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TOPIC: Solar Flares Caused the Permian & Cretaceous Mass Extinctions - Mars

Solar Flares Caused the Permian & Cretaceous Mass Extinctions - Mars 21 Mar 2018 00:56 #1


Dr Roger Smith of the South African Museum shows where the dark Permian soil has been overlaid by reddish post apocalyptic mudstone, that delineates an event that wiped out around 95% of all species 252 million yrs ago.



Whale Bones on Mars - Curiosity Sol 1276, March 9, 2016.

Mass extinction data that neglects the visible record on Planet Mars is entirely out of date, shots returned by the NASA Curiosity, Opportunity & Spirit Mars Rovers indicate the shallow sea that covered much of the planet actually boiled away, which means atmospheric pressure must have suffered a dramatic fall, postulate the same type of Solar events [flares] that caused Mars seas to boil have caused periodic mass extinctions on Earth, including the Permian Catastrophe as delineated by Dr Smith above.


There were no dinosaurs in the pre Permian Triassic era, the major lifeforms were mammal like reptiles called Synapsids like the Dimetrodon above, the dinos eventually appeared after evolution got underway again around 10 million yrs after the Permian event, and were wiped out approximately 176 million yrs after that at 66 million years ago in a similar extinction called the Cretaceous Catastrophe, which in this model was also the result of Solar flares.


Creatures that survived the Permian extinction include certain types of marine shellfish, sharks, byozoans which are a group of small animals resembling corals, crinoids relatives of starfishes, ammonoids including the chambered nautilus, the coelacanth and horseshoe crabs. Paleobiology.si.edu.

Despite Mars' very shallow seas boiled away completely and its atmosphere vaporized, on Earth the actual period of lessened atmospheric pressure, that caused the lakes and rivers and the top layers of sea water to boil off was fairly short, water pressure in the deep seas and in the deepest freshwater lakes and rivers prevented their boiling, while the atmosphere had regained enough pressure to halt the process before the wave of boiling gained the depths.

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDH05Pgpel4
YT - Benjamin Burger, The Permian / Triassic Boundary in the Rocks of Utah
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Solar Flares Caused the Permian & Cretaceous Mass Extinctions - Mars 10 May 2019 08:46 #2

Voat: Snapping Turtle Coming Out of Hibernation.


The skull of the Alligator Snapping Turtle at right above in common with the Loggerhead Sea Turtle skull at left has an Anapsid Skull which means it lacks temporal fenestra or windows, identifying it as from the most primitive subclass of reptiles that appeared approximately 340 million years ago during the Carboniferous period.

Synapsids which have a single temporal window the most famous of which is the Dimetrodon, a class which appeared in the late Permian and became extinct in the Permian Catastrophe which wiped out 95% of all species 252 million yrs ago.

And Diapsids a class which includes modern lizards, snakes and birds which have two temporal fenestra, all evolved from the single archtype that lives on in the order Testudines which includes all shellbacks, turtles, tortoises and terrapins :) InternetWiki.

We are gonna say the Snapping Turtle's habit of remaining buried under mud for months at a time enabled it to escape the ravaging Solar Flares and the era of boiling that came in their wake, which indeed precipitated the Permian Extinction.

This species survived the Permian and Cretaceous Catastrophes.

Proganochelys Quenstedti is the oldest stem turtle species with a complete shell discovered to date, known only from fossils found in Germany and Thailand in strata from the late Triassic, dating to approximately 210 million years ago.

Permian–Triassic Extinction Event.

Skull of Gorgonopsian Scymnognathus Major from South Africa .. an extinct genus of therapsid which lived about 260-254 million years ago during the Late Permian.
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Solar Flares Caused the Permian & Cretaceous Mass Extinctions - Mars 10 May 2019 17:52 #3

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Solar flares have hit earth fairly regularly throughout the millennia right up to the present day and cause varying degrees of damage to electrical equipment, but as far as I know they don't hurt humans and all living creatures, or am I missing something?

Sep 1859- Telegraph wires burst into flames, touching off fires .Telegraph machines scorched paper printouts, stunned operators with electric shocks, transmitted gibberish, and continued working for hours even after being unplugged from the batteries that powered them. The Earth itself was no longer "grounded"!
November 1882- another massive solar flare lit lamps, disrupted telegraph communications, and set off several fires on the Chicago telegraph switchboard, melting instruments.
November 1903- solar storm not only disrupted telegraphs and the transatlantic cable; it even shut down Swiss streetcars.
March 1940- severe solar storm burnt out fuses and damaged hundreds of miles of telegraph and telephone networks.
March 1989- a major solar flare shorted out Quebec's power grid. Circuits also overloaded in Great Britain, New York and Virginia. A critical transformer melted in New Jersey.
November 2003- an "X" solar flare, the strongest of solar storms, temporarily disabled many satellites, killed one satellite completely and and burned out an instrument on a Mars orbiter. The crew of the International Space Station took shelter, reporting elevated radiation readings and "shooting stars" in their own eyes.
September 2005- a string of "X" solar flares caused lesser disruptions to major power grids and knocked out the GPS system completely for ten minutes.
June 2011- a moderate solar flare caused minor satellite disruption, unusual amount of static on phone lines.

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