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HOW TO GET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL'S NAME (Part II) 20 Apr 2015 12:55 #1

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George Fetchko went to a wake the other night and was astonished
that he was more popular than the corpse.

"People at the viewing were coming up to me and asking how I got
my Guardian Angel's name," said George, who worked in the newspaper's
composing for decades).

George admitted it was a bit embarrassing getting so much attention
but had to tell everyone what he did to learn that his Guardian
Angel's name is Adam.

He said at least one person at the wake revealed that he also tried
"the experiment" -- and it worked!

Fetchko is just one of many folks who politely asking his or her
Guardian Angel's name for their name before falling asleep.

The response to the column I wrote on Easter Sunday has been
quite remarkable, to say the least.

For example, Mrs. Theresa Sporay of McAdoo excitedly phoned
to say that she had asked for -- and received -- the name Stephen,
and said she couldn't be more pleased.

"In fact, I was SO excited that I called my daughter in Philly
Monday morning and told her," she said. "She told me, 'Mom, I'm
going to try it,' then phoned me back early Tuesday morning and
told me she learned that her Guardian Angel's name is Michael.

"Then my sister came over -- she tried it, too -- and came up
with Gabriel."


All these people had to do to get their Guardian Angel's name
was simply request it when they went to bed -- not necessarily
on bended knee.

There need be no formal manner, just a request -- in a nice way --
as if talking to your very friend.

Wendy Naprava, our advertising representative, went out to make
her rounds one morning this week and was all aglow upon her return
to the office.

She said not one, not two, not three but four of the people --
all women -- she called on told her they learned their Guardian
Angel's names.

Respectively, the names were Frederick, Adrian, Catherine and

The reaction is about the same in no matter what direction
we've turned.

Francine Mehalshick of Hazleton, the genial postmaster at the
Broad Street sub-station, didn't read the original article but
learned about it two days later.

She tried it that night and -- Bingo! -- Gabriel.

"The incredible thing is that the next night I asked my
Guardian Angel if he could tell me the name of my husband
Frank's Guardian Angel.

"I awoke in the morning with the name Jason all over the
place," said Francine. "I couldn't get Jason out of my head."


On and on it went.

In District Magistrate William Slezosky's office in Mahanoy
City, for example, Victoria (Vicci) Brown of Shenandoah Heights
was quite excited. She had read the article and was a bit skeptical
that it would work.

She said she now knows that, indeed, it works and revealed
that she learned her Guardian Angel's name is Ella.

"And I don't know any Ella's," she said. "Only Ella Fitzgerald
(the famous singer)."

Over at the First Federal Bank on Broad Street, three of the
tellers gleefully reported they had hit the jackpot.

Michelle Sobolowski came up with Ryan, Sharon Cicioni with Chi Chi
and Linda Mantush with Austin. (

The tellers reported that some customers are casually mentioning
having tried the experiment and said it works.

Sobolowski said a Patti from an accounting office next door to
the bank told her she learned her Guardian Angel's name is Abigail.

"And Patti told me she never even knows -- or knew -- an Abigail,"
she said.

Complete strangers have been calling the Standard-Speaker,
conveying the good news.

Vicki Gennaro of McAdoo, who works here, said a member of her
family tried the experiment and came up with Charles.

She said it was even more fascinating because he had asked his
Guardian Angel for his or her FULL NAME and got his last name as
well, also being informed that he had been a cartoonist.

But there's more -- a lot more!

Kristen Tragus of Lost Creek, a friend who works for a nursing
agency, knocked on my door early one morning to tell me she stopped
before going to work to tell me she had tried the "experiment" and
came up with Hannah.

In Beaver Meadows, a woman phoned to express her disappointment
that she tried to get her Guardian Angel's name but came up blank --
and often this is the case.


However, she happily revealed that her husband, Michael, tried
it and learned his Guardian Angel's name is Rose.

It was just another case of a man learning that his Guardian
Angel is a woman.

Meanwhile, Jack Davis, a newly retired retired Standard-Speaker
advertising representative, excitedly phoned to convey the good news
that he came up with Angeline.

Meanwhile, another Standard-Speaker employee -- a woman in the
ad department who was shy about having her name used -- said she
kept forgetting to try the experiment but happily reported that her
husband tried it and came up with Mary.

She was asked how he felt, getting a woman's name.

She said he was happy and told her he knew a wonderful, kind,
old woman named Mary who was a neighbor while he was growing
up in Freeland.

She said he wonders - just wonders -- if his Guardian Angel
might be her.
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HOW TO GET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL'S NAME (Part II) 20 Apr 2015 20:35 #2

Did a Guardian angel just remove a post of mine, or did she stop it being posted? :O
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