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TOPIC: Latest developments in virtualisation

Latest developments in virtualisation 29 May 2015 10:14 #1

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Virtualization is the creation of the virtual version of operating system, storage device for enabling multiple workloads to share a common set of resources. Leading corporate organizations such as Intel and Dell are adding innovations in virtualization while adapting
latest technologies using the process. Virtualization is ideal for businesses owing to its several features such as improved server utilization, dynamic resource allocation and management, workload isolation, security and automation. Such features of virtualization are leading businesses to gain significant capital and attain operational efficiencies through the process. There are different types of virtualization promoted by Intel such as CPU virtualization, memory virtualization, Intel Graphics Virtualization Technology or Intel GVT and network function virtualization. Intel CPU virtualization enables all softwares in the virtual machine or VM to run devoid any performance or compatibility issue; live migration from one CPU to another is also possible. Memory virtualization allows monitoring of memory on a per Virtual Machine basis; these features enable live migration of virtual machines, enhance security and facilitate fault tolerance. IBM is introducing new features in virtualization with the introduction of IBM Rational Test Virtualization server; it enables deployment of virtualized services, software and applications for simplified, efficient testing. It virtualizes complex systems to create better test environments; moreover, it accelerates the delivery of complex test environments. It also enables users to complete integration testing earlier and more frequently in the development cycle. Rational Test Virtualization Server simulates real system behaviour to accelerate software development and testing. It updates, reuses and shares virtualized test environments to gain efficiency and keep track with changes in the underlying systems and data. It provides benefits from integration with other tools to improve performance and quality management. Both the corporate organisations Intel and IBM are exhausting the applications of virtualization using their latest technologies.
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Latest developments in virtualisation 29 May 2015 18:42 #2

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Yes but what about the quasi nodal hot pursuit tandem operative cell friendly fast integrator algorithms?
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Latest developments in virtualisation 29 May 2015 21:36 #3

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Sounds all so fantastic........

When will they get into the Virtualization & enhancement version of Human beings?

Expose they having no budget allocations for the important more urgently needed things ................

@ oiram @
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