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TOPIC: Trump is Spittin' Chips Coz His Election Win Was Stolen

Trump is Spittin' Chips Coz His Election Win Was Stolen 06 Nov 2020 00:59 #1


Expect no sympathy from those who lost everything in the DEW Fires he denies, Jews did 911 as well they started the fires & stole the election.


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Trump is Spittin' Chips Coz His Election Win Was Stolen 09 Nov 2020 01:54 #2

Feedback - President Reagan was controlled and so was Obama. They silenced Reagan & Nixon. They may do the same with President Trump.

That appears to be exactly what is happening ..

President Trump cut off by MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC and other major television networks over 'false claim' about US election (video).

This is outrageous he is the President of the United States whatever anyone thinks he should be heard .. the Jews intend to go on as though everything is normal like they did post 911, that he has "sour grapes" because he lost the election .. he didn't lose the election he won .. that TPTB use mockery and abuse is way over the top .. if you are gonna live in a democracy it is essential the voting is above board .. it isn't.

I am not trying to curry favor with Donald Trump, my principal criticism revolves around his refusal to countenance 911, Covid and DEW Firestorm truth .. be that as it may stolen elections invalidate the political system, I would probly support putting the official "Biden won" mindset on hold, whereas DT remains as Head of Government while the FBI gets to the bottom of the scam .. that means a lot of arrests for falsified results.

I am in Australia, and the most sickening thing about the stolen election is the way virtually the entire US political and media lobbies have put the boot into Donald Trump.

What seems to be happening here is the same as the early post 911 days, then [virtually] every man and his dog were screaming blue murder that the attacks were a blatant False Flag, the Zios who did it kept their cool knowing the entire US political and law enforcement establishments had been seeded either with blackmailed stooges or Zionist Jews.

Then in the fullness of time the ones who had been shrieking loudest - that's Alex Jones & Co - dropped the ball identifying them as "controlled opposition," while the leaderless secondary truth movement ppl that's ordinary Americans, dropped out because they did not wish to appear as the only ones in step .. while the Zios partied on and celebrated their treachery.

Agenda 21/30 means "they" want to kill somewhere around 85% of the total world population .. Joe Biden is already besmirched with 911 treason, re his meeting with the head of Pakistan Military Intelligence who was an integral part of the 911 plot, in the hours following the attacks. As well Biden likes feeling up young girls which if carried to its logical conclusion would make him a prime target for blackmail.

The few private citizens who did stick with the truth keep bombing away but it does no good .. the plan was if the truths were profound enough mainstream media and mainstream politics would get onside, there has been plenty of profundity but none of the pols or media ppl were moved in any way .. they put Biden in to neuter the US political lobby while they get down to the serious business of genocide.
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Trump is Spittin' Chips Coz His Election Win Was Stolen 09 Nov 2020 18:57 #3

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this is what the us constitution says about how the president is elected - Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

there is no clause which says the state legislatures have to appoint electors which reflect the popular vote.

Truth is anti-semitic
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