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TOPIC: Occidental Observer - The Jesuit Order a Synagogue of Jews

Occidental Observer - The Jesuit Order a Synagogue of Jews 08 Mar 2020 01:30 #1

Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry in the Society of Jesus, by Robert Aleksander Maryks.

Maryks presents an account of the early years of the Society of Jesus, during which a fierce struggle took place for the soul, fate and control of the Order .. a struggle involving a highly influential Crypto Jewish bloc and a competing network of European Christians.

Kevin MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents: Toward and Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism pdf.

One of the more interesting aspects of Jewish group behavior is the presence of subversive strategies employing crypsis, often facilitated by a combination of deception and self-deception .. that the blood purity struggles of the Spanish Inquisition during the 15th and 16th centuries should be seen as “an authoritarian, collectivist, and exclusionary movement that resulted from resource and reproductive competition with Jews, particularly CryptoJews posing as Christians."

Pope Francis addresses the Roman Curia.

"Those from the circumcision subverted the entire house of the Society, as sons of this world who are shrewd in dealing with their own and avid of new things, they easily excite disorders and destroy the unity of souls and their bond with the Government." Lorenzo Maggio, Jesuit Curia in Rome, 1586.
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