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TOPIC: Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited - The Pickton Pig Farm Murders, Canada Overtaken by Anarchy

Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited - The Pickton Pig Farm Murders, Canada Overtaken by Anarchy 08 Jan 2021 23:45 #1

The Independant - Canada Launches New Coin to Mark 50 Years of LGBT Rights.

Legend has it the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah called Aad and Thamoud in the Koran, were destroyed by Allah for unbridled buggery and man on men sex in the case of Sodom, and for bloodletting and mass murder under the aegis of human sacrifice in the case of Gomorrah.


Robert William "Willy" Pickton b October 24, 1949 is a Canadian serial killer who was convicted in 2007 of the second degree murders of six women, he was arrested in 2002 after being the subject of lengthy investigations that yielded evidence of numerous other murders. Wikipedia.

Murderpedia - From left Robert "Willie" Pickton, Dave Picton and their "friend" Pat Casanova who was arrested on 15 counts of murder but not charged.

Testimony from numerous sources says cannibalism and body dumping is protected at every level in Canadian policing and politics. StankMouth says, "the RCMP would take children and women to Robert Picktons pig farm & the political elites / government / celebs would be taking part in cannibal oath ceremonies that involved rape and murder.

Turitelle says, "nobody believed Pickton acted alone, cops and politicians who ignored the reports of missing women for years hung out at their party hall, Hell's Angles whose club house was just across the street frequented the Picktons' illicit nightclub, investigators searching the Pickton farm found 80 unidentified DNA profiles there approximately half of them male."

JumpinJack says, "Canadian Privy Councilor Maurice Strong hired Crown Agents Sister Lena Trudeau in 1996 to set up Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society as a Federally registered charity, to procure film for use in the extortion of witnesses to or participants in pedophile oath taking ceremonies at a BC pig farm mortgaged by Linda Pickton at Port Coquitlam, in British Columbia..

Piggy Palace routinely attracted more than 2000 party goers including off duty police officers, city officials and was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels, the CIA drug smugglers sect. His brother Robert Picton was suspected of murdering over 100 women & children, and was dubbed Canada's biggest ever serial killer.

The entire city of Port Coquitlam pop. 53,000, it seemed was feeding on pigs that had been fed murder victims by the suspected serial killer Robert Pickton .. the waste pig material went by truck to a rendering plant near the DES called West Coast Reduction Ltd, many are certain that the partial remains of the murdered sex workers went to the same place."

Bklondike1412 says, "Robert Pickton took the fall for the Hells Angels .. he just released a book out of prison that was banned everywhere .. it's common knowledge in BC that Piggy Palace Good Times club was a Hell's Angels club, police were tipped off about Pickton for years even taking a stabbed woman from his property IIRC nothing was ever done." Piggy's Palace @ SearchVoat.

Justin Trudeau Link to Epstein and the Pickton Pig Farm.

In this video April LaJune provides additional testimony, she says if anything things are just as bad in the US with prominent ppl in show business and politics totally given over to Satanism and mass sacrificial murder.
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Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited - The Pickton Pig Farm Murders, Canada Overtaken by Anarchy 08 Jan 2021 23:50 #2

Eyewitness Accounts.


Lynn Ellingsen testified she saw a woman's body hanging from a hook in Pickton's slaughterhouse, a farm employee went to the police after seeing piles of bloodstained women's clothing, the female detective assigned to the case told him to "come back when you have more evidence," and the killings and supposed cannibalism went on.


Eyewitness #1: Caucasian woman, age forty nine, domiciled in Vancouver at 2618 West 8th Avenue , ph: 778-386-7024. Given name of witness is Annie PARKER, who claims to have personal knowledge of the allegations made herein. Statement video-recorded on 16 February 2006, in Vancouver.

The witness states that during the spring of 2000, she was severely assaulted by an officer of the RCMP, Bruce MICHAELSON, in her Vancouver home after requesting RCMP assistance to deal with harassment from her ex-husband. MICHAELSON tortured the witness and compelled her to join what she terms “the hooker game”, where she learned the facts alleged herein.

The alleged “hooker game” is a protected system run by Vancouver police and RCMP officers in which prostitutes are arrested, drugged, raped and sometimes filmed as part of violent pornographic and “snuff” movies, in which they are tortured and killed on film.

The women killed in this manner are then disposed of at special body dumping sites monitored by the police.

The witness claims that there are two levels of the “hooker game”: the simplest level involves the arrest, drugging and raping of prostitutes, then releasing them. The witness estimates that at least one-quarter of all Vancouver policemen take part in this level of the “hooker game”, and that the rest of the police force as well as the Mayor and Chief of Police are aware of it.

The higher level of the game involves the use of prostitutes in snuff and pornographic films, and in torturing and murdering them. While unaware of the details of the more extreme level of the game, most police know of its existence but do not betray it or its practitioners for fear that their involvement in the lower level of the game will be exposed.

The witness claims that the drug most commonly used on victims of the “hooker game” is SCOPALAMINE, a hypnotic barbituate often termed a “rape drug”, in which the victim is “zombified”, obeying any command, and then is unable to remember the events for some time. However, memory can return.

The fear of this occurring has prompted MICHAELSON and other participants in the more extreme game to murder the victims and dispose of their bodies. MICHAELSON is the key actor in this body disposal system, according to the witness. Soon after the assault of the witness by MICHAELSON in the spring of 2000, she was taken by MICHAELSON to one of the locations of the “hooker game.”

A “clubhouse” for policemen in either the penthouse of the Century Plaza Hotel or in the basement of the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver. Witness claims that this clubhouse hosts a “pornographic film studio where woman are raped and tortured on film”. MICHAELSON is described by the witness as “a pimp and drug dealer for all the Vancouver cops and their friends.

A lot of the dealing goes on at the clubhouse.” Witness states that MICHAELSON works out of a North Vancouver RCMP detachment and is on the city drug squad, having access to large volumes of illicit drugs that he sells to policemen and others. At one of the clubhouses described in Point No. 5.

The witness was introduced by MICHAELSON to Willy PICTON and Steven PICTON, who ran and continue to run a pornography and snuff film business from Port Coquitlam alias “Piggy’s Palace”.

The witness was subsequently taken by Steven PICTON to the Port Coquitlam site (alias “Piggy’s Palace”) on several occasions to engage in sex and drugs. At this site, she witnessed young girls being drugged and raped, including on film, after being brought to the site by RCMP officers. Witness describes seeing three RCMP officers, including MICHAELSON, at Piggy’s Palace, engaged in drugs and in raping women.

Witness states that “ten of the twelve recently murdered women were last seen in the company of RCMP guys.” At Piggy’s Palace the witness also met Jean-Guy BOUDRAIS or BEAUDRAIS, whom witness claims is the serial killer responsible for the murder of many of the women in the downtown eastside of Vancouver over the past ten years. Witness states that BOUDRAIS is a close associate of MICHAELSON.

That he obtains women and drugs from him, and relies on MICHAELSON to dispose of his victims after he has raped, tortured and killed them. Witness says that BOUDRAIS works for a computer programming company tied to the Canadian military or the federal government, and gives seminars in Ontario and Montreal , where he is domiciled. Witness claims that BOUDRAIS, like MICHAELSON, is a Freemason.

Witness claims that Steven PICTON is the ringleader of the snuff film operation that formerly operated out of Piggy’s Palace, and which has now moved to an undisclosed location in Coquitlam. One of PICTON’s associates operates a front for snuff films out of a company named “Goodbye Girls” at 999 West Broadway in Vancouver. Witness claims that snuff film victims’ bodies are weighted with cement blocks and dumped in Beaver Lake in Stanley Park .

Witness claims that a snuff film network in Vancouver involves MICHAELSON, a CBC cameraman named Gerry DUNNE associated with Pogo Productions, a film maker named Dave COLLINS who owns Lions Gate Studios, an underworld enforcer named LARRY, a porn film star named Tom TASSE, and the PICTON brothers.

TASSE worked in a snuff film studio in the basement of a North Vancouver home a few blocks from MICHAELSON’s RCMP office. Snuff films sell for up to $250,000 and have eager buyers in Asian countries and the USA .

Witness was told by MICHAELSON that he acts as the main supplier of women and drugs for this snuff film network and for the “hooker game” with the assistance of three “dirty cops”: a local policeman named Bob KRISKO, and two RCMP officers named DAVE and STEVEN. Both of the latter cops are associated with the Missing Women’s Task Force and use this position to prey on and rape/murder street women in Vancouver .

Witness claims that both DAVE and STEVEN are also associated with BOUDRAIS and have raped and murdered women with him, including Brianne VOTH, age 19, who was abducted, raped and drowned in 2004 in Coquitlam by BOUDRAIS and STEVEN, in association with a prostitute named Stella MALLOWAY. Canada's Human Trafficking - Elites & Celebrities, Vancouver, The Hooker Game, Pedofile.

Farmer Fed Dead Women to His Pigs.

Treading on the Snake says .. my sister 'Roxy' frequented the pig farm with her best friend Marnie Frey. Roxy lived at the Empress Hotel @ Main and Hastings in Vancouver's DTES. Roxy noticed that the women who went out to the farm three times, never came back. She told Marnie that since they had both been out there twice, not to go out again. Marnie went out again at the invitation of David Pickton on her birthday and was eventually fed through a wood chipper.

A woman living at the Empress, who knew all the 'girls', kept track of how many times each woman had been out to Piggy's Palace. When a woman who had been out twice was next hard up for drug of choice, she got a knock, by this woman saying, "Willy's here for you!". My sister had seen our uncle out at the pig farm on both occasions that she and Marnie were out there.

Our uncle, I had warned my sister after I first came to Canada in 1970, was a serial killer and to not ever go near him. She believed me. Yet when she got the 'knock', the woman at the Empress informed her "Willy's here for you!". She knew better than to open the door, but the woman knew Roxy was hard up for drugs, so Roxy opened the door and figured she could sweet talk Willy out of the drugs and be on her way.

Willy had her follow him to his white van parked behind the Empress in the alleyway also occupied by cop cars since it was also the alleyway behind the cop-shop at Main & Cordova. Willy banged her up and while she was 'out', stripped her clothes off and shackled her wrist and ankles to the floor of the van.

As the van took off out of the alleyway, Roxy knew she had to do something or she would end up on the pig farm and dead. So she told Willy that she had to have a dump and he better let her up or she would do it in his van. Of course Willy didn't want that since blood evidence cannot be gotten rid of. So he pulled into the alleyway behind the women's shelter on Powell and let her up out of the shackles.

She was still naked. Pickton put a wire pig noose around her neck and let her out of the side of the van. When Roxy stooped down to take the dump, she yanked the wire out of Pickton's hands and took off running. She ran to the Community Safety Office and told Dave Dickson what had just happened. Officer Dave told Roxy, "Aw honey, you're just tweaking" and sent her back to the Empress, nude.

Our uncle came to Vancouver on a regular basis after, but not alone! He brought with him his son in 2003. The two of them abducted at least four women. I witnessed an abduction on September 25, 2003 and reported it. Officer Dore told me I had seen nothing. Then three other women were abducted, Ruth Thompson, at the end of October 2003, Denise Stilwell on December 27, 2003 and another woman .. Much Much more to this story.

Update - My uncle died in May of 2007. In 2010, VPD Chief Deputy LePard, in an email to me, confirmed that RCMP knew there were two other serial killers associated with the cases on the pig farm, to whom cases of murdered women were attributed. The RCMP also knew at that time that one of the other serial killers was dead, but that the third serial killers who "unknown" and still at large.

My uncle's son, who I do not know as he was adopted by his mother's second husband, is still at large due to VPD not acting on the abductions he helped commit in 2003. He is a white male with dark or greying wiry hair, brown eyes, large face, robust frame standing about 6' tall. The white Ford Taurus he was driving had an Oregon license plate.

VPD did not want to know about the license plate number and had the coroner claim the abducted women had committed suicide. The coroner got away with this by stating, "No signs of a struggle". The women were missing for three weeks before their dead bodies were found, time enough for the ligature wounds on their wrists they got when abducted, to heal.

Robert Pickton Cell Video. Twitter.

Video shows a conversation between Robert Pickton and an undercover police officer posing as his cellmate following his 2002 arrest .. however according to witnesses Robert Pickton was an entirely taciturn man, postulate he so willingly inculpated himself in mass murder as part of a deal worked out by "higher ups" in the Canadian legal, policing and political establishments, which in return for him taking the rap for x amount of killings guaranteed him the most lenient result possible.

Thus his trial was snowed under with legalistic bullsh*t and "inadmissible evidence" .. sometime maybe in the early mid 1980's a pulp crime magazine of the kind banned in Australia turned up, it had a feature story re a farm boy who took a prostitute back to the farm and murdered her while his brother stood by, that it mirrored the Pickton Farm Killings scenario perfectly, indicates the entire affair was common knowledge even by that time.

All in all it might be best if the Almighty stepped in and wiped Canada off of the political map a la the destruction of S&G.
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Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited - The Pickton Pig Farm Murders, Canada Overtaken by Anarchy 11 Jan 2021 04:01 #3

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Masonic as well as Hells Angels were active there, during that hell on earth.
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Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited - The Pickton Pig Farm Murders, Canada Overtaken by Anarchy 11 Jan 2021 20:29 #4

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wiikkidd wrote:
Masonic as well as Hells Angels were active there, during that hell on earth.

I read somewhere that the Pickton bros also have a sister

She is a part of the Liberal fundraising machine in Canada and they would host parties at the farm

I forget her name , but its quite clear that for many years very prominent members of the community were going to that farm for " parties "
isaiah 47 : 10

10 You felt secure in your wickedness;
you said, “No one sees me”;
your wisdom and your knowledge led you astray,
and you said in your heart,
“I am, and there is no one besides me.”
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Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited - The Pickton Pig Farm Murders, Canada Overtaken by Anarchy 11 Jan 2021 22:04 #5

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Soon after Piggy Palace opened, the Pickton brothers and their sister,
Linda Louise Wright, found themselves in court again, sued by Port
Coquitlam officials for allegedly violating city zoning ordinances.
According to the complaint, their property was zoned for agricultural
use, but they had "altered a large farm building on the land for the
purpose of holding dances, concerts and other recreations" that
sometimes drew as many as 1,800 persons.

Im trying to re source the info re : those " parties " because I distinctly remember that the building was used for fundraising " parties " for the Liberals

Will keep digging , but that blog link gets very detailed.

Mainstream media like CBC, The Tyee, Vancouver Sun, and Seattle’s weekly, The Stranger, easily uncovered the fact that former Port Coquitlam Mayor, Scott Young, and hundreds of other people had attended events at Piggy’s Palace, the party venue operating for several years at Pickton’s pig farm. I asked

Odd source from me I know but it seems its getting more difficult to find the political connection to this cannibal story ......
isaiah 47 : 10

10 You felt secure in your wickedness;
you said, “No one sees me”;
your wisdom and your knowledge led you astray,
and you said in your heart,
“I am, and there is no one besides me.”
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