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Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. Read More:

TOPIC: Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about.

Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 15:27 #1

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by Eve Frances Lorgen 1998
from AlienLoveBite Website

Angels are within Dreams & Dreams are within Angels & who are YOU?

The inner Angel or Alien Demon within you?

Are you the Dream? Or is the Dream; Dreaming YOU?

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly once


** AND YOU ARE ? **


The Alien, alienated, Stranger, Demons & confusion side of things!

The helping positive revealing true Spiritual Angel side of Dreaming!

So the Angel is within your Dreams & Dreams are within the Angel

But who & where are YOU in all of this? >>>

Who are YOU?

So who is the Angel within your Dreams & aren't Dreams within the Angel and

where are YOU in all of this?

Are YOU the inner, the outer, the Angel or are you the Alien Demon within

your Dream & Dreamings?

So who are WE & YOU Really?

Are YOU your Dream;

or did the Dream get YOU into the Dream of Dreaming being the Dreams?

Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about.

So lets share the Beans and spill the Dreams, Beings & Alien Daemons!

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Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 15:32 #2

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by Eve Frances Lorgen 1998
from AlienLoveBite Website

Imagine experiencing your ultimate fantasy without undesirable risks or consequences.

Think about communicating with your own unconscious mind, spiritual beings, or God for valuable clues to your most sought after question. Enlightenment itself. For those who have an unrelenting quest for understanding dreams - and especially lucid dreaming - a phychophysiological model is a welcome approach.

But first, let me define what a lucid dream is:

The conscious awareness that one is dreaming while in the sleeping, dreaming state.

Lucid dreams are experienced by approximately 20 percent of the population, the majority are spontaneous occurrences.

Fewer people practice lucid dreaming at will on a consistent basis. The percentage of lucid dreamers may be greater in various cultures and groups who practice spiritual traditions such as shamanism - a form of American Indian Medicine, Taoism, Buddhism, Tibetan dream yoga and specific disciplines aimed at developing the 'witnessing consciousness' of enlightenment.

As a biochemist, psychologist and lucid dreamer myself, I often wondered what biochemical and neurophysiological processes are responsible for the lucid dream state of consciousness, as well as the psychological and spiritual significance of lucid dreams.

Until relatively recently , sleep and dream researchers did not believe lucid dreams were possible. During the seventies, however, Stanford University Lucid Dream Researcher Stephen La Berge, Ph.D. proved under laboratory conditions that lucid dreams are not only possible, but repeatable occurrences in certain individuals.

La Berge and his lucid dream associates developed mental techniques and exercises to enhance dream recall and activate lucid dreams, which were demonstrated to be successful. The team determined that with sufficient intent and mental discipline anyone can learn to lucid dream.

The physiological explanation of sleep and dreams has been largely defined through the study and interpretation of the EEG or electroencephalogram, an instrument which measures brain wave activity, or specifically, the electrical bursts of neuronal activity, muscle tone, and eye movement.

There are five distinct phases of brain activity in sleep: Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM or rapid eye movement phase, the latter also referred to as paradoxical sleep, in which dreaming occurs.

The first stage of sleep is light and usually lasts no more than 10 minutes. In this stage one may experience visual hypnogagic imagery.

Stage 2 follows, lasting another 10 minutes characterized by slower and more rhythmic theta brain waves of light sleep.

As stages 3 and 4 progress, slow delta waves replace the theta waves. Deep sleep takes place in stages 3 and 4. If subjects are awakened during this stage, they are disoriented and report mental activity as being more thought-like rather than dreamlike.

The next phase of sleep, REM - where dreaming occurs - is considered paradoxical because brain wave activity resembles waking consciousness except for relaxed, paralyzed muscle tone. Some believe that the simultaneous muscle paralysis of REM sleep is natures way of protecting sleepers from acting out their dreams which could be harmful - even fatal.

Sleepwalking and night terrors do not occur in REM sleep, instead they occur in stages 3 and 4. Both sleepwalking and night terrors are considered a sleep arousal problem occurring mostly in young children. They run in families, suggesting an heredity factor.

Throughout the night, the normal human sleep cycle repeats itself 4 to 5 times, each cycle (stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM) lasting approximately 90 minutes. As each sleep cycle progresses, REM time increases and stages 3 and 4 decrease. In some cases, the sleeper alternates between stage 2 and REM, omitting stages 3 and 4.

In rare cases of narcoleptic sleep paralysis (and even sleep deprivation), the sleeper may enter REM sleep almost immediately, often consciously and with hallucinations. Some lucid dreamers can enter the REM state consciously, usually right after an awakening while still very relaxed, or during a daytime nap.

This, however, is different from narcoleptic sleep paralysis. (A similar state occurs in some alien encounters, and may be a deliberate neurological state the aliens externally impose on their "experiencers.") The last two hours of sleep contain the largest amounts of REM dream-time, and it is usually these dreams that we can recall most readily upon awakening.

So what is the biological or evolutionary significance and function of REM sleep? It is known that the theta brain wave rhythm is associated with REM sleep. The hippocampus portion of the inner brain is the source of theta and appears to be generated in all mammals during periods which are crucial to learning. All placental and marsupial mammals share theta rhythm during REM sleep.

An interesting observation is also the inordinate amount of time spent in the REM cycle of sleep in newborns and very young children, suggesting that dreaming is intimately connected to learning and memory storage.

Lucid dreaming takes place in REM sleep. It is characterized by a higher amount of CNS (central nervous system) activity than normal, non-lucid REM sleep. Normally in REM sleep the critical faculty of the brain is switched off. More specifically, the aminergic neurons in the brainstem are at their lowest levels in REM sleep.

The neurotransmitters responsible for activating the aminergic neurons in the brainstem are somehow inhibited, or more accurately, being conserved for the following day. These neurotransmitters are specifically related to the critical attentional and learning tasks. The absence, rest, or inhibition of their function perfectly fits the pattern one finds in non-lucid dreams of a non-critical consciousness, which blindly accepts bizarre events, and loss of contextual and referencing faculties.

Normally, when the aminergic neurons are inhibited in REM sleep, the muscle tone is also inhibited or paralyzed. But somehow, in lucid dreaming the aminergic neurons - hence the critical faculty - is switched on, while muscle paralysis is still maintained.

Only when, for some mysterious, accidental, or evolutionary reason, the self referencing faculty suddenly awakens, do we find ourselves in a lucid dream.

As humans, our reflective consciousness or creative attentiveness, is the self same function that we find in lucidity. Dr. Stephen La Berge has insightfully pointed out that lucid dreamers are able to act reflectively, freeing themselves from the compulsion of habit. Seen in this light, lucid dreaming does not appear at all to be a mere abnormality, but perhaps represents a highly adaptive function, the most advanced product of millions of years of biological evolution.

In light of the currently available research on the various aspects of lucid dreaming, I would surmise that the human will alone can alter our own biochemistry and perhaps even change the genetic blueprint for our level of consciousness - and who we are yet to become.

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Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 15:42 #3

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by Lynne Levitan and Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.
From NIGHTLIGHT 3(2-3), 1991
from TheLucidityInstitute Website

"Out of body” experiences (OBEs) are personal experiences during which people feel as if they are perceiving the physical world from a location outside of their physical bodies.

At least 5 and perhaps as many as 35 of every 100 people have had an OBE at least once in their lives (Blackmore, 1982). OBEs are highly arousing; they can be either deeply disturbing or profoundly moving. Understanding the nature of this widespread and potent experience would no doubt help us better understand the experience of being alive and human.

The simplest explanation is that OBEs are exactly what they seem: the human consciousness separating from the human body and traveling in a discorporate form in the physical world. Another idea is that they are hallucinations, but this requires an explanation of why so many people have the same delusion. Some of our experiments have led us to consider the OBE as a natural phenomenon arising out of normal brain processes.

Thus, we believe that the OBE is a mental event that happens to healthy people. In support of this, psychologists Gabbard and Twemlow (1984) have concluded from surveys and psychological tests that the typical OBE experient is,
“a close approximation of the ‘average healthy American.’” (p. 40)

Our conception, also proposed by the English psychologist Susan Blackmore, is that an OBE begins when a person loses contact with sensory input from the body while remaining conscious (Blackmore, 1988; LaBerge - Lucidity Letter; Levitan - Lucidity Letter).

The person retains the feeling of having a body, but that feeling is no longer derived from data provided by the senses. The “out-of-body” person also perceives a world that resembles the world he or she generally inhabits while awake, but this perception does not come from the senses either.

The vivid body and world of the OBE is made possible by our brain’s marvelous ability to create fully convincing images of the world, even in the absence of sensory information. This process is witnessed by each of us every night in our dreams.

Indeed, all dreams could be called OBEs in that in them we experience events and places quite apart from the real location and activity of our bodies.

So, we are saying that OBEs may be a kind of dream. But, even so, they are extraordinary experiences.

The great majority of people who have had OBEs say they are more real than dreams. Common aspects of the experience include being in an “out-of-body” body much like the physical one, feeling a sense of energy, feeling vibrations, and hearing strange loud noises (Gabbard & Twemlow, 1984). Sometimes a sensation of bodily paralysis precedes the OBE (Salley, 1982; Irwin, 1988; Muldoon & Carrington, 1974; Fox, 1962).

To the sleep researcher, these strange phenomena are remarkably reminiscent of another curious experience, called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs sometimes when a person is waking from or falling into REM sleep, the state in which most vivid dreams occur.

During REM sleep, the muscles of the body, excluding the eye muscles and those responsible for circulation and respiration, are immobilized by orders from a nerve center in the lower brain. This prevents us from acting out our dreams. Occasionally, this paralysis turns on or remains active while the person’s mind is fully awake and aware of the world.

Some of the experiences people have reported during sleep paralysis are:

  • *I feel completely removed from myself”
  • “feeling of being separated from my body”
  • “eerie, rushing experiences”
  • “hissing in the ears”
  • “roaring in the head”

  • These events appear to be much like the OBE sensations of vibrations, strange noises, and drifting away from the physical body (Everett, 1983).

    Fear has also been described as a common component of sleep paralysis (see the “Question and Answer” in NightLight, Vol. 2, No. 1 for a discussion of overcoming fear in sleep paralysis.)

    To end this discussion of the origins of the OBE, an event considered unbelievable by many and metaphysical by others, let’s consider the state of affairs that is considered normal: the “in-the-body” experience.

    What does it mean to be in a body? Saying that one is in a body implies that the self is an object with definite borders capable of being contained by the boundaries of another object - the physical body. However, we do not have any evidence that the self is such a concrete thing. What we think of as “out-of-body” in an OBE is the experience of the self.

    This experience of being “in” a body is normally based on perceptual input from the senses of both the world external to the body and the processes within the body. These give us a sense of localization of the self in space. However, it is the body, and its sense organs, that occupy a specific locus, not the self.

    The self is not the body or the brain. If we think that the self is a product of brain function, even this does not make it reasonable to state that the self is in the brain - is the meaning contained in these words in this page? It may not make any sense on an objective level to say that the self is anywhere. Rather, the self is where it feels itself to be. Its location is purely subjective and derived from input from the sensory organs.

    Putting aside the question of the essential nature of the self, perception is undeniably a phenomenon tied to brain function. So, when we find ourselves experiencing a world that seems much like the one we are used to perceiving with our usual equipment - eyes, ears, etc., all things linked to our brains, it would be logical to assume that it is our usual brain creating the experience. And, if we were to really leave our bodies - severing all connection with them - it would be illogical to assume that we would see the world in the same way.

    Therefore, although no amount of contradictory evidence can rule out the possibility of a real “out of body experience,” in which an individual exists in some form entirely independent of the body, it is highly unlikely that such a form would utilize perceptual systems identical to those of the physical human form.

    Spiritual teachings tell us that we have a reality beyond that of this world. The OBE may not be, as it is easily interpreted, a literal separation of the soul from the crude physical body, but it is an indication of the vastness of the potential that lies wholly within our minds.

    The worlds we create in dreams and OBEs are as real as this one, and yet hold infinitely more variety. How much more exhilarating to be “out-of-body” in a world where the only limit is the imagination than to be in the physical world in a powerless body of ether!

    Freed of the constraints imposed by physical life, expanded by awareness that limits can be transcended, who knows what we could be, or become?

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 16:10 #4

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    1. - Active Dreaming
    2. - Lucid Awareness Gives Incredible Insight Into Human Consciousness
    3. - Lucid Dreaming - A Psychophysiological Approach to an Ancient Spiritual Practice
    4. - Out-of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams
    5. - Overcoming Nightmares
    6. - Principles and Practice of Lucid Dreaming
    7. - Prolonging Lucid Dreams
    8. - Varieties of Lucid Dreaming Experience
    9. - The Computer Inside You - The Caretakers
    10. -
      Consciousness and The Conscious Universe - Main File

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 16:39 #5

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  • - 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 - The Wave of Energy You've All Been Waiting For Has Begun
  • - 2012 - A Dismantling of Old Codes and Programs
  • - 2012 Visionaries - Old Systems Are Breaking Down to Make Way for The New Earth
  • - 4D Consciousness Is Now Our Playground and The Realm of Ideas and Imagination
  • - 4th Density Earth Is Allowing Us To Put Relationships and Judgment Into Perspective
  • - 5th Dimension Consciousness
  • - Accelerating World Events are Assisting in The Shift of Human Consciousness
  • - An Introduction to Awakening
  • - Are You an Old Soul?
  • - A Time for New Beginnings

  • - Consciousness and Compassion in Our (Simulated) Universe
  • - Consciousness and Evolution
  • - Consciousness and Human Energy - Main File
  • - Consciousness and Science - Main File
  • - Consciousness and Sociopolitics - Main File
  • - Consciousness and The New Physics
  • - Consciousness, Causality, and Quantum Physics
  • - Cracking The Fortress of Delusion

  • - Dancing in The Vortex of Change
  • - Exploring the Levels of Consciousness
  • - Fear and The Everyday Mind
  • - Gregg Braden y Su "Mensaje" - Main File
  • - How We Create Reality
  • - Humanity is Transforming and Changing - The Great Awakening
  • - Identities - A Fine Balance - How Does Identification Work in the Inner World?

  • And much, much more Here >>
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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 17:16 #6

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    You can push for what you like to dream about .......... ;)

    Yes you can with the will in action ..........

    Yes it Works. .... ~7 days ... concentrating on it

    You can prove it to yourself if the reality or any Dream is first.

    Concentrate on something which truly interests you for about 7 days.

    I mean hard core mentally concentrating on something.

    Then try to catch your following up dreams.
    If you good; these dreams can even give you answers on things you searching for.

    If you make your concentrating on something a routine the indoctrinated Dream-world around you will just die off & its related Dreams too!

    Yes it Works! ........... It does for me repeatedly if I choose so but is hard works!

    ~7 days

    That's the problem with most they don't have a day spare in there designed busy so called lives!

    Getting into your own dream world is not about relaxing or meditation by crossing your legs or holding your fingers together in a specific way. ..........

    But its actually about dedicated mental concentration on something of interest.

    And then your Dreaming about it will just follow.

    When these dream giving you even answers to questions; then you truly connected to yourself & the source wherever it comes from.

    Strange that the source can compute things logically ......... or is it YOU in reality without even knowing your real ability's?

    Some may call it being visions?? ...........
    but I say they not visions they are YOUR inner true You and your unseen real ability's.

    Your true unknown, unseen YOU; from within!

    Is not just a Dream but hard core truth!

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 Jun 2014 17:38 #7

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    Should I trust my dreams if they even make sense?

    I just woke up & this was part of my dream.......... & I wrote it down on the spot so I don't forget; & then after I had my coffee.

    So this is the thing I woke up which floated around in my head.

    Everything is upside-down & reversed in the World of Evil minds & there strategy's.

    Proof, proof, proof give me proof of what you think & say if its true or not??

    Well that it is there in the first place; is already proof on its own which should be enough for anyone to see reality?

    Don't let the Masons or anyone else make you proof what is coming from themselves or there own enemy's.

    Its in there court to proof why others get the impression there is something not right & clearly wrong in there own Town.

    You don't need to concern yourself about the sorting out of the object which you concerned about.

    Dump the lot, ignore the lot don't communicate with the lot of them and stay save!

    Its not in your court to proof if you are wrong with what your feelings or intuition tells you & what your concerns are about.

    Always your own safety comes first! ALWAYS! .... you are number one no matter what anyone says or thinks about it. ........ Always!

    Don't try to fight or argue with those which making out they are the good & intelligent moral once.
    If they would & had a logical brain on them own they would not used the tactics of the evil once; to convince others through words only they are not the bad once or they not all bad.

    Its not your responsibility that you get an impression that something is not right in Town; its already enough that it appeared from wherever & that the individual follows there personal build in protection system.

    No matter it comes from your feelings, intuition, mind, logic or spirit thinking ways or from information which came to you from the external world.

    You do not have to agree or consent to anything if you don't think its truly save to do so on a personal level.

    Its not in your court to work out what is wrong or not in the Masons world & there organisations ....... its there obligation & in there personal interest to do so not yours ever.

    Any opinion which came in your mind right or wrong makes no difference as long it represents a protection type of thing for your personal self.

    Its not a problem if you wrong or right with your opinion or search result information.
    Once your own body, soul, mind & spirit gives you any info of awareness towards something external its always the number one you should follow with not placing any doubt on it; if it came truly from your within.

    So when anyone says to you proof your opinions are right ........
    you say no need to prove my intuition that they are there is the proof already.
    For you to have such intuition in the first place must have a logical reason & something must be wrong with the external for you to develop your position to any issue on hand & its not in your court or interest to change this type of protection mechanism.

    So the ball to change the external expression is in the court of the Masons or whatever else which created the impression the individual is concerned about other groups or people.

    If a Woman had a bad experience with a male twice or even three times over time.

    Would you stay careful towards all males in general out in the World to stay save?
    Or would you just keep going on & confront every male as usual and listen to each and everyone how wrong you are to think that all males are evil shits.

    No you stay in safety ALWAYS and let those which fall into this group of evil within your mind & out of experience proof themselves how truly good they are & how false your natural protection ways truly are.
    No words are required, no need for you to find any prove or change your ways of thinking its for them to proof your neutral concern is wrong by there own proving to you physically your thinking was not in order to think in this way.

    You see Masons are just smart asses; trying to get others to solve there own problems by saying proof to me what you are thinking, feeling or saying is correct.
    That it is there already and pops up in your life is already the proof that something is not right otherwise it would not be there in the first place.

    If the Masons would be intelligent enough & not be slimy little critters they would understand reality & not always try to get others to solve or proof there own problems.

    If someone or many don't like an individual or a group there must be logical reason behind it. Same thing with the Jewish side if they have been kicked out from places all over 160 times through out history there must be a logical reason behind it! To just say they don't like me or us is a illogical no-brainier answer out of ignorance & Ego.

    So bottom line; if you intuition says there is something wrong ....... you better follow it.

    If any proof comes from the effected side your way & things appear they have truly changed ... evaluate it again; but never dump your natural inner true you.

    Don't get fooled by others & try to solve there own problem .............
    its there problems & in there own interests to solve it not your obligation to proof your natural intuition are right or wrong; because your concern is to stay protected & save at all time.

    I'm not talking about believes ......... they have nothing to do with the inner of you! Believes are 100% of the External World only. I point to the inner giving you messages through different means!

    As it says correctly; better save then sorry! ........ So true.

    Don't trust anyone ..........

    Don't you proof things towards others let them proof themselves if the source problem originated from there side or group.

    Don't give away your natural inner alarm system which creates these protection issue.
    The Evil will only use this knowledge against you to find a counter action to destroy your natural protection system so you be fooled again by dropping your natural guards.
    Always stay aware and be conciousness of your surroundings.

    Should I not trust my dreams even if they making sense towards what you see in the World we live in?

    A Mason would say ......... but proof that your dream was not wrong?

    Well it could not be wrong because the Dream was real & included even something factual.

    Dreams are the results coming from the things you doing in your life or thinking about & the inner sorts them out.
    If your dreams are all over the place with all sorts of images which making no sense at all should shows you how your life truly plays out all around yourself where nothing makes sense & it reflects back into your true dream world showing you the external Dream or reality you are living in reality.

    Dreams are a shadow evaluator of your own reality you are living.

    My dreams a becoming more & more factual because that's what I live in now.
    I'm rejecting all this mixed up stuff & don't fill my head with it any-more .... I just right-out dump all such things!

    TV must be one of the biggest enemy Humans have .......
    my old type of dreams I would compare to the commercials flipping over there content every second which just makes no sense in the end.

    I love the dreams which giving me answers on outer World issues!

    Happened to me a few times already & I write them down on the Spot; so I don't forget them.

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid Spiritual 6 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming 25 Jun 2014 17:48 #8

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    6 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming

    by Gary Beckwith

    By simply reading and following the 6 easy steps outlined here, you will attain the useful skill of Lucid Dreaming. You are welcome to read this entire paper before you begin, or while you are in the process of following the instructions. However, it is important that you finish each step before you go into the practice of the next. If you follow each step, completely and in order, you are on your way to becoming a master of the Dream World.

    1. Know What Lucid Dreaming is and it's Uses.

    In normal dreams, we are "players" in a play. We don't know the plot or the outcome until it happens. Things happen "to us." It can be scary, confusing, dull, stressful, and frustrating at times. We are not in control. In lucid dreams, we are in control. We can do anything we want. We can change the scene at will - just wish that the monster chasing you was a beautiful woman (or man) and POOF! Or better yet, stop and ask the monster why he's chasing you. The benefits of lucid dreaming are endless. Being in a lucid dream is a very special time and place. The wonderful thing about it is that it's as real as "real life." Can you imagine a place exactly like this world, except for the fact that you have magical powers, can do absolutely anything you want, and where wishes come true instantly? The only difference is that in the Lucid Dream World, you know, in the back of your mind, that you are dreaming. But that doesn't decrease the real feeling of it. And because you know you are dreaming, you can do anything you want, without "screwing up" anything in your real life. You can even fly, go to the bottom of the sea, walk through walls, and satisfy your wildest fantasies. Our normal dreams are so real that we usually have no idea that we are dreaming. Likewise, in Lucid Dreams, our experience, our senses, and everything is the same, or even MORE vivid and brilliant, than our waking hours. The key to lucid dreaming is simply to be aware that you are dreaming. The door then opens to infinite possibilities of learning, adventure, healing, fantasy, and awe.

    2. Remember Your Dreams.
    3. Check-in Often.
    4. Have A Plan For What To Do When You Get A Yes.
    5. Consider Your Dreams While Awake.

    Now that you've succeeded in having a lucid dream, think how you can use lucid dreams. Think about what your dreams mean to you. Think about how you can learn from them. Think up some fantasies that you would like to live out. The best thing about lucid dreams is that your mind will feel as if you have actually done these things when you awaken. So, if you always wanted to swim with dolphins, go for it! Do it in a lucid dream and you will be fulfilled! While you're awake, think about all the uses of lucid dreaming, and make your plans for the next time it happens. Set the plan firmly in your mind. Each time you do your check-in, remind yourself of what the plan is for today. The possibilities are endless.

    Just a few examples:

  • Flying and space travel
  • Being with your favorite famous person
  • Performing in front of a live audience
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Asking questions and receiving guidance in real life issues
  • Going to sacred places
  • Confronting situations

  • Being in awe of your surroundings - your senses are heightened if you focus on them. Scenes are more vivid, sounds are more intense, etc... If you take a moment, you can really feel the beauty.

    Going into my World & not yours >>

    <<< WoW just Wiped out all the Evil Pig minded brains on Earth!
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    Dreaming Your own personal reality Dream Sphere Spirituality 25 Jun 2014 18:30 #9

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    Originally Posted by jupiter12

    Hi, when you said “In the non-physical state, we exist outside of space/time and are very much the creators of reality via dreaming” it makes you think about our true origin and identity, you’ve previously mentioned we are aspects of a singularity of awareness which I can see by the interconnectedness of everything.

    I like how you explain, “If we have duality in matter, we then must have duality in consciousness hence the physical and non-physical reality of which I describe.”, and the way we decode reality from wave function/interference patterns. Clues are all around us, in physics, maths, dreams, life, NVC etc..

    I recently had a dream where I was in the universe observing Galaxies and other Cosmic Creations which were falling into a gigantic funnel/vortex, like a long trumpet spiralling towards the base. I was then viewing the centre/base of the vortex which was a huge bright light, as I observed the light it transformed into a huge eye, observing me! This made me think about a website I used to visit called Crystalinks, where the author referred to the 12 aspects of creation (cones), which look like trumpets/votex. She also talked about how everything begins from source/consciousness using harmonics & sacred geometry. She emphasised how the universe communicates using symbolism and NVC.

    When you mentioned our disconnection to each other and our animalistic needs that have evolved to use force to achieve our egotistical needs and that we become the victim of our desires it makes you think about the role and influence we have in this Collective Cosmic Dream! Is this just consciousness freely being itself, or exploring 3D reality? Like a role play game about domination & ego? I can definitely see why your goal is to be a positive part of the whole. In waking up from the dream does it reveal a purpose for our part in it? Interesting all the great philosophers like Galileo who have studied these questions

    I will call it >>>

    Your own personal reality Dream Sphere.

    Our entire wording of things is totally screwed up because of our lying manipulating system implementation & a lifetime of indoctrination!

    I actually think its our wording we have been brainwashed with which keeps us disconnected from getting to our real source & reality of things.
    There indoctrinations wording is all reversed from the true reality and moves everyone far away from the real source & truth of things.

    Let me try if this example would bring some light to what I personally can see & how I explain it to myself.

    Go back to true basics ...... or the smallest of your basic building blocks.

    Just look at the wording you are using!

    we exist outside of space/time

    I say we exist only in the inner (not outside) the non moving quite silent part which has a space in-between the real you and the all over the place moving Soul (Body never resting parts like electrons buzzing all over & around its true source);
    As in the image the neutron & proton joint together in the centre with its partner (zero point existence with your true and only partner (Spirit, Mind, logical observer)).

    All else externally of this partnership is your body = (the Electrons moving all over the place). Hitting other electrons or getting dragged along by other electrons = (other external individual body's)

    Your dream must be part of the centre silence you sitting on a big relaxing comfortable rotating chair being the observer only with your remote control to hand to pick your position looking at a big all around 3D Screen Sphere!

    Our true we; is in the centre the non moving part joint with our partner all else is just all the different moving never relaxing Spheres & all its different levels which are creating all the confusion if you removed from your centre you.

    But once you joint with your partner & centre you its like looking at a 3D movie sphere type of thing where you can see all the external movie being projected by the moving (electrons) spheric rounded walls.

    Symbolically don't be the Electron your moving Body part; but become your inner and join with your Spirit partner & watch what your external outer Body(electrons) are projecting.

    This what I would say is your Dream world but is in reality your Body (Electron) movement around your true inner self which has the power to see his own external movement by looking from inside out.

    And not to try to look from outside in because you will just end-up with a totally distorted movie image looking through so many different levels of moving Electron Spheres to look at your inner! Unrecognisable image with no clear view.

    You look from within a darkened room into a light filled under water world of yourself. Now you will see everything clear and crisp. But you trying to look from a room which is full of moving electron light particles into the centre point silent non moving darkness & you see nothing or all is just distorted & not clear at all what is within that dark room. (Like looking into a Shadow & you see nothing!)

    Well as it says you will find the real truth only within silence & within total darkness. But what you view from it is the pour light with all its colour variations.

    Wow another heavy one to get your head around.

    Sitting in a comfortable rotating chair with your partner to your side
    looking at the outer Sphere of yourself.

    Like being in a Submarine parked in the centre of your own self watching in
    comfort you own personal entire outer physical Ocean World.

    The dream of the external; but the real to the internal true you!

    You are the physical one moving within the Waters & all the other things &

    Fishes you come in contact with in the ever moving never relaxing
    outer Water World.

    The World of your Soul, heart & feelings
    are the Water,

    Remember the saying & he walked on top of the waters! Yes the true Spirit can do such things with no problems at all.

    How does this strange example comes across towards others to explain

    your true inner Dream world?

    Sexy partner too!

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 27 Sep 2014 05:37 #10

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    Klaudia Burman

    Did you ever heard about ”lucid dream”? As Wikipedia says: A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. This happened to me today, when I took a power nap on the day( what was a reaaaaaally long ”nap” btw. I slept like 4-5 hours).

    The dream was so weird… First I dreamed that I woke up and got really crazy in my head. I heard the voices saw weird things etc. And it was exactly my bedroom, my bed, everything was just the same as it looks in my apartment so I thought it’s happening in real. I was so scared (in the dream) that I called my boyfriend to come back home from work. Then I ”woke up”. By woke up I mean I woke up in the dream again- my mom called to the door to my apartment to say good bye before she left to Spain(she left today) so it was very realistic and I didn’t know it was a dream…

    Then the story repeat again- I woke up in the dream but it was because my family came to visit. then I was like ”WTF? It has to be a dream!” Then I remembered all I was reading about lucid dream before and decided to do weird things, like flying and all those things human can’t do. It was super cool and funny, but after while I decided that I want to wake up, because I sleep so long but then the story repeat. I was waking up in the dream again and again and again… I was so afraid that I’m in coma or something. Haha. So when I FINALLY woke up when my boyfriend called to the doors i was like: ” Oh my God… Again?!!” I thought it was still a dream! I had to check the ability to ”superpower” to believe I’m not in the dream. Haha.

    I know, I know, I’m weird, right? But I really want to experience it again! There is many information and technique how to get lucid dreams. Here is some page where you can get to know more about lucid dreams. I remember I was obsessed for many months about this topic. It’s really weird and mysterious.
    If you want to know more about the subject just google it with Lucid Dream term and make a research. But don’t blame me when you get obsessed and really into the topic! ;- )

    Did you ever knew that you were in a dream so you could do what you ever wanted? 

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 27 Sep 2014 20:50 #11

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    subbed - we be back later to post ;) thx mario.
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    † Rays or X Rays; Halo Rays -- Dreaming, Dream Lucid 23 May 2015 19:54 #12

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    And now I will talk about my latest revealing and confirming dream today!

    Was very interesting & a bit technical as well. :ponda:

    It started like this .........
    Showing me the abilities of Alfa, Beta & Gamma rays.

    Then after my dream pointed me to the true & most supreme form of †/X Rays which no other form of rays can supersede.

    It pointed me to the reality of † Rays or X Rays; Halo Rays of the Cross meaning & its true power over all other admitted Rays known to man these days.

    No machine ever will be able to produce these unique all penetrating Rays; but Men himself ........... not even any God or Satan because it has more then just one base component to ever function in the reality invisible & visible World.

    These reality Rays are able the create & invent all forms of Rays from A to X coding & puts them to practical use
    Like the Gamma Rays we are using these days to view your internal structures of your body.
    Or to view into metals by making images of welding seams to discover invisible to the eyes inner separations, faults or unwanted encapsulations using Gamma Rays.

    Then it pointed me to the ability the true † Rays or X Rays having.

    1) These Rays emitted are totally invisible & can penetrate through all things known to men & through things not yet known.

    2) It can even look & penetrate into the invisible of the invisible itself with skill, practice & the † Rays Wisdom.

    3) They are absolutely non destructive to all forms of living matter.

    4) These Rays are non harmful to any matter or men ........ quite the opposite infect!

    5) These Rays are able to create all the forms of other Rays in the Universe; to look into things & all invisible places the eyes can not see! Without these Rays non of the others would ever been created or could exist because they would never have been created or invented in the first place without these Supreme † Rays coming from true Human beings within.

    6) But the supremeness of all is that it can look into Peoples & Human minds including his own reality in detail to the smallest of smallest component ; even a temporary thought itself .... which no other Rays will ever be able to achieve.

    7) These † Rays or X Rays are the only one which can create, control, evaluates & sees all others can not.

    In the End its said these rays are called the power of the true Cross which can create & sees, communicates with everything right up into the deepest Universe itself.

    These are the Supreme Rays a men can own all for himself & will be given to him male/female alike if he seeks, uses, implements & respects them into eternity.

    The true power & Rays of the Universe (divine light Rays) which no one will supersede as long a single Human walks on Earth & two to multiply the source of the Supreme unique power of the †Rays!

    And no matter what I have to agree with what my dream stated to me is truth & nothing but the truth!
    A true Dream is a revealer of facts & not just a simple crazy dream sometimes so it has to be noted & not just dismissed all the time!

    Tell me did my dream lie to me?
    I already know but what you all say?

    The Rays of the Cross the true light giver to see all invisible dark places in the universe.
    The Halo rays coming from the within all true Men.

    So for me its very clear where the Halo image symbolic had his true origin & why it was used to point to the hidden silent Rays of true Humans & most powerful totally invisible all penetrating rays in the Universe so far.

    And those which dream only about Demons or strange things are doing so because they are either of Demon kind themselves or are in close communication with many Strange things & Demon kind around them!
    So get away from all Demon kind & turn to become a true Human being yourself. Then you will have revealing dreams as well!

    Sometimes it just simply shows these supreme Rays beginnings; like this >>>>
    @ oiram @
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    Rays of the Universe 23 May 2015 23:16 #13

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    Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 25 May 2015 05:18 #14

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    :fanx: @novum
    That's how the thread looked in the beginning.
    Also it looks like it has a permanent appearing happy silent @sketti member viewer which is unique in itself.

    @ oiram @
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    What a silly dream I just woke up with; but it had a strange but true revelation attached to it. 26 May 2015 01:09 #15

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    What a silly dream I just woke up with; but it had a strange but true revelation attached to it. :wissl:
    I will need to make a image with text for this with the header >>>

    What a revealing dream this was :ponda: ;) :cool2:

    Truly Nuts! ....... I'm having unrealistic; realistic dreams??
    I had to make notes right after I woken up; so I did not forget the dream.

    Yup .... Right I see "Toilet vision Dreaming"............. :O

    |||||||| ||||||||

    How could you visualize the ways of any philosopher? :ponda: ........... I know, I know .... just think Toilet example
    Do people even understand what I'm on about here?? :dunno:
    And :nono: ..... I did not just make this story up; it was a real dream I had!

    Part of the message is hidden for the guests. Please log in or register to see it.
    "What did Jesus say to you?" :ponda: ........... Maybe; The Father, the Son & I. ....
    or ...... the words of truth, You are the truth in Words and the Holy Spirit is within you ALL!

    You see:
    "Thomas" understood perfectly ..... because through his answer he just proved that he turned "philosopher like"
    (Scripture was written by true Masters!)

    Hah ..... now I feel relieved after the big great flush ......... or should I better say flood?.

    Master peace posting for our so called modern times & modern Toilets! :yup:

    @ oiram @
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    I just woke up with this revealing dream; explaining me the entire reality scheme! -- Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 30 Jun 2015 09:20 #16

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    Ill just woke up with this revealing dream; explaining me the entire reality scheme!

    Yes Wording & sometimes even just a single letter can make all the difference; (between Good & bad; or Right & the left hand way!)

    So I could clearly say then & personally conclude >>>>>

    The so called Soul is & becomes the Spirit once it has (self redeemed itself!)

    The Heart is the true Heart once the Spirit (Self redeemed Soul keeps control over it).

    Hence the Thorns around the Heart & the inner light giving Words Flaming over the Heart 24/7,

    A Man with a heart...... or Man from his heart >>>
    is not the Men of Heart.

    Therefore Jesus stays the Son of his Father if he presents himself.

    But once you have embraced Jesus from within yourself & fully; you resembling the Son of God & Jesus turned into the Son of Men.

    Yes it all makes sense to me.

    So who is this Mother & who is the Virgin?

    Same thing applies expose ..... the mother gives you physical external (small bodily life); but the true ([Mother] & Virgin) gives you the internal greatness of (Life & living) as in being truly Alive resembling A true life!

    And the (true inner Son) would never play around with his (true inner [Mother]) which is also his (true Father, Brother & Sister) within; at the same time!

    101. "Whoever does not hate [father] and mother as I do cannot be my [disciple], and whoever does [not] love [father and] mother as I do cannot be my [disciple]. For my mother [...], but my true [mother] gave me life."

    Yes it all makes sense to me in a million ways & our (Forefathers writings) are right on the philosophical & Spiritual mark of side!
    No one will find the truth externally ......... but ONLY internal silent truth can be considered (truth † full) truth within FULLNESS!

    Could Ill be wrong? >> would Ask the true Spirit being! ......... am I right? <<< would say the Soul ONLY being!

    The Spirit always Ask a question to end up with a evaluating witness. (Spirit is always self critical of itself) because it knows the soul likeness of its Consort the Soul.
    Spirit is fun; but the Soul is pain in (Vain);
    if not controlled through the Spirit(Vein) &
    >> gets nourished by the Father's (Bread) & from the (Blood) which flows ......
    within the Sons Veins which creates the (Flesh & Body) of Christ which comes from the Savior's Mind
    Bread is the [Word];   Blood is the [Spirit]; Flesh is the [Fathers given Words coming from the Mind].

    Matthew 4:4 = 8oo
    But he (the Spirit) answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by (bread) alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God my Father.

    Yes it all makes personally sense to me! ...... but what's about others out there;...
    you may ask the Spirit for real Truth from within?
    My Spirit & Dreams are not yours; but Spirit is all the same for ALL!

    |||||||| ||||||||

    But the untamed out of control Soul will not ever be (self critical of itself); because the Soul on its own & without the Thrown's limiting Thorn's its out of control & full of self serving Ignorance & Ego's).

    The wise Spirit will only Ask things!
    Soul on its own will only Say things.
    Monkey's ONLY Say & Monkey's Do!
    Spirits only Ask but never Does!

    Even the verse within the Image shows & confirms my Dream! :yup:
    By using the correct wording Ask.
    Its cleanly a verse coming from Spirit & Not
    from the Soul. being!
    Soul ONLY beings will never Ask;
    but Only speaks & says things
    for saying something sake!

    What you feed it; is what will be eaten ...
    & will also result in what it speaks.

    When your Soul loves
    ONLY the World....
    its a true Red Flag

    The Inner Scores
    Not the outer!
    But when the Spirit is King
    the Soul is on Fire & stays
    within his Dream!

    The Thorns of the Spirit; turns the Soul-heart of man; into the "HEART OF TRUE MEN" !

    Acts 2:17 (KJ21)

    ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out

    My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall

    prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men

    shall dream dreams.

    The Rose Bushes Thorns!

    So is a Dream which reveals Truth; a dream of deep inner truth? ........
    Hence: what you feed it; it will produce!

    @ oiram @
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    Anyone here hears this sound 12 to 12.5 khz --- Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 29 Nov 2015 11:53 #17

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    Anyone here hears this sound

    Finally there are others out there which hearing this unique high frequency sound.

    I found something even more unique with this sound ........ but that's for another time!
    I did not manage to switch the sound off on demand ....... but I did manage to invoke it on demand uniquely!
    So I know its not a sickness or what they calling "Tinnitus"..............

    My sound frequency is around 12 to 12.5 khz.
    My posting about it from 23-05-2013, 02:48 AM

    Don't just put it straight down to tinnitus!!
    That's the easy way out to find answers.

    I will not tell you the sound frequency I'm hearing yet ....... but please do the test go to this side & tell me the sound frequency you hearing.

    Turn up your sound to max & make it match to the sound you hearing.

    One thing I will say the sound I'm hearing on and off is not coming in through my ears; its inside the head like a constant stable sound.
    Shaking the head will not influence it.
    Holding my ears shut changes nothing. Going out side or inside the place makes no difference.

    I had it three days ago loud as ever then just gone like someone switched it just off.

    So far I had three confirmations that others hearing the exact same thing & frequency on different places on the Globe.

    One final Question; would you consider yourself to be a active philosophical Spiritual active thinker ........ or not?

    Here you can test it out. ....... Let me know maybe you lucky & its just tinnitus without any mystery left to be solved?

    YEP and I have it too.....

    someone told me magnesium, and I took it and still a ringing....

    Oiram and I know what it is............if you are hearing this maybe you should come to the 11.11 thread LOL


    Now I found this .......... & it relates.

    ORMUS and Sounds in the Head
    by Barry Carter
    Sounds can be associated with the movement of kundalini energy. These sounds are acknowledged in many religious traditions. One interpretation of the Book of Revelation implies that the seven "churches" are the seven chakras. The sound at the opening of these chakras was a trumpet sound. Hindu mystics call these sounds the "nada" and Chinese mystics call them the "hu" sound.

    It is very likely that these sounds are triggered by the ORMUS elements. In 1994 David Hudson provided some of the ORMUS materials to a gentleman who wished to take them for spiritual purposes. This gentleman took them while on a forty day fast. Here is the portion of this story relating to these sounds; first in Hudson's description from his Dallas lecture then in the gentleman's own words:


    "500 mg. a day for 30 days, was called the Egyptian rite of passage, and so we had to find out what does this do. After 5 or 6 days of taking this material, this fellow began to hear this very high frequency sound, and every day the sound gets louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder and louder. By the time he finished his fast, he said it's like loudspeakers in my brain, literally roaring this sound. It's the same sound that many of the meditators have heard, that your told to listen for when you meditate, to find this sound, but when you think about it most people don't hear it anymore. Well this sound is roaring in this man's head, it's roaring day and night, it's roaring when he's talking on the phone, it's roaring when he's working. And I said, "Doesn't this disturb you? Isn't this an irritating sound? " and he said, "Not at all. It's just like nectar", because it doesn't come through the ears. He said, "It's inside the brain."

    Now it's hard for me to understand. It's hard for probably most of you to understand. He says, "David, it's just nectar. It's something that you literally want to go within the sound and just let it exclude everything out of your life". Basically at the end of the 42 day fast, he went back, he took a body brush to get rid of the toxins in his body, and he went back eating normally. And he was eating meat, white meat and vegetables. Well he figured the sound would die down and go away. It doesn't. The sound is still growing and getting louder and louder. After 60 more days, the dreams begin, the revelations begin, and then the visions begin. And this is going to sound a little far fetched to some of you, but there are light beings that come to this man and teach him. They never open their mouth but they telepathically are communicating with him....

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Hudson Quote<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Now here are some comments from the original ORMUS consumer himself:


    b: What effect(s) can you attribute to your ingestion of this material?

    u: It wasn't very long after I started, that the sound started occurring. *The sound outside of sound.* That really is key to what can happen. Most people will hear that and think their ears are ringing. If you're careful, you'll realize that it's not in your ears. As you proceed with this, you'll realize that it actually moves outside your head and just above the crown of your head. It's more than a sound, it becomes an really does. And that's when you have something that you can work with. By far, the majority of people who've ever had to deal with this didn't have a clue. If they'd studied some Taoist alchemy...if they had studied anything and applied it to themselves rather than keeping everything outside themselves...they'd have known that the dialogue they build with that phenomena gives them the keys to the next steps. There really is a trade-off that starts to occur. That's what made my experience so uniquely different from everyone else's.

    b: So you were prepared for it.

    u: I knew what to do. But there are very, very few people who do. This takes place internally. It's an active process. You're not going to sit there and have this zip through you and all of the sudden these wonderful things are there. It can't be that way. That's not the way the circuit is set up in your system. Your chakras and realizations are not built that way. Nothing is built that way. And to expect something outside of that is absolute foolishness.

    >>>>>>>>>>>End of comments by original ORMUS Consumer<<<<<<<<<<<

    A gentleman named Gary, who describes himself as a kundalini awakened American engineer, described the sound that accompanied kundalini awakening for him:


    I judged the results by observing kundalini flow for change. This was easy to do by noticing any change in tinnitus level (the internal ringing that has persisted since awakening kundalini), and also by noting the perceived pressure in the head from kundalini flow.

    There was from little, to no detectable change in kundalini activity on any level, during or following taking the Isis powder.

    For comparison, ordinarily tinnitus increases noticeably after eating, even for small amounts of food, such as a slice of bread. The ringing intensity and pressure sensations track the digestive progress, and are highest when absorption is peaking; it is difficult *not* to notice changes in it, or to ignore it. Larger amounts of food typically increase ringing/flow only up to a certain point, apparently limited by the maximum normal rate of absorption. There are a number of variabilities.

    Small brief changes occur from taking commercial vitamin supplements, but I haven't discovered whether this is partly due to the vitamins & minerals, or just caused by the small amount of starch filler, sugar coating, etc. I suspect the latter.

    Based on these experiments, I have concluded that ingesting Isis material has no significant affect on kundalini activity, and larger doses are unlikely to improve things, due to its apparent inertness in this regard.
    Dear Barry,

    I remember the description you are quoting, and noticed this point of dissimilarity too. I'm glad you pointed it out.

    I can't offer a conclusive answer or explanation for you. The best answer will come when those individuals present analyses of their own experiences.

    However, for the present, I will suggest some ideas that come to mind, as possibilities. Discussion on these lines is useful; it is difficult to explain one aspect of kundalini without touching on others, and this helps to promote a wider understanding of the subject. I *do* know precisely what he means by "like a hat band" around his head; this is a tight, gripping sensation, due to energy congestion around the edge of the sahasrara, or crown chakra, and is very common. It is often strongest along the very top of the jaw muscles, above the ears. The vibrations mentioned are also common to nearly all kundalini awakenings.

    The experiences involved in Awakening are highly varied. It is hard to overstate this. As you are exposed to more and more accounts of awakening experiences, you will find that there are often as many or more differences as there are similarities. The point of origin for the Nada is a fine example.

    Please allow me to digress from your question for a moment, to point out some of the fundamental differences in experiences which lie beneath these variations. When a broader understanding is gained, there is less tendency to get tangled up in the bewildering array of symptoms and effects, and making sense of things becomes easier.

    In my observations, I have noticed that a significant number of awakenings may be roughly classed into two groups. The distinguishing factor between the two groups is in the method used to effect the awakening, which seems to have a modest statistical influence on the progress and development of events and experiences throughout the awakening process. I have not actually been compiling statistics on these, but there does seem to be a slight recognizable trend emerging. On the other hand however, I am not aware of any Masters who have made this specific generalization, and that may indicate that doing so is not particularly useful. But I shall use it here for illustration.

    In one group, spontaneous awakenings and shaktipat awakenings seem to share or outline a trend toward similarity in the character, tone, and sequence of awakening experiences. [Shaktipat, refers to an impulse of energy, transferred to an individual by someone with kundalini already actively functioning; if the recipient is sufficiently close to the point of a natural or spontaneous awakening, shaktipat can then serve to instigate a self-sustaining awakening. Otherwise the effects of shaktipat fade away, as imparted energy dissipates.]

    The other group includes awakenings effected through means such as directed meditation, pranayama, and other yogic practices. Awakening kundalini by these methods is comparatively rare, in relation to other types of awakening, particularly in the West.

    Classifying awakenings like this can only be done in very general terms; there are lots of exceptions where this scheme does not hold. The experiences Dave has related of a few individuals taking monatomics appear to fall in with the first group; my awakening method, pranayama, is in the latter group.

    In general, satisfying demands of the karmic burden seems to be delayed to later stages of the awakening, for the first group. In some cases I am aware of, very little karma had to be dealt with until after the first stage of enlightenment had been achieved, by which I mean establishing a conscious link with the higher self. Because the individual then acquires an entirely different point of view, a detached-observer perspective, as well as conscious access to the higher self, the individual is better able to weather the negative aspects of karma dissipation.

    Awakenings in the second group may be generally noted to more typically involve settling up the balance sheets of karma in the early stages of the experience. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. The first group is without doubt the most suited for any large scale movement towards awakening, such as is now taking place with monatomics. If there is any legitimacy to the classification system I have described, the spiritual impetus behind the monatomic movement is perhaps its strongest and best argument in evidence.

    Returning to the issue of the supra-cranial vs. intra-cranial origins of Nada, it appears that the individual Dave is describing may be in the first "group", based on his experience descriptions. The nature of the Nada he is experiencing, may be a characteristic of this "class" of awakenings.

    One form of the Nada which is frequently described by individuals undergoing an awakening is a humming sound, which can be approximated by imagining the sound heard by listening to a beehive; the sound made by a large number of bees using their wings to circulate air through the hive. It is sometimes also compared to the hum of big power transformer, but this is not as close. It is a pleasant, warm, comfortable-feeling sound. This Nada is more often associated with the first "group" of awakenings. We might speculate that this is representative of what Dave's friend hears.

    I experienced such humming, only as an occasional sound during awakening. Others sounds included beautiful mystical sounds like tinkling glass wind chimes; short, immensely loud discordant blasts, like the powerful, loud BUZZZ you get when a microphone jack is only part-way plugged into a PA system; and on a few occasions, something resembling the sound of monks chanting, and lonely sounds of wind wailing over a desolate landscape. One of the most common ones was clicking, which sounded exactly like the sound of crickets clicking. There were others that are more difficult to characterize. All these sounds tended to be brief, particularly the more pleasant ones. It is not in keeping with the intent of paying off ones karmic debt in a direct fashion to expect to have much pleasantness bestowed upon one.

    On those occasions when I experienced humming, a lot of other things were going on, and I did not make any careful observations on how the sound was being produced, where it was coming from, and so on. During those, and similar auditory experience events, I was focused on other things, and not paying particular attention on determining the apparent location of the sounds. I do not have a very clear recollection today, except that some of the sounds were "outside" of my head, or externalized, though still in immediate vicinity. Since I am still in an elementary stage of progress, perhaps I will be able to refine my observations further at a later time.

    Subj: Tinnitus, an awakening side effect.
    From: gary
    Ed wrote:
    >The following is from page 702, "Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide"
    >compiled by The Burton Goldberg Group published by Future Medicine

    >Inc., Puyallup, Washington, 1994:
    >"Tinnitus is characterized by a continuous ringing or hissing in the ear,
    >sometimes accompanied by pain. Causes can include excess ear wax, a blocked
    >or impaired Eustachian tube, and dysfunction of the auditory nerve. Dr.
    >Kotsanis notes that the onset of tinnitus may also be linked to excessive
    >drug use, aspirin, sustained exposure to loud noise, electrical stimulation,
    >smoking, trauma, Meniere's disease, and temporomandibular joint syndrome
    >(TMJ). Tinnitus in the elderly is often due to decreased circulation in and
    >around the ear.

    This is it .......... exactly; also the same frequency I'm hearing 12.5 khz
    Dear Ed,

    Thank you; I appreciate the medical reference material on tinnitus. However, the tinnitus I am experiencing is not physiological in origin, in the ordinary sense, and hence not treatable.

    Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) was one of the earliest and most persistent side effects of my awakening of kundalini. It began within a few days after commencing intense pranayama, and has continued uninterrupted to the present time.

    At one point I used a precision synthetic frequency generator to produce a comparison tone, to measure the frequency it was ringing at. As I recall it was about 12.5 kHz, which was well below my ear's frequency cutoff for external sounds. It was easy to match with the precision oscillator to within a few Hertz. I don't know if the frequency is the same for all people that hear it following an awakening. It sounds quite like the frequency-matched oscillator tone, so I presume it is a pure sine wave, with little or no harmonic content.

    For comparison purposes, at the very beginning it was easily louder than the sound of my electric shaver when shaving next to my ears, quite a high dB level. However, since it is an internal sound, it does not affect my external hearing. It is (obvious to me) caused by, or a result of, kundalini's flow into the head, and seems to me to originate as an excited-cavity oscillation as it enters the brahmarandra, similar to an acoustic whistle or klystron cavity. Its intensity (along with pressure sensations in the head) varies, depending on kundalini flow activity at any particular moment.

    In my case, kundalini typically prefers to flow up the sushumna, or spinal cord, until it reaches a level slightly below the point where the heart chakra stem connects. It then branches to the left, passing into the saraswati nadi, whence it continues up into the head, passing closely behind my left ear. The saraswati normally carries thought currents, and because I am constantly involved in mental work, this particular path was already quite developed at the time of the awakening, and has been preferentially adopted by kundalini.

    After a months of living with this ringing, I found myself longing for silence again. The sound (Nada) is always there, and the only respite within my experience to date is when the physical and nonphysical bodies separate, such as in sleep. This never ending ringing went from being something I enjoyed at first, to become an irritation and source of mental stress. But as the years have gone by, it seldom bothers me much anymore; you just get used to it and become resigned to the fact that it will always be there. It then becomes more peripheral to your everyday awareness, so you usually don't notice it.

    Kundalini awakenings, in their early stages, often involve a wide variety of unusual sounds, and this was so in my case. However, as the awakening progressed these have cease for the most part, excepting only for the endless song of the Nada...

    I have had a similar sound in my head for most of my life. When I first noticed it, it varied and fluctuated much like Gary said. It has generally been very faint. When I started eating the ORMUS elements about two and a half years ago this sound became much louder. It's loudness seems to be in direct proportion to the potency of the ORMUS materials that I am ingesting. I have also compared the frequency of this sound to a high quality digital frequency generator and I have found that, for me, the frequency is closer to 10,000 hz. The sound is generally between my ears or slightly louder in my right ear.

    Other folks who have ingested the ORMUS materials report similar results. One of these folks wrote:
    After ingesting 50 ml of material...I am starting to hear the hu sound.
    At least I think I am!
    It is a gentle hum of a single pitch, but slightly wavy. By matching its
    frequency with a tone from an audio signal generator, I have determined
    that the hu sound I am hearing is 220 Hz to 222 Hz, or A to B-flat as a
    musical note. The tone quality is nearly that of a pure sine wave.
    There's some slight amplitude or phase modulation at an average, though
    random, rate of about 2 Hz. In other words, the tone is not completely
    steady in loudness; it "swirls" like a wet finger rubbed around the rim of
    a crystal goblet.

    As for localization, the sound does not seem to originate from my ears or
    inside my head. It is unlocalized, but seems to come from outside the
    head. Its volume and localization are not affected by my orientation or
    location. The usual high-frequency tinnitus I have heard all my life is
    roughly 6 or 10 dB louder than the hu sound, and is localized in my ears.
    I hear the sound best when I wear ear plugs and sit in a quiet room. The
    hu sound is easily masked by other sounds, so silence helps me to hear it.
    I have made sure that no appliance motors are running in my home, yet I
    still hear the hu sound. Hum frequencies (including harmonics) from AC
    power wiring would be at 60, 120, 240 Hz etc. They do not match the 220 Hz
    pitch of the hu sound.
    It is pleasant and easy to ignore. But I'll just try listening to it and
    see what happens...

    Ah, I was, about three weeks ago, I was handed a book, called "Secrets of the Golden Flower" by Richard Wilhelm with an introduction by Carl Jung. Richard Wilhelm did the eastern translations for Jung. This book was written in 1931, and it's been translated and been reproduced, and published several times since then, I guess it's now in paperback because some people are getting paperback copies now. Anyway, it verbatim describes this sound. And it says in the book it seems to all be about this sound, the "hu". Well we are the hu-man. The man who can hear the sound. Okay? This is about the "hu", the sound. And that it says in there that you get this energy in your pelvis, and that it can be developed where it literally will take your whole body up over your head and everything. And when it finally is at a state of perfection that it will feel like there is a column of light coming right out the top of your head."
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    Are You Experiencing The Call? The Signal (12 to 12.5 --- Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 29 Nov 2015 12:26 #18

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    Are You Experiencing The Call? The Signal ........... (12 to 12.5 khz)

    Many people are experience ringing sounds and sensations in their ears. Sometimes there may in fact be some underlying physical issues associated with the ear ringing or tinnitus. Perhaps a person damaged an ear drum or a nerve at an early age.

    Yet many people experience a high-pitched frequency sound, hard to describe; the only way to describe it is a “higher frequency sound” and it’s not so much a ringing in the ears sound, but more of a constant high-pitched background noise . :yup: :thumbup:

    Have you noticed ringing in your ears lately? Or are you hearing high-pitched frequencies? If so you are definitely not alone. Of course we know that there can be physical explanations for this phenomenon like tinnitus, but many people in perfect physical health are still reporting these symptoms. So what are the explanations for these high-pitched sounds?

    If you experience ringing in your ears,
    ask yourself who might be trying to communicate with you? :yup: :thumbup:

    It could be a family member or perhaps a highly evolved being such as an angelic energy. If you psychic shield yourself, you will be protected from any lower vibrational energy.

    Sit for a moment quietly and see who is trying to reach out to you.

    Many believe it is a sign of shifting into the higher dimensions

    You might be hearing the sound of creation – creation of a new world which is coming into being, a world of high vibrations, higher ideals

    For those who are ultra-sensitive you will be able to hear this high-frequency pitch which is continually being emitted from the earth’s receiver and transmitter of the higher dimensional frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimension and above (for the template will hold up to 12th dimensional energies in the future); these are energy vector waves of creation that are assisting in birthing this New Earth reality which you will be entering in real-time very soon.

    Read More

    The Physical Possibilities

    A ringing sound in one or both ears can be both annoying and disconcerting. If persistent, the first thing you want to do it get it checked out. It could be tinnitus, which is a physical condition that develops from a variety of causes. It could be linked to a Vitamin D deficiency, damage to the ear, earwax, Meniere’s disease or a host of other causes. Even certain medications have side effects that result in ringing of the ears.

    The Spiritual Possibilities
    Okay so you’ve investigated every conceivable physical cause and you’re fine. So what else could it be? Well, believe it or not the answer is likely spiritual.

    Hearing high-pitched frequencies is one sign of a spiritual awakening. As you lift your own personal vibrations you become more attuned to higher planetary and celestial vibrations. Often this results in a physical manifestation like lightheadedness, tingling skin or more commonly ringing in the ears.

    Ringing in the ears can also be a signal from spirit guides or other non-physical beings. Since it’s difficult for them to dial in to our dense physical vibration, they try to connect with us through other means. Sometimes they play with electronics or natural objects like leaves and feathers. Other times they try to reach us directly through our own bodies—and the ears are a convenient way for them to do so. So if your hearing those high sounds, it could be a message from the spirit world.

    Signals of the Shift
    Hearing high-pitched frequencies is also something like an announcement for the upcoming spiritual shift. You may or may not have heard about our solar system moving towards the galactic center. Without getting too scientific, as we get closer we are slowly traveling further into the photon belt which means photon energy is increasing and raising our planetary and personal vibrations. The ringing in the ears that you experience is considered a signal of this change happening.

    Many spiritual experts also claim that as we go through this shift we will experience a DNA upgrade. Additional strands will be activated and maybe we’ll really find out what all that junk DNA is for! Our bodies and minds along with the entire galaxy will be spiritually reprogrammed. The high-pitched frequencies are just part of the upgrading process taking place.

    Managing the Sounds
    Ruling out any medical issues, hearing the ringing or high-pitched sounds is a sign of connecting with the higher vibratory realms. Although it may be a sign of spiritual growth, it can get annoying at times. In order to deal with the sounds, chant and meditation can help. Since the earth is going through the spiritual changes along with us, simply chanting “Om” can help you and the planet resonate together and deal with the noise. Meditation can also help you by reducing any stress caused by these sounds.

    Remember if you’re hearing these high-pitched frequencies, you’re definitely not alone.
    We’re all on this journey together!

    Read More

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    The change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated -- Dreaming, Dream Lucid in REM sleep stage 1 to 4 Awaken Spiritual Dreams worth talking about. 29 Nov 2015 13:30 #19

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    The change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated.....

    Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953.

    The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings. A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.
    There is a theory that the change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. He used it to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. Then around 1940 the United States introduced 440 Hz worldwide, and finally in 1953 it became the ISO 16-standard.

    What is 440 Hz?
    440 Hz is the unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones that has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man. In a paper entitled ‘Musical Cult Control’, Dr. Leonard Horowitz writes: “

    The music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”

    You just have to go out in the street and take a look around. What do you see? School kids, young adults on their way to work, a woman pushing her baby in a pram, a man walking his dog – and what do they all have in common? iPods or MP3 Players! Ingenious, isn't it?

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

    The powers that be are successfully lowering the vibrations of not only the young generation but the rest of us as well. These destructive frequencies entrain the thoughts towards disruption, disharmony and disunity. Additionally, they also stimulate the controlling organ of the body - the brain - into disharmonious resonance, which ultimately creates disease and war.

    Read More:

    440 ÷ 3 = 146.666666666666

    432 ÷ 3 = 144 ....... 144 ÷ 111 = I call this the number of Men; the Human No. = 1.297297297297297
    FOUR THREE TWO = 174 = 12 = 3 = ∆ = TRINITY

    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

    The difference between 432 Hz and 440 Hz.
    Hear it, understand it....

    I've been reading about alternate tuning and done some of my own research into the subject.
    The standard tuning for instruments is A = 440 Hz This was decided in 1939 and this is the only official standard tuning around the world.
    My preferred tuning is A = 432 Hz which according to some studies is a more harmonious frequency, in tune with natural law.
    You can see for yourself with these two water sound images of the two frequencies.

    @ oiram @
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