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TOPIC: “The UK is Never Going to be White Again”

“The UK is Never Going to be White Again” 19 Aug 2016 22:02 #1

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“The UK is Never Going to be White Again”

Speaking to BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire, Emmy and Peabody Award winning documentary filmmaker Deeyah Khan said: “The fact of the matter is, the UK is never going to be White again. It’s just not going to happen. People can wish it, but it’s not realistic.”

She goes on to say that she recognizes this is a “big loss” for White people, but adds: “The reality is that we have to move forward. The reality is that we’re together going to have to find out what it means to be British moving forward.”

It is notable that she is willing to recognize this as a loss, almost framing it as a tragedy that you just have to deal with, while our own “leaders” claim that we have gained something by flooding our countries with third world savages.

However, despite Khan’s claim that it is “not realistic” to imagine Britain being White again, many people argue that Britain will be made White again by any means necessary and that she and all of her co-ethnics have to go back.

Khan was born in Norway to Afghan and Pakistani parents. She made the film “Banaz: A Love Story,” about a Pakistani girl killed by her family for honor in London in 2006. I have not watched it, but it is available in its entirety on YouTube.
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