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TOPIC: Swedish Feminists Demand Govt Action Against Sex Robots

Swedish Feminists Demand Govt Action Against Sex Robots 23 Feb 2019 22:28 #1

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This reminds me of the McDonalds employees who demanded $15 an hour and got replaced by robots lol
Swedish Feminists Demand Govt Action Against Sex Robots

Several prominent Swedish feminist groups have railed against the use of so-called “sex robots” and “sex dolls” and advocate tougher legislation against them, saying the objects normalise violent attitudes toward women.
The demand for action against sex bots came in the form of an opinion article in Swedish newspaper Expressen signed by several feminists representing the national organization for women’s shelters and girls’ homes in Sweden (Roks), the Swedish Women’s Lobby and the anti-female violence group Unizon.

In the article, the groups demand “that Swedish authorities make it difficult for brothels with robots and dolls to open in Sweden,” and that, “research that studies the connection between sexual contacts with robots and dolls and actual abuse should be initiated.”

The authors go on to demand the government “address the porn industry, sex dolls and sex robots from a perspective that problematizes sex, sexuality and power,” through education.

The demands come after the authors claimed that sex dolls, “are produced have the appearance and attributes typical of the objectifying, sexualized and humiliated woman found in today’s mainstream pornography,” and that some use the dolls and robots to fulfil ” rape fantasies.”

“It is also not unusual for both robots and dolls to represent children so that adult men can simulate child abuse,” they add.

Unlike many other countries, feminist theory is applied in a much more practical manner in Swedish society with the government boasting of a feminist foreign policy and several other local governments have enacted feminist initiatives.

One such initiative occurred in Stockholm and saw feminist theory applied to snow ploughing. The policy caused chaos in the Swedish capital as sidewalks were given priority over roads since statistics showed that men drove far more than women who tended to walk. Due to the effects of the move, major bus services were cancelled and hundreds of thousands were affected.

Feminist theory has also been touted to tackle problems in “vulnerable” neighbourhoods, areas with often high migrant populations commonly referred to as no-go areas.
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Swedish Feminists Demand Govt Action Against Sex Robots 23 Feb 2019 23:18 #2

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Rocco wrote:
This reminds me of the McDonalds employees who demanded $15 an hour and got replaced by robots lol


But with the way theyre letting so many middle easteners in , its all going to sort itself out in Sweden, eventually, when the swedish feminists themselves end up basically being sex slaves/dolls to muslim men. :hahano: :facepalm:

Harsh but true no? If things keep going in the same trajectory.

How many prominent feminists are there in the middle east and africa and how successful are they at applying feminist theory? :shemused:

And the swedish ones are obsessed with bringing that into europe.

Any real swedish woman who supports these things (that isnt a hand rubbing jew or crypto jew like babs spectre) isnt too bright and has long term thinking impediments, thats my 2c.
I remember the good old days, when 90+ year olds in nursing homes lived forever. Darn this pesky virus.

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