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TOPIC: Joe Imbriano Video, Coronavirus a Tool For Enslavement

Joe Imbriano Video, Coronavirus a Tool For Enslavement 02 Feb 2020 07:02 #1

Joe Imbriano, Coronavirus - The Tool For Enslavement of Humanity, War on Food, Travel & Our Bloodstreams.

Joe says it is a five pronged attack on humanity, and juxtaposes 50 to 100 deaths in China against tens of thousands of flu deaths every year in the US. He blames excess mortality on lifestyle and says deaths peak after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Halloween, and are caused by "toxic overload" from steroids, immune system inhibitors & chemotherapy.

He talks of "lockdowns" in China and says coronavirus is a "complete rig job," that the number 1 item on the "multifaceted" virus agenda is a war on food production, that the vaccine, epidemiology and media controversies are "hype," that they intend to destroy livestock and shut down local markets and small farms which will force ppl onto processed food. The next item on their agenda will be "forced vaccinations."

They are going to vilify, demonize and blame anyone whose vaccinations are not up to date for "spreading disease and illness." The third and fourth aspects will impose economic & travel restrictions which are already underway in China.

That they blame this supposed illness on some sort of bizarre pathogen that originated from animals that has jumped the species barrier, the other part is the inducement of fear and a sense of helplessness, where ppl are forced to rely on Government and medical services to protect them.

Joe dumps a bucket on Bill Gates and Donald Trump and says everything yr being told is theater and "all a set up," that Wuhan Province where the disease supposedly originated is the first area in China where 5G commercial applications went live .. Joe says he uncovered it all years ago.
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