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TOPIC: The Wreck of the Titanic - Graphics by Jaco Grobbelaar & William Neff

The Wreck of the Titanic - Graphics by Jaco Grobbelaar & William Neff 01 May 2020 08:37 #1

Titanic's Collision With the Iceberg Created Six Holes in the Ship's Hull Causing Rivets to Pop and the Brittle High Sulfur Steel Plates to Rupture!" Titanic Anniversary, by Charles Apple.

RMS Titanic Departing Southampton April 10, 1912. Wiki.

April 14, 1912 RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank 2hrs 40 minutes later, there were more than 2200 passengers and crew aboard for the ship's maiden voyage to the United States, only 705 survived. PSU.edu.

Jaco Grobbelaar.

Titanic Universe.

This is said to be the iceberg Titanic struck some reports say red paint was visible at the waterline, the hollow roundish shape mid center could could be where part of the ship's upper part caught the 'berg, re reports of quantities of shattered ice on the forward deck.

Jaco Grobbelaar.

William Neff. Large File.

Charles Apple is a longtime news artist, graphics reporter, designer, editor and blogger, at the time of publication in South Africa he was Deputy Design Director for the Houston Chronicle.

Charles Apple.

Most of the Titanic survivors were allegedly Jews,

The ones in the lifeboats some of which were mostly empty are known to have fended swimmers away with boathooks.

It seems it was bravado on the part of the Captain to allow his ship to get so close to the iceberg allegedly for the titillation of the upper class passengers that caused the sinking, not a Bomb, JP Morgan nor the Mummy's Curse.


Some say RMS Californian under the command of Captain Stanley Lord could have done more in response to Titanic's distress rockets, claims refuted at BBC News.


Not all of the ones who went onto the lifeboats were saved, on May 13, 1912 nearly a month after the sinking crew from RMS Oceanic spotted one of Titanic's wooden lifeboats identified as Collapsible A believed to be the last craft to leave the ship at around 2.15 am on the morning of the sinking, drifting in the Atlantic some 200 miles from the wreck site, it had three decomposing corpses on board an account of the recovery penned by a passenger on board Oceanic.

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The Wreck of the Titanic - Graphics by Jaco Grobbelaar & William Neff 02 May 2020 07:14 #2

Witness describe pandemonium on the boat decks as shots were fired allegedly killing around twelve steerage passengers who were attempting to access the lifeboats.


Charles Lightoller Titanic's 38yo Second Officer let some of the lifeboats go empty rather than allow men to occupy the seats, he was sucked underwater then shot back to the surface when the ship’s boiler exploded, he clung to an overturned collapsible boat and survived.

After being lowered into the sea, Boat 13 drifted under the descending Boat 15. Link.

Shooting & Suicide Witnesses.

Chief Officer William McMaster Murdoch who is alleged to have ordered 3rd class access blocked is said to have shot two dead then to have suicided with the same gun.

Bodies of 3rd Class Passengers Tossed Into the Sea.

The vessel CS Mackay-Bennet pictured in dry dock at right above took aboard survivors in Collapsible Lifeboat B at left and recovered three hundred and thirty four bodies, of which one hundred and sixteen were tossed overboard most of whom were third class passengers and Titanic crew members.
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The Wreck of the Titanic - Graphics by Jaco Grobbelaar & William Neff 07 May 2020 21:53 #3

"Murdoch was out cold from the wine he had consumed at a celebration for his captain," Catholine Butler related an account from a Victoria Farrell-Cofield, "the night Titanic hit the iceberg there was a big party going on, Captain Smith could not be aroused from sleep," the officer of the watch was asleep and quite possibly drunk at the rear of the pilothouse." Link 1. Link 2.

Robert Hichens Quartermaster aboard Titanic.

29 year old Robert Hichens was one of six Quartermasters aboard Titanic and was the man at the helm at the time of the collision. During the port side evacuation Second Officer Lightoller put Hichens in charge of lifeboat no.6 which departed with only 28 aboard although it had a capacity of 65, passengers claimed he lay uselessly huddled in blankets, drinking whiskey and refusing to return to the Titanic to rescue others.

"Thousand Ghosts of the Titanic’s Steersman Robert Hichens, the man at the wheel when in April 1912 the Titanic struck an iceberg and foundered in mid Atlantic, "money didn’t buy life that night" Hichens said "one thousand four hundred and ninety people were swept to death, nine millionaires together worth £140,000,000 perished money did not count."

"On the night of April 14, 1912 I had to take the wheel of the Titanic from 10 pm to midnight, it was a cold calm night we were making 22½ knots I was due off in half an hour when the gong on the bridge sounded three times for "something ahead." The crow’s nest lookout had sighted the iceberg, Mr Murdoch the first officer gave the order "hard a starboard" and I flung the wheel over.

Seconds later at 11.40 pm the ship struck, the whole boat shuddered and I heard the plates ripped away as the iceberg passed down the side, the ship began to list and there was a sudden silence on the bridge. Captain Smith rushed up, I was sent down to take charge of No. 14 boat, but before I went one of the officers had shot himself on the bridge.

There were about forty people in my boat we had gone only 500 yards from the ship when she sank, it was a moment I shall never forget the skies and heavens were pierced by a thousand shrieking voices, a wailing cry of terror that rose and rose .. then silence. After a few minutes the boat officers began calling to each other across the water, but that cry of a thousand lost souls echoed in my ears.I hear it still and shall hear it until I die." Leitrim Observer, Saturday July 29, 1933, p. 7, reprinted courtesy of Senan Molony.

Robert Hichens who was convicted of attempted murder in 1933, died at sea in September 1940. Wiki.

Joseph Bruce Ismay.

J Bruce Ismay Chairman & Managing Director of the White Star Line was a passenger on board Titanic when it sank, he is rumored to have influenced the decision to steer in close to the 'berg .. sounds like he was partying on that he brought his guests onto the bridge and persuaded Murdoch and Hichens to join the party and to bend the rules. Barry Cauchon @ WordPress.

James Cameron Titanic Animation.

As per the video above James Cameron suggests Titanic's collision with the iceberg described by the passengers as a "harsh, deafening boom," was more than a slight nudge.

In 2010, Louise Patten asserted her grandfather Charles Lightoller claimed the helmsman Robert Hichens initially panicked and turned the rudder in the wrong direction, and that Bruce Ismay ordered Titanic to continue "slow ahead" in the belief the ship was unsinkable, that this had never been revealed because of the insurance implications.

In the event Titanic's heading changed just in time to avoid a head on collision, however the change in direction caused the ship to strike the iceberg a glancing blow, while an underwater spur of ice scraped along the starboard side of the ship for about seven seconds, causing chunks of ice dislodged from upper parts of the berg to fall onto her forward decks. Wiki.

The Mate William Murdoch who was on the bridge and Quartermaster Robert Hichens who was at the helm when the collision occurred were both allegedly affected by alcohol, champagne indeed suggesting high powered company on the bridge, that Murdoch and Hichens whose judgements were affected by alcohol decided to steer close to the 'berg as a lark.

“Murdoch was in charge of the ship in the hours leading up to the collision with the iceberg, and was thus responsible for the ship and all its passengers during that time, George Behe in his opus Titanic, Safety, Speed & Sacrifice pdf says other icebergs had been seen and that Murdoch was responsible for not slowing down in direct violation of the posted orders from the White Star Line." Link.

Thus if Ismay was giving orders on the bridge the ship was in serious trouble indeed!
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The Wreck of the Titanic - Graphics by Jaco Grobbelaar & William Neff 14 Sep 2020 03:22 #4

Titanic Was on Fire for Days Before It Sank!


Titanic was on fire for days and possibly longer before sailing, a coal fire below decks was unable to be extinguished and the ship went to sea anyway, David Hill a Secretary of the British Titanic Society admits there was a fire, he believes it didn’t make any difference and that the collision with the iceberg was prime villain.

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