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Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. Read More:

TOPIC: Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships 25 Jan 2015 20:57 #1

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A lot of things can happen at sea – pirates, mutiny, murder and bad weather not to mention (if you’re so inclined) alien abductions, clashes with sea monsters and the mysterious workings of the Bermuda Triangle. So perhaps it’s no wonder so many ships have turned up without their crew or passengers – but where’s the evidence of a struggle? From an unmanned ghost ship that’s been repeatedly spotted (and boarded) off the Alaskan coast to an apparent British crew kidnapping by a German submarine during World War I, these 10 abandoned vessels all share one thing: strange and seemingly unexplainable secrets.

Mary Celeste

When it comes to describing the discovery of the apparently abandoned Mary Celeste in 1872, words like “spooky” and “unsettling” simply don’t cut it. This brigantine merchant ship was found in the Atlantic Ocean with its cargo and valuables completely untouched, packed with six months’ worth of food and water but not hide nor hair of a single passenger or crew member. Though its contents were wet and it was a bit worse for the wear, the ship was still seaworthy after being out for just a month. The fact that all reasonable explanations – from storms to piracy – seem to have been ruled out has spurred more outrageous theories of alien abduction or sea monster attacks. Today, the fate of the Mary Celeste remains one of history’s most famous and puzzling maritime mysteries – but this is far from the only story of its kind.

Carroll A. Deering

Was it mutiny, piracy, Communists or a bizarre supernatural experience in the Bermuda Triangle that robbed the Carroll A. Deering of her crew? This five-masted commercial schooner was on its way back from delivering a load of coal from Virginia to Rio, and during a supply stop in Barbados, the first mate was arrested for making threats against the supposedly interfering and not-so-sharp-eyed captain but was released on bail and forgiven before the ship moved on toward its destination of Norfolk, Virginia.

The ship was spotted when it hailed the Cape Lookout Lightship in North Carolina and a man with a foreign accent onboard told the lightship’s keeper that the vessel had lost its anchors. But the next time it was seen was when it ran aground in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina – the crew, their belongings, and the lifeboats all missing. The crew was never located, and the U.S. government has never come up with an official explanation, though they did consider foul play by rum runners or Communist pirates set on capturing American ships. Today, conspiracy theorists often use the Deering as an example of the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, despite the fact the ship was far away it by the time the crew disappeared.

Bel Amica

When a “classic style” schooner unlike any seen in Italy before was found off the coast of the island of Sardinia with no crew on board, it seemed like a repeat of the Mary Celeste – but this is no seemingly mythical tale from ages past. Spotted by the Italian Coast Guard in 2006, this ghost ship contained a half-eaten meal of Egyptian food, French maps of North African seas, a pile of clothes, a flag of Luxembourg and a wooden plaque bearing the name ‘Bel Amica’. Italian authorities found that the ship had never been registered in any country. Because the ship was misidentified as an antique in the press, a tsunami of public interest surrounded the case – but it was soon revealed to be a modern yacht belonging to a Luxembourg man who likely didn’t register it for tax evasion purposes.

High Aim 6

Murder, mutiny and rotting fish – the story of the High Aim 6 is a strange one. This Taiwanese ship was found drifting in Australian waters without its crew in 2003, though plenty of fuel and provisions remained onboard, along with the crew’s personal belongings and a hold full of stinky seafood. A forensic examination could find no sign of a struggle, and a search of 7,300 nautical miles turned up no clues – but 10 days after the ship was discovered, calls were still being made from Indonesia on the cell phone of the ship’s missing engineer. The only crew member ever tracked down claimed that the captain and engineer were murdered and the crew headed back to their homes, but no reason was ever given.

Jian Seng

A lot of illegal activity goes on in the world’s oceans, from illegal fishing to human trafficking. So, when mysterious ships of unknown origin turn up, they’re automatically suspicious. The Jian Seng is just one such ship, spotted drifting into uncharted waters near Queensland, Australia in 2006, but once Australian Customs officials boarded the ship they couldn’t find evidence of recent human activity at all. In fact, the ship had been stripped, with its name and identifying features painted over, and contained nothing but a large amount of rice. Ultimately, since no owner could be found, the ship was intentionally sunken.

MV Joyita

The MV Joyita may have been an “unsinkable” ship, but she wasn’t immune to other problems. With 25 passengers and crew onboard, the Joyita disappeared in the South Pacific in 1955. Five weeks after the ship was reported overdue, it was spotted off-course partially submerged and missing four tons of cargo including medical supplies, timber, food and empty oil drums. The radio was tuned to the international marine distress channel, the lifeboats were gone and blood-stained bandages were found. Some believe that the captain was injured or killed and that the passengers and crew felt they had no choice but to abandon the ship – but that still doesn’t explain the missing cargo.

Kaz II

On April 15th, 2007, three men set out on a journey along the coast of Australia – and three days later, their ship turned up drifting toward the Great Barrier Reef with everything perfectly in place. Everything, that is, except for the men themselves, who were missing. Food was set out on the table, a laptop was open and still turned on, all of the boat’s emergency systems were fully functional and life jackets hung neatly on their hooks. Since the seas were choppy and none of the men were wearing a life jacket, it has been hypothesized that one of the men fell overboard and the others perished trying to save him.


Yet another ship found without its crew was the Zebrina, a 3-masted sailing barge that left a port in Southern England in October 1917 with a cargo hold full of coal bound for Saint-Brieuc, France. When the ship was found in France aground and abandoned but in good shape two days later, it seemed that some kind of conflict related to World War I was to blame – like perhaps the threat of gunfire from a German submarine like the one pictured above. Did the U-boat that threatened the Zebrina force the crew onboard, and then retreat when it spotted an Allied ship nearby? Perhaps – some people believe that this hypothetical submarine was later sunken itself, hence the fact that Zebrina’s crew was never seen again.

Schooner Jenny

“May 4, 1823. No food for 71 days. I am the only one left alive.” The captain who wrote this message was still sitting in a chair with a pen in his hand when this message was found in his logbook a full 17 years later. His body, and those of the other 6 people onboard the British schooner ‘Jenny‘, had been preserved by the frigid Antarctic weather which had ensnared the ship in ice and led to their deaths.The crew of the whaling ship that discovered Jenny so long after this disaster buried the passengers – including a dog – at sea.


Used to trade pelts for provisions in Inuit settlements along the north coast of Canada, the SS Baychimo was no stranger to harsh conditions. This 230-foot cargo steamer had just been freed from pack ice a week earlier when it got stuck even worse on October 8th, 1931, leading over half of its crew to abandon it while 15 remained to wait out the winter nearby in a wooden shelter that they built. When a blizzard struck on November 24, the ship was later found to be missing and assumed sunken… but it turned up three days later, 45 miles away. The crew gathered up the cargo and abandoned the ship, believing it wouldn’t survive the winter, but once again it did not sink. Over the next several decades, sightings of the Baychimo were reported all over the coast, and some people even boarded the ship. It was last seen stuck in ice off the Alaskan Coast in 1969. Did it finally sink? Maybe – or maybe it will turn up once again.

Oh no... is it 3:36 again?
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Ghost Ships 24 May 2015 12:03 #2

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Ghost ships typically fall into two categories, those that are purportedly phantom ships powered by unknown supernatural forces or piloted by ghost crews, and those that are derelicts with crews that have vanished, often under mysterious and unexplainable circumstances. Usually it is fairly easy to discern the two, yet there are cases where it cannot be readily determined if we are looking at a simple derelict or something more supernatural, and indeed more sinister in nature. One of the more bizarre ghost ship cases on record must surely be that of the SS Baychimo, which has actually transcended the designation as a mere ghost ship and gone on to become one of the greatest and most enduring modern day maritime mysteries.

The SS Baychimo was a steel-hulled 1,322 ton, steam-powered vessel that started its life in Sweden when it was constructed in 1914. Its career as an ocean going cargo ship started under the name Ångermanelfven for a German shipping company, where it spent some time as a trading vessel operating between Hamburg and Sweden until World War I began. In the aftermath of the war, the ship was transferred to Britain as war reparations for losses the Germans had cost British shipping, and it was rechristened the Baychimo. The Baychimo was acquired by The Hudson’s Bay Company and was based in Scotland, from where it was sent across the Atlantic to the north coast of Canada and carrying cargo such as furs and pelts between trading posts across the frigid, icy waters of the Arctic. The ship was mostly used to trade provisions for fur with Inuit settlements, but it also made voyages to Alaska and British Columbia carrying various cargo and passengers
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 24 May 2015 13:39 #3

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As the number one rule goes ......... follow the money.

I'm sure in all the reports on your list; there is not one single word mentioning about it >>>>>

Insurance jobs

You always follow the things which are never mentioned ......... in most cases you hit the jackpot.
Don't ever follow what you see & hear. Look for the hidden things and you don't ever hear about & you will be a winner in many cases.

Did anyone of the once running the show in 9/11 ever even mentioned Insurance fraud just once in there official report? :nono:
Cant have that though!

Before I would ever go into any Ghost stories, Alien UFO theories or Freddy Krueger .........
I stay with the common well known proven historical liars & criminals on earth.
People like to see the Satan image .......... simple just look around yourself & its impossible to miss it!

Oh yes bad things can happen on the sea ............. like with the Titanic having all the most richest people on earth on board not liking that the Fiat-Jews opening a private owned Federal reserve system.

How to become rich easy?

Well they got there Fed system after the Ship went down.
How sweet are all these coincidental mystery happenings!

What's about opening a Insurance company & then you create some well paid & supplied with weapons to Monkey brain Pirates not even using shoes yet ...... to drive up Insurance premiums?

Yes to good people on earth are the most innovative ones when it comes to there beloved number one god (Money!)
They doing anything for it even killing or sacrificing there own family blood ........ if it makes a quick buck & profit.
6,000,000 was the perfect deal too.

To many people are to naive & gullible with things .............. and ghosts, Alien, blood & guts stories are so much more appealing then any realities.
Don't people ever realizing that we all living on planet earth with the biggest parasite ever created .... also called lying killing for fun man?

Man is a liar because its much more fun then all else especially when it comes to the Money Changers money creation scams.
Not to mention all these honest businesses run by rich Masons which are the most honest ones on earth as they saying so themselves?

Just a simple fact!

Reality is much simpler than Ghosts & Alien UFO stories. Or Moon landing stories worth billions into some selected pockets.

Fantasy, Sci Fiction & Utopian bed time stories are great fun as long they not used to twist reality & the truth of things or being used for corrupt or anti human premeditated well planned ahead activities.

All Wars are money makers for some ......... reasons for it easily created any time anywhere!

Money is there god & there god is money in the real world.
Would you lie about God if you could make a quick buck ........... be honest to yourself?
What is honesty if lying is so easy & well financed and supported by most in this World.

I know, I know my story line is boring compared to the stories told & believed in.
Also stories like mine would not sell a single book on earth! . >>>>> You can be insured of it.

If truth and reality could ever be sold on earth ......... I think to become a billionaire would be very easy!
What's the chance of that though in the World where the Satan gang cabal makes all the rules & dealings MSM and owns all bookstores?

@ oiram @
Last Edit: 24 May 2015 13:49 by Mario.
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 02 Sep 2020 17:51 #4

  • Gloria
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it is quite haunting :)

"always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine"
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 03 Sep 2020 13:06 #5

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when I saw Titanic Movie first time so 10 years ago, I found that most people like the love story of the film more - I do like the sinking story more :P

"always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine"
Last Edit: 03 Sep 2020 13:07 by Gloria.
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 05 Sep 2020 01:27 #6

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Gloria wrote:
when I saw Titanic Movie first time so 10 years ago, I found that most people like the love story of the film more - I do like the sinking story more :P

I like the movie as well as the sinking story. :)


Last Edit: 05 Sep 2020 01:28 by Flare.
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 05 Sep 2020 07:37 #7

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ohh cool I haven´t seen that :thumbup:

yeah......the Titanic is quite a mystery ship
some influential people were on board - after the sinking.....the wall street crashed and the Fed was installed
and they also had some Egyptian artefacts on board that sank down too :huh:

I was on a Titanic exibition - there was an Ice Wall with the exact temperature the sea water had....brrrr

"always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine"
Last Edit: 05 Sep 2020 17:30 by Gloria.
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 05 Sep 2020 17:34 #8

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if you never find this person, you failed life....sorry :P

I think Leo gave this to her...Kate Winslet never reached this style that she had in Titanic again ;)

"always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine"
Last Edit: 05 Sep 2020 17:42 by Gloria.
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 07 Sep 2020 15:20 #9

  • annabelle
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In 1947 the Dutch Freighter SS Ourang Medan sent a cryptic SOS in Morse code;

“S O. S. from Ourang Medan • • • we float. All Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead."

This communication was followed by a burst of indecipherable Morse code, then a final, grim message:

“I die.”

The ship transmitting the eerie SOS signal was the SS Ourang Medan.

Radio directional equipment established the ship’s last position and an American merchant ship some 19hrs away, the Silver Star, was sent to investigate and render aid.

The ship was found adrift approximately 50 miles from her Indicated position.

When the Silver Star arrived alongside the Ourang no signs of life could be seen, although the ship itself didn’t appear to have suffered any damage.

All efforts to contact the crew failed, and the ship was boarded.

The decks were littered with bodies of the crew all wide-eyed with horror and their faces twisted into sheer terror, arms trying to fight off something.

The ship’s dog was found dead as well, in the midst of snarling at the cause.

The Captain was found dead on his bridge.

The Bridge Officers were found lifeless in the wheelhouse and Chartroom.

In the wireless room, the young operator, who presumably sent the distress call, lay dead with his earphones on, hand at his key.

The engineering crew was also found at their stations with the same expressions on their faces.

What could have possibly happened to these men?

In all 22 crew members were found dead.

Interestingly one lifeboat was missing, and maybe some crew escaped whatever befell the crew. There was no sign of the lifeboat, and it was never found (at the time.)

The rescue party noticed several things that seemed strange.

The local temperature was in excess of 110°F, but members of the rescue party felt an ominous chill.

All of the victims had suffered from something, but none had any injuries when examined.

They also seemed to be decaying quicker than they should be.

They decided to toe the ship to the nearest port and began making preparations.

Just as salvage operations began they noticed ominous billows of smoke pouring out from Number 4 hold, they cut the ship loose just as the Ourang Medan exploded with enough force to briefly lift it out of the water before rolling over and sinking… disappearing for good.

Strangely there are letters in the CIA Archives.

In December 1959, C.H. Marck Jr. C.H. of Scottsdale, Arizona sent a letter to the assistant to the Director of the U.S.’s Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) Allen Dulles.

The letter was classified as “top secret” by the C.I.A. and would not be released to the public until May 5, 2003.

While the letter and its sender were known, the person to whom Marck wrote the letter remains redacted by the C.I.A. to this day.

This would not be the first time Marck wrote to the CIA, and there are other letters in their archives from him. Many sites report this as if Marck worked for the CIA, which he did not.

I found the letter in the CIA Archives, as well as the response below;

“Sprawled on their backs, the frozen faces upturned to the sun with mouths gaping open and eyes staring, the dead bodies resembled horrible caricatures“

The Story of the SS Ourang Medan from Various Sources

continued here....
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Insurance fraud -- Ghost Ships 07 Sep 2020 22:30 #10

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liberabo te ab inferno

875 020 079

He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath: "'The horror!
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