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TOPIC: Women in Islam

Women in Islam 12 Jan 2016 12:24 #1

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The Comfort of Islam:

There are reasons why more conversions or greater commitments to Islam are occurring all the time. It is not just because the United States de-stabilization program in the Middle East created a vacuum and made Muslim leaders able to predict the intrusions and hypocrisy of the 'helpful' intruders or infidels. It is not just the facts of history which foreigners since the days of the Hyksos long before Islam told people propaganda and acted in greed. The people of all cults and regions of the world are fed up with hypocrisy, corruption and greed. They are willing to give their all to any stable construct or leader who knows how to convey what the people want.

Very intelligent women with the best education in the Western World find the attentiveness and honest men of Islam are a reliable bulwark. They hide themselves in the sexual shame both men and women feel due to the Joy of Sex. What do I mean by that? How naïve am I? Is the old Harem nonsense something I have in my fantasies? Do I think women in Abraham's baby-factories were happy in those Harems? Is it true that a woman wants to compete for attention or sex just as much as a man? Certainly some people understood women better than I do when they wrote the Qu'ran. I have harbored the idea women want freedom and a chance to contribute on a larger stage than misogynists have allowed. But it appears if you treat many women as objects to control and keep happy with the kind words of foreplay and jealous needs along with platitudes and religious lies you have a reliable way to gain favor from women. And that is something the men learn will benefit them if they follow the program.

The women who hide their physical beauty under what a Western Man (France outlawed wearing this garb) might consider beyond feudal are not all stupid or brow-beaten; they gain comfort from their anonymity and being hidden. I can see it is a comfort not to have men you do not know oogling you and drooling or whatever. It also means a lot less of the family money goes into appearances and superficial trappings. Yes, I know the men who inhabit the headspace that a woman who exposes her ankles is a slut; are not a good thing. I think they are sick! But the husband often has more than one woman and that makes men who have no wives a lot less confident or worldly. And a husband does not have to worry as much about other men pursuing the wife he keeps hidden under these garments. And both sexes have people who will find arranged marriages suit them just fine, the women don't have to worry (they think) about their man being attracted to women wearing ponchos or garbage bags. The women who never had love or were encouraged to hope for such a thing in their life often won't be as tormented when the man finds another play toy or squeaky. Certainly the ones who were sold for an ox or TV set and who were made acceptable at a young age for such men by having their genitals cut or sewed won't mind. It is hard for me to see much comfort in most of this rationale, but try we must if we are ever going to reach out and stop the spread of this disease.

They live in a sea of world deceit despite the naïveté of these men who commit to dogma which gives power to something called Allah which in reality is the same old myth empowering those Feudal overlords who run the cult. But they have a greater moral certainty about many things like usury and interest on money. It doesn't matter to them that the people who do not have to pay any interest get richer - they are happy saying interest is not taking money out of poor people's pockets. That is just one example of many utterly stupid things smart men believe. And once they get enough wealth to enjoy building fortunes without having to pay interest they do not mind keeping quiet anymore than having more women in their harem did to the old time religious leaders who still figure large in the culture of Islam which venerates Abraham and Cyrus almost as much as the Royal House of David son we call Jesus. The many Muslims I have known are usually men in business and though they enjoy the haggle and back and forth of control in life, they are decent people mostly. I think they genuinely think they are good to their women, but women being equal - come on?

Here is a confrontation I am involved with. I know some women will find the guy attractive who I am arguing with just because I am an argumentative person picking on a man who clearly cannot think and whose mother language is not English. There are so many men of Islam who are not doing the web troll for women thing - and some are decent people too.

You say: Yet, it has been conclusively proven that 70% of all new converts to Islam both in the USA and in Europe are women. This would be indicative that it is not suppressive but highly solicitous of women.

What do you say to those critics who insist that Islam suppresses women in light of that fact?

I say:

​It indicates that SOME women enjoy being different in the society they were brought into. By being the center of attention among men who know they are going to get to say exactly what you just said - they know how important it is for you. It will make their choices among men who have money inside your religion (especially those from oil rich countries) propitious.

2. It indicates some women are tired of the prevailing pressure to be things they do not feel comfortable doing or being. The Western culture that makes women into sex objects is flawed in some ways. One of the ways this culture of being beautiful or a certain size and shape affects these women - is they want to know they will be free of that pressure or being on stage. Being this kind of center of attention makes these women uncomfortable. They also are like most of the deviate Muslim men - who DENY facts, do not read or research, and accept lies as fact.

3. In the USA or Europe they are never going to become genital disfigurement targets (Actually maybe YOU are the kind of freak that would find that a good thing - so I could be wrong). The laws here might also stop them having to be part of a harem. And let us face it, women who are already Christian or Jewish have already been brainwashed by the same books and pulpit pounding creeps and pedophiles.
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