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TOPIC: Many alleged 'terrorist' attacks simply are not

Many alleged 'terrorist' attacks simply are not 18 Aug 2017 23:21 #1

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Terror drills, false flags, fake deaths, crisis actors, piss poor cctv, patsies, fake bombers... You just can't trust anything in the news, especially acts of 'terrorism'. And have you seen the dire resolution of cctv footage? Where there is any (which is a rarity considering there are cameras everywhere) it's almost always very low-res and so blurred as to be virtually useless. Most folk today have a phone that can record ten times better resolution. It's rather like the shitty Apollo record. Make it crap to avoid it being effectively analysed. Also, most times when you run a search for cctv the resultant pages have nothing of the sort, merely photographs (sometimes doctored) purporting to illustrate an event. Richard D Hall - see - is currently looking into the Manchester Areana bombing, aiming to get footage or first-hand evidence from any of the concert goes but precious little has come to light. Wonder why...!

It seems the frequency of incidents is increasing but how many are genuine?

June 3rd 2017, London. Eight people killed when a van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge, then knife attacks in Borough Market.

May 22nd 2017, Manchester. A suicide bomber allegedly detonated a bomb at an Ariane Grande concert at Manchester Arena killing 22.

April 7th 2017, Stockholm. A truck rammed a crowd killing four people and wounding 15 others.

March 22nds 2017, London. A hired car mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and hit pedestrians. The driver then stabbed a policeman and killed four civilians.

March 18th 2017, Paris. An extremist attacked a French soldier at Orly airport and wrested away her assault rifle. He was shot before he could use the weapon in the busy terminal.

February 3rd 2017, Paris. A machete-wielding man attacked French soldiers guarding the Louvre museum building. The suspect was shot four times.

December 19th 2016, Berlin. A truck ploughed into a Christmas market killing 12 and injuring 56.

July 24th 2016, Ansbach, Germany. A suicide bomber injured 15 people when he blew himself up outside a music festival.

July 22 2016, Munich. An 18-year-old gunman fired into a crowded shopping centre and fast-food restaurant, killing 9 and injuring 36.

July 14th 2016, Nice. A truck was driven into Bastille Day revellers, killing 86 people.

March 22nd 2016, Brussels. Terrorist bombers killed 32 at Brussels airport and on the subway during the morning rush-hour.

November 13th 2015, Paris. Attacks killed 130, including 89 at the Bataclan music venue, and more than 360 were wounded.

January 7th-9th 2015, Paris. Gunmen launched three days of attacks starting with the offices of Charlie Hebdo, killing 12. A huge police operation included two sieges. Hostages were taken at a supermarket when a policewoman was killed before the terrorist was shot dead.

Some links you may find of interest:-
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Many alleged 'terrorist' attacks simply are not 19 Aug 2017 00:20 #2

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Sharp thinking, list and links, miacat, thanks for that.

See also the initiative of Lizzy and myself to list those hoaxes in a topic, please add the ones we forgot to include (indeed the frequency is increasing, it seems) there:

Let's list ALL the TERROR hoaxes
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Many alleged 'terrorist' attacks simply are not 19 Aug 2017 00:38 #3

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Hi miacat and welcome to the 'club' :cool: - and thanks Gaia for the link :)
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