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TOPIC: And the First White Country to Rise Up Against the Lockdown is…. Netherlands! Congrats!

And the First White Country to Rise Up Against the Lockdown is…. Netherlands! Congrats! 25 Jan 2021 10:43 #1

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And the First White Country to Rise Up Against the Lockdown is…. Netherlands! Congrats!

Andrew Anglin January 25, 2021

I want to be the first to congratulate the Netherlandese on being the first country to stage a legit uprising against the coronavirus hoax.

I of course totally condemn these atrocities committed against democracy, and I sincerely hope that no podiums are harmed in the mayhem.

The values of democracy are very simple: no matter what your government does to you, no matter how badly they dehumanize and abuse you, it’s your fault because you voted for them. Even if they steal your election, it’s your fault because you voted for people who participated in an election theft.

You just have to lie down and take it. Better yet: bend over and take it.

In a democracy, if anyone ever attempts to resist the freedom that they voted for, you have to come down on them – hard, and brutally, using dogs and horses to attack them.

Make it clear: if you didn’t want to be treated like an absolute animal, stripped of all forms of freedom and dignity – well then, I guess you should have voted for the other guy.


Some 240 people have been arrested as unrest spread to at least 10 municipalities across the Netherlands, with riot police using water cannons, batons, dogs and horses to break up unauthorized anti-lockdown gatherings and riots.

Police faced off with curfew-defying crowds in The Hague, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Enschede, Venlo, Stein, Roermond, Oosterhout, Breda and elsewhere across the nation for the second day in a row on Sunday.

At least 190 people, including minors, were detained in Amsterdam alone, where some 1,500 protesters gathered at the central Museum Square, according to local media.

While most of the demonstrators were peaceful, some sitting on a field with their banners, authorities declared the entire gathering was illegal under the current Covid lockdown rules, and police forcefully dispersed it using water cannons and batons.

In Eindhoven, hundreds of protesters clashed with police, pelting fireworks and rocks at officers and police vans, while mounted cops charged the crowd and used tear gas against the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, a group of rioters in Enschede tried to smash windows at the Medisch Spectrum Twente, forcing the hospital to request additional security.

:right: Much more footage here.

However, even without access to the rest of that title, I can tell you this: Life will be something.

Resistance, ultimately, is futile.

The time for resistance was either before, during or immediately after World War II. Ever since these Jews were allowed into America, and allowed to conquer it completely, we’ve been making a beeline for a satanic global government run by Jews, as outlined in their Talmud.

If these riots spread across the continent, it’s going to be interesting. But it won’t amount to much. They will ultimately be sent home and told to vote for someone who won’t lock them in their house based on the theory that they are protecting them from a flu virus which is mysteriously killing hundreds of thousands of people no one has ever met.

People are going to run on a platform, like Donald Trump did, of ending the lockdown. And they will win elections. But either the elections will be stolen, or once in office, the politician will announce that because of a “deadly new strain,” he has to do the thing he ran on a platform of opposing.

I can’t ever tell you enough times: this is all permanent.

Of course they are going to let up on some of it, and then bring it back, and change rules to make it seem like you have more freedom, or make it even worse, or whatever. They’ll tell you you only have to stand four feet apart instead of six, then they’ll change it to eight, then to seven, then back to four, then back to six. Any appearance of new freedoms will just be to dazzle and confuse you, leave you in a panicked state.

Remember: the virus is the flu. It’s just the normal flu. The death tolls are faked. This is a gigantic social engineering program, designed to bring in a totally new society.

1. Everyone has to be driven into poverty, safe for the ruling elite, who are getting all of this disappearing wealth.
2. Everyone has to be broken. The population of every country has to get used to having absolutely no freedom, and being treated worse than an animal by the cops and the government generally. They have to accept that they are not human. They do not have rights. They are servants of a machine, which can do whatever it wants to them, at any time. They have no right to petition anyone, they have no right to complain.
3. That’s democracy, and it’s your fault. You, individually, chose this. You could have voted for people who wouldn’t do this to you.
We should continue to peacefully resist, of course.

At some point, this entire global system is simply going to collapse.

Trust Jesus.

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