriated from Germany by the Allies after 1945 under Operation paperclip.



No one in history of mankind has achieved so much in so little a time as was achieved by Nazis / Adolf Hitler and possibly none ever will.
"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism 23 Sep 2016 10:01 #4

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Your link (to bibliotecapleyades...) doesn't seem to show the same content. Is this your own work?
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50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism 23 Sep 2016 10:06 #5

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Rerevisionist wrote:
Your link (to bibliotecapleyades...) doesn't seem to show the same content. Is this your own work?

Just edited the correct link in where the article came from. :)
"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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