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TOPIC: Brian May "Seriously Considering" Standing For MP

Brian May "Seriously Considering" Standing For MP 04 Feb 2015 20:53 #1

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Don't stop him now - Queen guitarist Brian May wants it all. He's got a vision to put corrupt MPs under pressure, but can he work his magic and become a political champion?

Brian May is "seriously considering" standing as an independent candidate in the 2015 general election as part of a campaign to convince people to use their vote and break free from corrupt politicians.

A spokesperson for the the guitar legend - currently on a tour of Europe with Queen and Adam Lambert - said he is giving "serious thought" to a run for office as part of his Common Decency project.

Queen fans might think this comes out of the blue - but May has become more and more politically active in recent years.

He's long been a vocal activist for animal rights - strongly opposing the badger cull and founding an animal sanctuary and charity called Save Me, based on his Dorset estate.

The rock legend has been teasing fans on YouTube with a new campaign over the past month, saying he's frustrated with the "bickering" in parliament, and fed up with whipped MPs from the big parties wasting taxpayers' money and failing to representing the people who voted for them.

With the launch of the Common Decency initiative, he wants to use online communities to encourage people disillusioned with politics to use their vote, changing the landscape of British democracy.

He released a video in January to explain the idea behind Common Decency - and hinted a future in politics could be on the cards.

"I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty," he said. "We have an opportunity in the election coming up - it doesn't have to be this way."

Queen complete their European Tour at the end of February - and a spokesperson for the Common Decency project confirmed his schedule between the tour and the election is clear.

In his younger days he voted Tory, but described himself as an "apolitical person." But the badger cull, combined with what he sees as a desire by the Conservative part of the coalition to bring back bloodsports, energised him. He's become a fierce critic of David Cameron and has frequently lobbied MPs over animal rights issues.

Here's everything you need to know about Brian May, his political background and the Common Decency campaign.

What is Common Decency?

Common Decency is an initiative launched by Brian May with the intention of encouraging people disengaged with the political process to use their vote.

May says instead of the big two parties dominating the House of Commons - and becoming an easy target for corporate interests - he'd like to see a parliament made up of independent MPs and small parties.

The campaign is in the process of setting up a website with in-depth information about every MP, including a pie-chart showing the number of people who didn't vote compared to the sitting MP's majority. They hope this will show people their vote can count, even in a supposedly safe seat.

They hope to launch the website within the next month, but the movement already has a Facebook page with a growing community of supporters.

Who is Brian May?

Dr Brian May, CBE, is the lead guitarist with Queen - one of the most successful rock bands of all time.

Following their criminally overlooked first two albums, Queen sprang to public attention in 1974, when they performed Killer Queen on Top of the Pops.

May became famous for his unique style of playing and composition - layering dozens of guitar parts on top of each other to create lush, intricate harmonies.

He's also well known for having hand built his own guitar out of spare parts - including a fireplace, motorcycle springs and a knitting needle. The same guitar has served him well for more than 30 years.

After Queen's soaring career was cut short with the death of frontman Freddie Mercury in 1991, Brian May became an outspoken animal rights activist - setting up a non-profit organisation and animal sanctuary - Save Me - on his Dorset Estate and campaigning against the badger cull.

In recent years he and drummer Roger Taylor have been performing as Queen with different singers, and are currently on tour with former American Idol star Adam Lambert to rave reviews across the world.

Dr May has a PhD in astrophysics, co-wrote a book on the history of the Universe with Sir Patrick Moore and has an asteroid named after him.

A spokesperson described him as an unlikely superstar.

"He's not a rock star," she said. "He's the kindest, gentlest, loveliest person you could meet."
Where would he stand?

Brian May hasn't yet confirmed that he's definitely going to stand - he's got the small matter of playing to tens of thousands of Queen fans every night from now until the end of the month to take care of first.

But if he does where should he stand?

He could conceivably stand in Surrey, where he lives or Dorset where his animal sanctuary is - and if he ask us, we'd definitely suggest Surrey.

The Mid Dorset and North Poole constituency is currently held by the Liberal Democrat MP Annette Brooke, who won in 2010 by just 269 votes.

The Tories are currently polling at 40% in the seat, with a slim lead over the Lib Dems on 32%. Both parties are fielding new candidates this year - so a familiar face might be enough to shake things up.

Alternatively, if he wanted to go for more exposure, Tory policy chief Oliver Letwin's seat in West Dorset could be worth a shot - though the Green Party are fielding a candidate which could split his vote somewhat.

SOURCE: www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/brian-seriously-considering-standing-2015-5097884
Oh no... is it 3:36 again?
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