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TOPIC: Googles response to EU ruling on stored history collected by google new removal request process available.

Googles response to EU ruling on stored history collected by google new removal request process available. 30 May 2014 13:25 #1

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Of course this is totally BS feeding the efforts to legitimise the existence of the totally corrupt criminal and unelected fascist power structure known unaffectionately as the EU super state. We would need to be seriously out of touch to think that this is in the interests of user privacy at best it's a token effort to give people the impression that the parasitic EU has citizens interests at it's stone cold evil heart. :roll: Don't missunderstand me I'm all for our rights but the EU is the last organisation that we should be expecting them to come from imho. Anything that lessens the grip can only be a good thing but they will simply come up with away to circumvent the new approach.

If you want some form of anonymity when using google services you would be better off installing noscript, adblock, ghostery and start using third party search interfaces such as Privatelee and Startpage for example. Delete cookies, limit the use of thirdparty cookies by your browser including LSO's if you encounter flash based content such as ytube which also sucks up your usage, interests and habit stats for the smiley faced evil google data mining empire.

Google have cobbled together a process to comply with requirements of privacy laid down by the criminally insane legal administration wing of the oppressive EU state legislator. Here are a couple of announcements about the new process...

Google launches 'right to be forgotten' webform for removal requests

Company responds to EU court ruling empowering citizens to have certain links about them deleted from search results

Google has launched a webpage where European citizens can request that links to information about them be taken off search results, the first step to comply with a court ruling affirming the "right to be forgotten".

The company, which processes more than 90% of all web searches in Europe, has made available a webform through which people can submit their requests but has stopped short of specifying when it will remove links that meet the criteria for being taken down.

Google said it had convened a committee of senior executives and independent experts to try and craft a long-term approach to dealing with what is expected to be a barrage of requests from people in the EU.

"In implementing this decision we will assess each individual request and attempt to balance the privacy rights of the individual with the public's right to know and distribute information," says the webform page.

Google says in the form that when evaluating requests it will consider whether the results include outdated information about a person, as well as whether there is a public interest in the information, such as information about professional malpractice, criminal convictions and the public conduct of government officials.

The form includes space for users to submit objectionable links and a box for the person to explain why the link is "irrelevant, outdated or otherwise inappropriate".

To make a request a person must submit a digital copy of an official identification, such as a valid driver's licence, and select from a drop-down menu the appropriate European country whose law applies to the request.

The decision by the court of justice of the EU places Google in a tricky position as it strives to interpret the EU's broad criteria for objectionable links and to remove certain content from its search engine while preserving its popularity as a resource for users to find all manner of information.

And from http://www.theregister.co.uk
Google's forget-me-knot:
Ad giant ties on cheap search query squash request tool

'We're working with the EU to improve this. Meantime, give us YOUR ID'

Google is now offering European Union netizens a hastily thrown together online form they can fill in to submit requests for certain types of links to be removed from the ad giant's search index.

It comes after the EU's highest court ruled earlier this month that Google can be held responsible for the type of personal data that appears on its ubiquitous search engine.

Google admitted that the form – not obviously accessible but available through a user-initiated search of its support page – was just a temporary measure rushed out in reaction to the European Court of Justice decision.

The landmark ruling had concluded that search engine operators were obliged – in some circumstances – to kill links to web pages that are published by third parties.

Read the full article here and also read the user comments section!

Approach with caution and think about googles EU lobbying activities and the EU deceitful nature this may not be exactly what it appears to be on face value especially as there are at least four faces to consider here.

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Googles response to EU ruling on stored history collected by google new removal request process available. 30 May 2014 13:30 #2

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The way I see it is.. once you put it out there... its out there! At least as far as data storage/mining and govt. + intl. agencies go. :hahano:

So if you dont want it out there, dont put it out there!

And If others put it out there against your wishes well that just sucks btw. :sadno:
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