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TOPIC: The Rules of Wife-Beating

The Rules of Wife-Beating 04 Jan 2016 13:26 #1

  • Robert Baird
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Such a joyous creed these cults perform! Hammurabi, Augustine, and many more would be proud. When will our society insist on legal action? Can we teach women how and why to beat men?

The You Tube video is MOST relevant and here is a little more on it as well as others of the same stripe. It was not working on mere clicking at another site. It will require some browsing.

" …Wife Beating in Islam - The Rules

by freedom4expression

•9 years ago

…The Koran (Quran) allows men to beat their wifes, and here are the rules. After watching this, you will no longer be able to claim ...
…Re: Wife Beating in Islam"

Please take the time to read the following as much as you can stomach.

How to Discipline Your Wife

The sexual morays and peccadillos of this cult are getting better than just being Harbingers (Augustine), chattel (Council of Carthage in 397), unclean (Menstruating makes for many prohibitions of participation in ritual and yet at higher levels makes for fetishes - see They Value Your Menstruum) and so forth. The fact that infidelity can just be 'testified' to on Sunday by the likes of Jim Bakker or Swaggart is not lost on me. I could suggest the whole Cycle of Violence has roots in religious extremism and the kind of lies encouraged in what follows.

"The Foundation of Disciplining Your Wife

Before a husband can effectively discipline his wife, he needs to build the proper foundation for said discipline. To attempt discipline without the fundamental foundational principles in place will inevitably backfire, and cause resentment and contempt. Let's go over them individually.

1.Your wife must know, feel, and be assured constantly that she is cherished. This is a prime need for any woman, just as it is a need of the Church to feel cherished by Christ. As a picture of Christ in the home, husbands must always remember that they are not simply dealing with the woman that they married, but the most beautiful, incredible perfect gift that the Lord has ever given to him, second only to eternal life itself. Love notes, gifts, intimacy, conversation, sharing, compliments... Shower this woman with your love every day to show her just how much she is cherished. Remember that your wife is only as beautiful as you make her, so lift her up as if she is without flaw or blemish. (In short do not ever tell any truth or make love and sharing of the soul a primary focus.)

2.You must be the primary Bible teacher in the home. Husbands, lead devotions in the home every day. Remember, it's not you taking a half-hour or so out of your day to do this, but rather that the Lord gives you the remaining 23 hours or so to attend to your personal business. It's His time, so don't rob Him. And if your wife is more biblically knowledgeable than you are, and so more qualified to lead devotions, lead them anyway, and bone up on your Bible while you're at it (I certainly had to). When the wife leads instead of the husband, the husband robs her of spiritual security. I cannot say it any stronger than this - husbands, if you don't lead devotions in your home, don't claim to be the covenant leaders of the home. You're in abdication, and will be living under judgment for it; and it is your wife and family that will suffer the most. If you truly love your wife, lead her spiritually.

3.Praise her in the gates. Understand that when Proverbs 31 speaks of this, it means that husbands need to praise their wives no matter where they are. Praise her at work, play, home or wherever your path takes you. Tell your friends, co-workers and even total strangers how wonderful the woman you married is. Praise her in the church, praise her to your children, and praise her to your boss. Will people think you're strange for doing this? No, not really. I know this from experience - not only will your wife be edified, but so will Christ and even yourself. Never miss an opportunity to praise her, and be willing to create some opportunities as well."

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The Rules of Wife-Beating 04 Jan 2016 23:02 #2

Strange topic !! :twitch:
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The Rules of Wife-Beating 05 Jan 2016 00:00 #3

  • Robert Baird
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"The Druids were magi as they were hierophants in the same sense that; the American-Indian medicine-man was both magus and priest. That is, they were medicine men on a higher scale, and possessed a larger share of transcendental knowledge than the shamans of more barbarous races. Thus they may be said to be a link between the shaman and the magus of medieval times."

I am sorry to have to butt in again but medieval times were the most barbarous and disgusting times; I wonder if this author ever heard of the Dark Ages? They are called that because they spread darkness over the mind and soul of all people. They destroyed knowledge and technology with the Church and the feudal lackeys seeking ever more power. Sure, some of them pranced around in lace and padded powders on their faces. Some even had the occasional bath, every month after they went out and raped a few new brides among their serfs. The idea of medieval times and all the gallant knights is pure unadulterated fiction and they spread the Grail legends as a major part of their propaganda. We will deal with this more later but it truly speaks volumes when one reads this kind of accepted and apparently acceptable 'conventional' thinking (?).

"Many of their practices were purely shamanistic, whilst others were more closely connected with medieval magical rite. But they were not the only magicians among the Celts, for we find that magic power was frequently the possession of women and the poetic craft. The art magic of Druidism had many points of comparison with other magical systems, and may be said to have approximated more to that black magic which desires power for the sake of power alone, than to any more transcendental type. Thus it included the power to render oneself invisible, to change the bodily shape, to produce an enchanted sleep, to induce lunacy {Their foes were obviously already quite there. The fact is that the communion is a blood ritual of a type Dracula or Count Dracul of the Rosicrucian order that de Vere belongs to, practice.}, and the utterance of spells and charms which caused death. Power over the elements was also claimed...

A manuscript preserved in the Monastery of St. Gall and dating from the eighth or ninth century, has preserved magical formulae for the preservation of butter and the healing of certain diseases in the name of the Irish god Diancecht. These and others bear a close resemblance to Babylonian and Etruscan spells, and this goes to strengthen the hypothesis often put forward with more or less ability that Druidism had an eastern origin."

Your mother wears army boots! This is such great academic insight! Did it cross this feeble-minded nitwit's brain that the reverse is true? The Etruscans weren't even in existence when Fell showed the Druids in New England with the Maltese style of buildings that pre-date Babylon. It obviously is not written by a Druid and there are those like D. J. Conway who we saw in 'CtIC' who would cast a spell on the craziness of such an author. This image of Druidism is unfortunately the norm just as the Hermetic Gnostics and other heretics have been savaged by purely selfish power-trippers seeking to destroy mankind's souls and make everyone equally in their power hungry grasp. I left out the story he told of a Druid who lost a battle over the elements with St. Columba who learned a lot in Iona about the spiritual side of reality. I did so because I don't really need to prove that Christianity is a black magic driven cult and that they are projecting their own weaknesses onto others. That is a matter for other books to deal with. My comment about de Vere may not make sense to any who haven't read Columbus the Itinerant Cathar 'CtIC'. He wrote the foreword to Genesis of the Grail Kings by Gardner and his own book was quoted in it as well. The Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians of the Masonic 'octopus' was a large part of the Templarist regime that funded and maintained the Columbus discovery of America for so long. There was a 60 year period in the 17th Century that the Masons were seriously being given consideration for ownership of Canada which included much of the modern USA as well.

"..Druids often accompanied an army to assist by their magical art in confounding the enemy.

There is little doubt that the conception of a Druidic priesthood has descended down to our time in a more or less debased condition in British Celtic areas. Thus the existence of guardians and keepers of wells, said to possess magical properties, and the fact that certain familiar magical spells and formulae are handed down from one generation to another is a proof of the survival of Druidic tradition, however feeble. Females are generally the conservators of these mysteries, but that there were Druid priestesses is fairly certain..."

The Ostrogoth leader Totila was such a barbarian in the sixth century that he freed the slaves. Didn't he know that slaves are a symbol of status and cultural refinement? 'Ostro' means 'light' as in the 'white light' and spiritual adepthoods of the Druidic 'kapnobatai' who taught Orpheus and Pythagoras. Did the Druids have concubines in their celibate priesthood? Who was screwing the children in the monasteries of Roman Domain? It is impossible to capture 'the deceit' of the psychopomps and priests who hide in temples. The Druids still conduct their ceremonies in the open, and perhaps the starting point of all mans' problems can be traced to the building of Temples and the resultant buying of favorable divinations in the Mediterranean. Here are a few words from a woman who has a different perspective if for no other reason than that fact.

"In the most popular myth, Ariadne's story has been rewritten, her voice almost obliterated. Yet she was the legitimate head of church and state regarded as the cradle of European civilization. Ancient Crete in its prime ruled the Mediterranean, thriving on the export of its crafts and the exploitation of relatively uncivilized tribes in the Aegean area. Among those 'barbarians' were the ancestors of Plato and Aristotle {A major 'woman-hater' and part of the reason why Aquinas and the Catholic Church worked his 'science' into their dogma.}... Some time between 1800 and 1400 B.C., the last matriarchies in the western world were crushed...
She devours the Manuscripts as if after a long famine. And yet she continues in the ceremony as if untouched by thought. A battle rages between her and Minos for control of the worship. He has inserted a prayer and expanded it, and he is having scribes record on tablets the story of his receiving the laws from Zeus on the mountaintop {Moses is not the first to come up with this idea and neither was Minos.}. It is remarkably like a Babylonian tale I once heard. Only there the king's name was Hammurabi." (3)

Hammurabi (1792-1750 B.C.) was a great MAN who had the vision and wisdom to pronounce and codify that a girl is the legal property of her father until sold by him to her husband. In Athens women were brought up to be ignorant so that men could feel important and manlier as they abused and lorded it over 'the weaker sex' during the time of Socrates. He felt differently and it probably contributed to his being forced to drink hemlock. He said: "If the difference consists only in women bearing and men begetting children, this does not amount to a proof that a woman differs from a man in respect of the sort of education she should receive."
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The Rules of Wife-Beating 08 Jan 2016 13:19 #4

  • Robert Baird
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Jefferson had many issues but he is still one of the best people mankind has raised above the average illiterate and un-questioning hoi polloi.

I draw your attention to his words "blood thirsty".

Jefferson - “If we could believe that he [Jesus] really countenanced the follies, the falsehoods, and the charlatanism which his biographers [Gospels] father on him, and admit the misconstructions, interpolations, and theorizations of the fathers of the early, and the fanatics of the latter ages, the conclusion would be irresistible by every sound mind that he was an impostor... We find in the writings of his biographers matter of two distinct descriptions. First, a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstitions, fanaticisms and fabrications... That sect [Jews] had presented for the object of their worship, a being of terrific character, cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust... Jesus had to walk on the perilous confines of reason and religion: and a step to right or left might place him within the gripe of the priests of the superstition, a blood thirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel. They were constantly laying snares, too, to entangle him in the web of the law... That Jesus did not mean to impose himself on mankind as the son of God, physically speaking, I have been convinced by the writings of men more learned than myself in that lore.

[Letter to William Short, 4 August, 1820]”

I suspect this Short is the son or grandson of a man who was sent from England to teach him Newton's alchemy for one year when Thomas was at William and Mary.

Ingersoll -

“Not one of the orthodox ministers dare preach what he thinks if he knows a majority of his congregation think otherwise. He knows that every member of his church stands guard over his brain with a creed, like a club, in his hand. He knows that he is not expected to search after the truth, but that he is employed to defend the creed. Every pulpit is a pillory, in which stands a hired culprit
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The Rules of Wife-Beating 08 Jan 2016 14:15 #5

  • ragnarok
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The first and only rule of Wife Beating Club is you don't talk about Wife Beating Club.
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The Rules of Wife-Beating 15 Jan 2016 18:59 #6

  • Truthspoon
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Fack off you old shit-bird.

And take your Jewish Kaballa Freemason loving bullshit away with ye back to paedoland.

The Freemasons and Illuminati are our enemies....

Not the patsies and puppets you fake Jews and Freemasons are waving in front of our faces.....

You dirty old birdie.....
Last Edit: 15 Jan 2016 19:06 by Truthspoon.
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The Rules of Wife-Beating 15 Jan 2016 19:51 #7

  • Robert Baird
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Deat T

I get it! You think you know something and do not wish to study or learn why you are wrong.

That is usual in the world of the monumentally stupid! :dunno:

But just because I quote people like Jefferson who supported Weishaupt (Bavarian Illuminati is not THE Illuminati you seek) or because I lay waste to your Bible like he did in the following (from above). does not mean you will benefit from displays of ignorance.

"First, a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstitions, fanaticisms and fabrications... "

You see it is IGNORANCE which leads to actual studious people like Thomas Jefferson having to PLAN and try to help stupid people who are under the thrall of BELIEF!!! DNA does now [prove he is Merovingian or what people who know so little (Ignorant) call a Jew.
Last Edit: 15 Jan 2016 19:58 by Robert Baird. Reason: add more
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