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This article appeared in the Hazleton (Pa.) Standard-Speaker.
a daily newspaper, on Easter Sunday in 2002.
Like they say, it's better late than never.
A follow-up column will follow:
It's Easter morning -- Happy Easter, everyone -- and what a great
morning to touch on a subject very, very close to your heart.
Your Guardian Angel!
You've heard mention of Guardian Angels for years and years --
associated with different religions (naturally), in movies, in
books,on TV -- but few folks, I'm sure, have really given serious
thought that they HAVE a Guardian Angel.
Most undoubtedly figure it's nothing more than the figment of
someone's imagination -- and perhaps a bit of wishful thinking.
But, based on a novel experiment conducted right here at the
Standard-Speaker, it appears that the reality of Guardian Angels
is more than we could ever imagine.
For example, it appears that our Guardian Angels actually can
communicate with us -- letting us know his or her name.
Still a skeptic, huh? Then read on . .
It all began about 10 years ago when my late mother visited the
Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa near Doylestown (Pa.).
Upon returning home, she excitedly revealed that she had met
an Italian woman -- a senior citizen like herself -- and they
clicked instantly.
During one of their numerous conversations, the woman asked
my mother: "Anna, what's your Guuardian Angel's name?"
My mother was flabbergasted, shocked at the question, for which
she obviously had no answer.
The woman then explained that everyone can learn the name of his
or her Guardian Angel simply by asking, then told my mother:
"Before you fall asleep tonight, just say, 'Guardian Angel, I
know you're with me all the time but I don't know your name.
Please let me know your name.' "
Simple! And perhaps a bit far-fetched. Still, my mother tried it.
The next day, Mom enthusiastically phoned and told me she had
learned that her Guardian Angel's name was Noel. She said the
ame was solidly embedded in her head when she woke up.
Rather skeptical that it would work for me, I attempted the
experiment myself that very night. Lo and behold, I awoke the
next morning with the name "Girard" ringing in my ears. I have
never known any Girard's.
Well, that might've well been the end of the story -- but it
About two weeks ago -- after 10 long years -- I casually mentioned
the incident in the Standard-Speaker newsroom when the subject
of Guardian Angels came up and, I admit, my story undoubtedly
sounded quite hokey to most who were listening.
But the next morning, Annette Rusnock, the newspaper's editorial
librarian, was wearing a broad smile when she walked into the news
room and proudly announced that she tied the "experiment" to get
her Guardian Angel's name and awoke "with the name Isabella,
Isabella, Isabella."
"Hmmm!" said Rosella Walker, who works near her. "I'm going
to try it tonight."
Rosella did and came in the next morning happily revealing that
it had worked for her as well, getting the name Gertrude.
"And, the thing is, I don't know any Gertrudes," Rosella said.
"The only Gertrude I know is Gertrude's Chocolates."
Well, strange things kept happening in the newspaper building.
Joanna Marsicano of the classified advertising department tried it
and happily revealed that her Guardian Angel's name: also Isabella.
She said when she saw her name in large, bright lights when she
woke up, the last letter "a" in Isabella kept flashing and flashing,
emphasizing that the "a" is to be pronounced.
"Just like I'm not Joann but JoannA, my Guardian Angel undoubtedly
wanted me to be sure I knew her name was IsabellA and not Isabell,"
she remarked.
"To learn I have a Guardian Angel and, especially, to know her name
has made me very happy," said Joanna. "It really made my day."
Mark Katchur, a staff writer (now managing editor), said he wanted
to know if he could also get his Guardian Angel's name and said he
oke up knowing positively it's Daniel.
Joanne Suglia, also from classified department, tried it and beamed
while telling everyone that she learned her Guardian Angel's name
s Estelle.
As the story circulated throughout the building, Lois Ann Hall and
Nadine Kubilus of the business office, Kathy Breznak and Al Danko
of the advertising department, and Vicki Gennaro of the newsroom all
tried it as well -- and enthusiastically said it worked!
Lois Ann excitedly said she had requested the name of her Guardian
Angel when she went to bed.
"But I awoke about 6:30 the next morning and was sort of disappointed
that nothing happened," she said. "But I laid down again and fell
asleep and, when I got up, the name Marjorie was "everywhere."
Kathy said she was afraid to try the experiment but, while about to
fall asleep one night last week, finally did so. She awoke with the
name Michael indelibly impressed upon her.
Danko couldn't believe it when he tried the experiment and learned
his Guardian Angel's name is Justin.
Vicki said her question also had been answered when she awoke with
a name ringing in her ears. At first, she admitted she was reluctant
to reveal it because it sounded a bit scary but then -- eventually --
she told the newsroom staff the name she came up with was Azriel.
The latest to attempt the experiment and discover it really works
was George Fetchko of the composing room.
He tried it and learned his Guardian Angel's name is Adam.
It has worked in the majority of cases but, to be perfectly honest,
didn't work for two or three people and the answer escapes us.
Perhaps these Standard-Speaker staffers hadn't made their request
with sincerity.
If there's a fly in the ointment -- to readers still skeptical --
it would be the name of the Guardian angel of Nadine Kubilus, the
third to say she came up with Isabella.
It means a Guardian Angel named Isabella popped up three times
to women working at the Standard-Speaker and it's anybody's guess
if there are three Guardian Angels named Isabella or one Isabella
is working three shifts, for three gals here at the newspaper.
Someone suggested that Nadine -- the third Isabella -- probably
heard that Annette Rusnock and Joanna Marsicano both had come up
with Isabella, independent of each other.
But Nadine insisted that she hadn't been aware of the names that
Annette and Joanna had come up with.
"In fact, I learned my Guardian Angel's name before Joanna because
it happened to me last Thursday morning (a day before Joanna learned
her Guardian Angel's name)," said Nadine. "I just didn't say anything
when I came to work Friday morning."
One last word: These are sound, sensible people who have held
responsible positions, most for many, many years. There is no
reason they would be lying or be part of any type of con job.
You, too, are invited to learn your Guardian Angel's name, and your
belief -- or disbelief -- in an existence beyond our physical realm
appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with it.

"Ask and you shall receive," a Very Wise Man once said.
In the case of learning the name of your Guardian Angel, apparently
all you have to do is ask

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I have an experience with a wench guardian angel.

So tonight if im not to pissed to remember I will ask her ..oi wench whats your name? Hope it works, but I may wake up with a hand print across my face :dunno:
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Shocked absolutley shocked

I tried the experiment, and fuck me it seems to work...when I woke this voice kept booming in my head Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler :O
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One night, many years ago, on a dark and snowy night, I was in a vehicle, the driver started speeding, I was just about to tell him to slow down when the car hit black ice and started swerving out of control. It was at that moment, those few mini-seconds... when I knew the car was going to crash but there was not a thing that could be done about it because it was too late...... that time itself slowed down.

I saw a light outside my window, my passenger window, I looked out of the window at this light that had caught my attention and saw an angel on the other side of the window looking inside the car. The angel then moved at a rate of speed so fast that I did not see it actually move and it was then in front of the car on my side. It was at that time that I got a good look at the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my earthly life.

This angel that I saw had on a white robe that glowed from the inside... and white hair, above the shoulder, wavy, and the most beautiful blue eyes though it was not looking directly at me but the most awe-inspiring thing were the wings, yes it had wings, made of feathers, the wings were so beautiful that it is impossible for me to this day to truly describe them.

Suddenly I woke up from an unconscious state in a very wrecked car yet without a cut on my body despite the broken windows and car damage (it was written off), including the window the angel had been on the other side of. To this day I believe that angel saved my life. My feeling about the angel is that it was ancient, that it had seen everything there was to see and was beyond the ability to shock yet at the same time holy, very holy...

And no, I do not understand why so many suffer so and yet there was an intervention for me, I did nothing to warrant it.

Last Edit: 23 Apr 2015 01:51 by annabelle.
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First vid likely birds, angelic music to create emotional effect... tsk tsk

Second vid they say caught on film. No film of angel was shown. Could easily be a hoax

Your own experience was it? Well I have been in a car crash where I thought I was probably going to die and I can verify time slows down dramatically...
To understand who rules over you look to whom you tube can't criticise

The media isn't there to cover the news
It's there to cover the news up

All establishment lies pass through three stages
First, they are accepted as being self evident
Second, they are exposed by diligent research
Third, they are enforced

"Communism is the bloodiest, most difficult and the most terrible way from capitalism to capitalism" from Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina
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Yes twas my own experience. I do realize there is no way whatsoever to prove it which is why I hardly ever share but I know what I saw and that is not all, and time does slow down for sure.

I don't think those are birds in the first video.
Last Edit: 23 Apr 2015 14:31 by annabelle.
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