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TOPIC: How victims of child abuse are undermined and ridiculed in court by defence lawyers

How victims of child abuse are undermined and ridiculed in court by defence lawyers 25 Feb 2014 03:02 #1

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This is a live story in Australia. Robert Hughes was the star of an 80s sitcom called "Hey Dad". Hey Dad indeed. He's now on 11 charges of sexually assaulting young girls whilst the star of this show.

His onscreen daughter first brought his abuse to light a few years ago when, as an adult, she recounted her abuse at the hands of Hughes whilst playing his tweenage onscreen daughter.

The allegations highlight how Hughes was a predatory paedophile of young girls.

After Hey Dad finished (20 years or so ago??), Hughes moved to the UK where he lived for well over 10 years. He denied the allegations brought against him. Another onscreen daughter, Simone Buchanan, validated the recounted stories of her younger onscreen co-star, as she was confided in at the time with the tales of abuse.

Hughes was subsequently extradited to Australia and is now on trial.

It seems Hughes also liked to molest friends of his daughters. Allegations include molesting them whilst they were having sleepovers at his house. He also seemed to like to swim and parade naked in front of young teens.

All allegations are denied. Hughes' defence lawyer is cross-examining witnesses, and asserting that they are telling fairy tales, because the school they went to must have had them "read fairy tales".

The girl was 14 at the time. She would have left fairy tales alone at age 7, and they certainly would not have been taught or recommended to 14 year old school girls. These women are very brave to speak up, admit to the abuse they suffered as girls, but then also to be cross-examined by a lawyer who is defending someone who has been charged with offences concerning 5 different girls.

the arsehole defence lawyers though beggar belief.
Robert Hughes ‘groped’ girl while daughter slept

AN alleged victim of the former television star Robert Hughes has claimed he sexually assaulted her while she was sleeping in the same bed as the actor’s daughter after a dinner party at her parents’ house.

Giving evidence this morning in Sydney’s Downing Centre court, the alleged victim said she woke up to find the former ‘Hey Dad..!’ star kneeling beside her bed with his hand underneath her pyjamas.

“I didn’t know what to do. I was completely scared and so I closed my eyes (and) thought I’m just going to pretend I’m asleep,” the 44-year-old woman, who cannot be named, told the court.

“I didn’t really know what to do. I was shocked and violated.”

Mr Hughes daughter remained asleep throughout the alleged assault, which took place around 1984-1985, she told the court.

The actor also allegedly assaulted his alleged victim on a second occasion a few months later, the court heard, when she was sleeping after another dinner party at her parents’ North Sydney home.

On this occasion, the alleged victim tried “to move his hands away but he keeps pushing them down further and puts his hand into my vagina,” she told the court.

Mr Hughes, who played the fictional father Martin Kelly in the Seven Network sitcom between the 1980s and 1990s, faces 11 charges relating to offences against five young girls during this time.

His lawyer, Greg Walsh, told the court the actor denies the charges, as well as denying the alleged victim’s account that Mr Hughes would often be naked in and around the swimming pool during parties at her parent’s house.

Mr Walsh asked the alleged victim if her alleged experience of the night-time assault seemed “to be something like a dream”, which she denied.

He also asked if her school, in Sydney’s north shore, was one that encouraged “the development of a child’s imagination”, where the children regularly read fairytales.

“We didn’t really read fairytales,” she replied.

The alleged victim, who was aged around 14 at the time, said she had subsequently described the alleged assaults to her mother, who is expected to give evidence later in the trial.

Following media reports of other allegations made against Mr Hughes in 2010, the woman gave an unpaid interview to a television network, the court heard, and made a separate formal statement to NSW Police.

The trial continues.
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