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TOPIC: Slavery case: Not all political extremists are mad – and I should know

Slavery case: Not all political extremists are mad – and I should know 26 Nov 2013 23:27 #1

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Claims of modern 'slavery’ have unleashed unfair prejudices, says a former revolutionary

Three women may have been emotionally manipulated by a Maoist man and his wife over three decades: 'I was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. I wasn’t brainwashed. I wasn’t enslaved. I wasn’t led astray. On the contrary'

In 1993, when I was 19, I did something that not many 19-year-olds were doing at the time: I joined a communist party. A revolutionary communist party, no less. The Revolutionary Communist Party, to be precise.
While my politically minded peers were either throwing themselves into the whiffy anti-roads campaign (having given up on human beings in favour of defending trees), or signing up as activists for a party which within a decade would have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and civil liberties (Labour), I was becoming a communist agitator. This was three years after the fall of communism in Europe. Thirty years after it had stopped being remotely sexy to be a communist agitator. And 70 years after the Russian Revolution ended in Stalinist disaster. What can I say – I’ve always been behind the times.

Memories of my past as a young buck in a revolutionary communist outfit came flooding back on Monday, as newspaper headlines told us that the alleged slaves in south London may have been part of a “revolutionary communist group”. Great, I thought – as if it isn’t bad enough that people always ask: “Were you sexually abused?” when you tell them you were an altar boy, now they might also ask: “Were you brainwashed?” when I mention I was a revolutionary communist in the Nineties.

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Slavery case: Not all political extremists are mad – and I should know 27 Nov 2013 01:27 #2

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Yes they are!
So I was a kid in the sixties, but I came from a bohemian background (under the surface) and saw in action a lot of the communes set up at that time, also I had friends in all sort of groups from the left and right. All of these had one feature, should I gain power I can put the world to right. The person who could put the world to right had to gain power in the group, and as soon as that happened the group becomes about projecting that individual or a committee into power and that meant suppressing aberrant voices.
it is written into their very code that the powerful should suppress the weak, that is how they work. What ever pretence they put out that it is different from that.
That is the Madness!
It does not have to be that way.
We need a sideways revolution, not just a different hierarchy.
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