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TOPIC: 2# Africa Forum to Convene a Symposium to Address the Worsening Crisis in Cameroon

2# Africa Forum to Convene a Symposium to Address the Worsening Crisis in Cameroon 28 Nov 2020 09:09 #1


The crisis in the Anglophone regions (Northwest and Southwest) of Cameroon that began in October 2016 with protests by teachers and lawyers escalated into an armed insurrection at the end of 2017 and has since degenerated into a civil war. The conflict has killed at least 1,850 people since September 2017 and has now spread to the Francophone West and Littoral regions.


The conflict has had a substantial social and humanitarian impact in the Anglophone regions: most schools have been closed for the last two years; more than 170 villages have been destroyed. 530,000 people have been internally displaced and 35,000 have sought refuge in neighbouring Nigeria. The conflict has also devastated the local economy, which accounts for about one fifth of the country’s GDP.

Africa Forum to Convene a Symposium to Address the Worsening Crisis in Cameroon.

The Anglophone area the self declared Republic of Ambazonia consists of two regions in the country's northwest and southwest with about 5 million of Cameroon’s 24 million inhabitants .. most of Cameroon’s oil is located off the coast of the Anglophone region. Link.


The "Marriage" between West Cameroon & East Cameroon - After World War 2 the Eastern Regional Crisis in Nigeria in 1953 sees the movement of British Southern Cameroonians away from Nigeria, the February 1961 Plebiscite became a springboard to the Foumban Conference in July that year that proclaimed the Federal Republic of Cameroon. Facebook.

Conférence de Foumban 57 Ans Après, en Juillet 1961.

The 1961 Foumban Conference that united territories with different colonial legacies caused the ongoing Ambazonia War .. whereas the rest of the country speaks French .. the Anglophone Crisis also known as the Ambazonia War or the Cameroonian Civil War, is part of along standing problem that has since October 2016 escalated into a crisis, over the economic and political marginalization of the Anglophone or English speaking minority.

The Eastern Regional Crisis in Nigeria in 1953 saw the movement of British Southern Cameroon away from Nigeria, at the Foumban Constitutional Conference of 17-21 July 1961, a delegation from West Cameroon led by JN Foncha met the East Cameroon delegation led by Amadou Ahidjo. Leading to the "marriage* between West Cameroon & East Cameroon, and the formulation of a "draft constitution" which will govern the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

The Guardian - Chad Suffers Devastating Boko Haram Attack.

We are gonna say the problems in Cameroon are like Boko Haram financed by George Soros, and are at the behest of those [Jews] who covet that country's oil.


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