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Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. Read More:

TOPIC: Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy and True Intellectuals

Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy and True Intellectuals 09 Jan 2016 19:49 #1

  • Robert Baird
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William James and Whitehead as well as Bertrand Russell are all worthy of constant inspection. I should love it - if the afterlife allows me to meet and have discourse with them. It is too bad that Harvard also produces all the Wall Street Felons.

"Gertrude Stein Articulates at Last

By Gertrude Stein.

Some heartless and incurable skeptics have ventured to express doubt or denial of the existence of Alice B. Toklas. From these followers of the school of Betsy Prig the good will shrink in horror. In this book full justice is done with pen and pencil to the subject of its title, which in a sense is pleasant fiction. In fact, the book is by and about a writer at once famous and obscure, who has a growing audience of the fittest and whose works, in her own language, the world cannot be long deprived:

About six weeks ago, Gertrude Stein said, it does not look to me as if you are ever going to write that autobiography. You know what I'm going to do. I'm going to write it for you. I am going to write it simply and as Defoe did the autobiography of Robinson Crusoe. And she has and this is it.

Miss Stein was born in Allegheny, Pa. "of a very respectable middle-class family," not intellectual. She dislikes intellectuals and finds it ridiculous that she "who is good friends with all the world and can know them and they can know her has always been the admired of the precious." Some day, she is sure, "anybody will find out that she is of interest." The newspapers are always interested in her. That consoles her. They say that her "writing is appalling, but always quote it correctly and those they say they admire they do not quote. My sentences do get under their skin, only they do not know that they do, she has often said." She was taken abroad early and lived in Vienna and Paris. She learned to speak French and German, but she never read except in English. Eyes are more than ears, she thinks. Returning, she lived in San Francisco and Baltimore. At Radcliffe, William James was her great friend. She studied automatic writing under Hugo Munsternberg, and her first printed writing was an account in The Harvard Psychological Review ofher own experiments. Henry James, "whom she considers quite definitely as her forerunner," she was late in admiring. William was the least cruel of examiners:

It was a very lonely Spring day. Gertrude Stein had been going to the opera every night, and going to the opera also in the afternoon, and had been otherwise engrossed and it was the period of the final examinations, and there was the examination in William James's course. She sat down with the examination paper before her and she just could not. "Dear Professor James," she wrote at the top of her paper, "I am so sorry, but really I do not feel a bit like an examination paper in philosophy today." and left. The next day she had a postal card from William James saying, "Dear Miss Stein, I understand perfectly how you feel. I often feel like that myself." And underneath it he gave her the highest mark in his course.

She studied medicine at his suggestion in the Johns Hopkins Medical School. The first two years she liked. The last two bored her. Osler and all the other eminences, "knowing her reputation for original scientific work, made her examinations matter of form." One professor was less tolerant. She gave up medicine and went abroad where she had already been in the habit of passing the Summer. Without following in detail her travellings and her settlements, it is enough to say that they are almost always amusing. Drop in on Miss Stein -- Alice B. Toklas with her -- anywhere. They were living in Flesole. From Rome they had brought back a beautiful black Renaaissance plate.

Maddalena, the old Italian cook, came up to Gertrude Stein's bedroom one morning to bring the water for her bath. Gertrude Stein had the hiccoughs. but cannot the signors stop it, said Maddalena anxiously. No, said Gertrude Stein between hiccoughs. Maddalena, shaking her head sadly, went away. In a minute there was an awful crash. Up flew Maddalena, oh signors, signors, she said. I was so upset because the signora had the hiccoughs that I broke the black plate that the signora so carefully brought from Rome. Gertrude Stein began to swear, she has a reprehensible habit of swearing whenever anything unexpected happens and she always tells me she learned it in her youth in California, and as I am a loyal Californian I can then say nothing. She swore and the hiccoughs ceased. Maddalena's face was wreathed in smiles. Ah the signorina, she said, she has stopped hiccoughing. Oh no, I did not break the beautiful plate. I just made the noise of it and then said I did to make the signorina stop hiccoughing.

The ateller and pavillion in the Rue de Fleurus were full of pictures and of visiting painters, especially Picasso and Matisse. At a lunch one day
we had just hung all the pictures and we asked all the painters. You know how painters are. I wanted to make them happy so I placed each one opposite his own picture, and they were happy -- so happy that we had to send out twice for more bread. When you know France you will know that that means that they were happy, because they cannot eat and drink without bread and we had to send out twice for bread, so they were happy. Nobody noticed my little arrangement except Matisse and he did not until just as he left, and now he says that it is a proof that I am very wicked. Matisse laughed and said, "Yes, I know Mademoiselle Gerturde, the world is a theatre for you, but there are theatres and theatres, and when you listen so carefully to me and so attentively and do not hear a word I say, then I do say that you are very wicked."

Gertrude Stein's cook did not like Matisse. She said that no Frenchman should stay to a meal unexpectedly, especially if he asked the servant what there was for dinner. Foreigners might do this, but not Frenchmen. Matisse had done it. Therefore, Gertrude Stein's cook would fry the eggs for him instead of making an omelette. "It shows less respect, but he will understand." In a hundred little touches like this the desultory reader will find his meat. Think of the "Sunday painters" for instance. These are "the workingmen, hair dressers and veterinaries and visionaries who only paint once a week." Gertrude Stein lived much among painters, sculptors. About Picasso there is most, but there are many well-known and some famous names. Cubism and futurism and African sculpture are dwelt on, but it is the procession of people, eminent or of the obscurest that charms Mildred Aldrich, usually dropping her keys down the middle of the stairs from the sixth story as she was saying good-bye to somebody below; Picasso's wife, quarreling with him because he didn't give her a comic strip; Kathleen Bruce, beautiful, athletic, sculptor, the future wife of South Pole Scott: Andrew Green, great-nephew of the father of New York. Young Andrew can recite all Milton's "Paradise Lost" by heart and all the poems translated from the Chinese that Gertrude Stein loves. Some of the rest of us may love the future Sir Augustus John, "amazing-looking, not too sober." Of Guillaume Apollinaire, Gertrude Stein never got the best, but once, and then the poet was "frightfully drink." His brother was a bank clerk and pretty well-dressed. Anybody in Montmartre who had occasion for conventional or ceremonial togs "always wore a piece" of Guillaume's brother's suit. Of the Americans who used to come to the Rue de Fleurus, Guillaume used to say: "They are not man, they are not woman, they are Americans." Gertrude Stein says of the Americans that they are "like Spaniards, they are abstract and cruel." Here is Spanish Manolo, friend of Moreas, the Greek poet. "He used to make statues for joints in Montmartre in return for meals." By the way, it was in Spain that Gertrude Stein got the idea for her "Tender Buttons.""
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Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy and True Intellectuals 09 Jan 2016 19:56 #2

  • Robert Baird
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Ha Qabala, Table of Destiny, Ein Sof etc.

The bards and story tellers of humanity (DNN or D'Ainu) have kept a lot of knowledge in their symbols and designs which include mathematical insights that Fritjof Capra and others see in the most ancient texts.

By mentioning the I O Torus I have opened another rabbit hole or can of worms. I cannot say I am fully conversant with the math. I think I understand it enough to see how it relates to language origins through divinatory systems including Ogham and the I Ching. I certainly know the Qabala was into it a very long time ago, probably before there were white humans and maybe starting with the clicking noises of mammals above and below (the water).

The author above integrates like I do. He has included things I might not even do - but since he did I will add Kime from Karate and soft focus from Yoga to the ways of connecting with genetic connected information or Ein Sof.

The next link is not great scholarship I can see it wants to say only Solomon knew the Qabala or Ha Qabala. That is utter nonsense.

Then we get to Sir Laurence who I often quote. After reading his great book Genesis of the Grail Kings I really committed to my effort to bring ancient knowledge back - but without the mythos of deceit borne of ego power needs. Unfortunately people think when you speak factually you are doing what they do when they attack fact with belief. It is no great blessing to know or to learn if people will never listen. Fortunately Sir Laurence Gardner changed his tune a few years after I took archaeology to his alien origin theories from his Dragon Court Masters like HRH De Vere. I know my work reached him, and Nicholas De Vere has some of my work including quotes explaining Gardner about Scarlet Women and blood rituals on his Dragon Court site - which has many other authors now. Gardner and De Vere had a falling out around that time.

The following is just one of many snipettes addressing ancient soulful knowledge and how it can be entered into our genetic or future knowledge banks. I take this from the Thread Ark of the Covenant. That Covenant and the covens of sheep might have more to do with the pentagon Dodecahedron than I have often written about.

I should address some other correlations with the Phoenician Pythagoras and his studies of the Pyramid. Some authors note the nautilus sea creature has a natural configuration of the mathematical concept or construct known as 'phi'. This is encapsulated in the Great Pyramid with its two complete tetrahedra. (Read Bucky Fuller's COSMOGONY or SYNERGETICS for further insight.). Thales also had a Phoenician parent and he is credited by the Hellenizing Empire as the father of all sciences, but he studied the Pyramid and learned much about his limited knowledge from it. We have (and continue) shown the DNN of Homer and the Dana worshipping Scythians, Kelts and Iberian/Basque and Berbers are part of the Phoenician 'Brotherhood' that greatly pre-dates Pythagoras' 'brother- hood' or any Therapeutae and Great White Brotherhood. We are sure Churchward's Mu and the Hobbit are connected with this conglomerate which will lead to Harappan and Easter Island connections to Kelts and many other enterprises from the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall.

"Pi is the ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference, 1:3.14 or 7:22. Phi is the ratio of a line divided so that the length of the shorter segment bears the same relationship to the length of the longer segment as the longer segment bears to the whole undivided line, 1:1.618. This 'Phi' is sometimes called 'The Golden Section' {Key Masonic concept attributed to Pythagoras.} because there's something inaffably pleasing about the ratio. It was used by many Renaissance artists such as Poussin {Bradley shows how his art incorporated scenes and people of import and coded to give knowledge of when the family of Jesus or Merovingians were safely settled in places like Montreal and one might think another artist did the same when they were in America long before Columbus; at Kingston where he has geologic core samples to show European influence.}, Michelangelo and da Vinci {An alchemist like his mentor - check 'The Dictionary of Alchemy' by Mark Haeffner.}; it occurs in abstract mathematics, as in the Fibonacci Series of numerical progression; it occurs frequently in nature, for example in the successive length of segments of the chambered nautilus." (14)

When I made my brief interruption earlier in reference to attunement with the earth energy grid and 'echoes' I was not being facetious. The vision Napoleon saw in the King's Chamber may relate to this through a time portal not unlike the 'Stone' that Michel de Nostradamus (who grew up near Rennes le Chateau) was able to glimpse the confusing potentials of the unsubstantial future we can change through creative, purposeful and FREE WILL. The king’s chamber and the delta wave forms that a pyramid creates are part of the time structure and helical nature thereof. The possibility of what Bradley is about to say may have seemed even more likely than what I just wrote until the NEC labs at Princeton demonstrated 300X light speed last year (2001).

The following quote comes from Stealthskater and links in his material which I have posted here. The caduceus may be older than Egypt and along with the Ankh (see Pavlita Generators) may have allowed many ancient secret technologies including VRIL connections to Pentagon Dodecahedron Earth Energy which is mirrored outside our atmosphere.

What about the chakras or vortices of energy (or "wheels of lights") that are described in New Age literature as well as (supposedly?) ancient VEDIC_ARYAN literature of the Far East? I have read in one book about the soul being described as a TUBE that runs along the axis of the spine and has certain areas or NODES of ACTIVITY where these spinning wheels of energy are located. SUPPOSEDLY when all of these wheels are spinning in the right directions and at the correct rate of rotation,, there is an ENERGY SPIRAL or FLOW that is achieved that can bring about or is pure consciousness. Is there a correct spin ratio between chakras that would allow full consciousness to be achieved? How would an ordinary human go about attaining these correct spin ratios? Would all of these spinning vortices need to be aligned and spinning at the same speed?

I wonder if these concepts are also related to the idea of the spinal cord as a caduceus coil? A caduceus coil is an electromagnetic coil that has electricity flowing in both directions. It is symbolized by 2 serpents winding around a tube (i.e., the AMA symbol). Could the spinal cord have some intrinsic relationship to the soul and the functioning of consciousness? If we look at the word "spinal", we can break off the "al" a the end and get the word SPIN. The word "spinal" is very close to the word SPIRAL. Maybe we could think of the BRAIN and SOUL as a computer system. A parallel "processing" computer. The brain could be the computer that the soul runs on or maybe we could call the soul/consciousness a CADUCEUS COMPUTER (just an idea).

I have also heard quite a bit about counter-rotating energy fields that possess a CERTAIN GEOMETRIC SHAPE (TETRAHEDRON). Supposedly these counter-rotating energy fields possess some kind of mathematical relationship between their individual rates of rotation. Also one field is usually (in the literature) said to be electric in nature and rotating to the right. The other is magnetic and rotating to the left. What would this correct rate or spin ratio between these 2 energy fields be? Could it have something to do with the PI ratio? Maybe the PHI ratio or the GOLDEN MEAN? If there was a 2:3 or 3:2 ratio, then that would be very close to the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. Maybe something else?

Tetrahedronal energy fields. Resonant Rotating Field. Pentagonal energy fields.

Now maybe there is more than one kind of soul or consciousness. And not all humans are really the same "UNDERNEATH". Maybe some have different spiritual physics based on different patterns of energy, and the human body is merely a "suit" that is worn by different types of spiritual entities. The human BODY as a SUIT? Something worth thinking about.

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Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy and True Intellectuals 09 Jan 2016 20:12 #3

  • Robert Baird
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There are followers and promoters of St. Germain today who lie and cheat with the best priestly blowhards. The Stardoves and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Profit - it should be) are among them. I cannot say to what extent Summit University is a fraud - they may be duped by others and no doubt that is true of many including the Masons who still use his books as part of their studies. Some of these people will tell you St. Germain is an immortal who lived before the time of Christ or to be perfectly clear before that myth was written about by his ancestors. I do suspect you can take 'his' to mean either of them. For you see St. Germain is De Medicis and therefore Benjaminite who marry throughout many eras with Merovingians. In my book on St. Germain which many sites say they allow you to read for free - but you must give credit card info to join - I quote St. Germain saying the stories of his immortality are false. That does not mean he was not a soulful immortal and Ascended Master.

There are numerous researchers who show the connections of the Illuminati to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Years after
Crowley and Regardie) come because the Rothschilds include esotericists just as the De Medicis named St. Germain had set up the schooling system in Vienna for them as he passed the spy network and financial monopoly (These things are most connected.) to the Rothschilds. Most of these researchers do not get the esoterics behind the acts and organizations or see the Corpus Hermeticum translated and called De Brix for what this means. De Brix is like De Bruges, it is another translation of the Bruttii and a family that founded Rome and Britain which has been ruling and building sophisticated means of control or Empire ever since. These BEES include more than the 'bees' of Childeric which the Merovingian Napoleon put upon his Holy Roman Emperor's investiture robe. They were in Egypt and are the Royal House of Mallia on Crete in 2200 BC. Technology such as cistern design are part of why I connect them with the Shardana of Sardinia and the Trojan War fortress found a few decades ago. That fortress only was used for the duration of that war but it was not near Troy. This supports the theory that there were many theatres of operation and indeed a World War.

There are some researchers who are cluing in to the inner sanctum of esoteric Heliopolitan or Luciferian (Druidic) Vatican types who are Hibernian double agents like St. Bernard or Robespierre, Rumford, Lafitte, Da Vinci, Dee, Columbus and all the rest. It would appear I am the only researcher who has connected Hoffet to both Saunière and Plantard de St. Clair (Sinclair BEE) who both were leaders of The Priory of Sion like Da Vinci. This is the major reason I wrote a book on Saunière. Because I am called an alchemist by high Rosicrucians I have known, I am in a position to know what Hoffet studied and one or more of the techniques he used in his position in the Documentation branch for the Vatican. Bibliomancy and genetic encoded information are just part of the arts and artifices in alchemy for many millennia.

So when you read about Sauniere being introduced around the esoteric salons of Paris by this man you are getting close to the true Da Vinci Code. It is all about Synarchy! But that does not mean George Bernard Shaw and his London School of Economics venture was not well-intentioned, anymore than it means Annie Besant (One of a very few female Masons) did no good work with Krishnamurti or in establishing India. It does not mean Yeats or Stein knew the role they played in this Hegelian Dialectic that truly is 'Charmed'. But I am pretty sure Hoffet and his ilk have used The Charm of Making on these people just as it has been used on me. It does make me wonder what role Plantard played at Lake Leman with Kissinger, Baruch and the Rat Lines reconstruction of Europe as well as what he was doing with the Gestapo before they returned him to his role in the French underground during the war. It does make me want to know more about Plantard and Prince Bernhart of the Thulean Gestapo who founded the Bilderbergs with the aid of the OSS/CIA. Yes, there is a wide-ranging 'Charmed Circle' to say the least. Of course I was also lead into a book I write titled The Charmed Circle.

The Philosopher's Stone is not just a spiritual allegory for a personal enlightenment despite what many people will tell you. They say
these things because it is true that a spiritual enlightenment is required if one is to make a 'Stone', and because they have not
done the 'work'. Israel Regardie wrote a book called The Philosopher's Stone in which he said it was only a metaphor or allegory. Regardie is worth reading and he was the personal secretary for Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which some authors say is satanistic. The authors who say that are often Bible Thumpers and worse. It is Luciferian and Lucifer is the Venus light or Heliopolitan Druidic system. It is a good spiritual course and Regardie's work on the books of the HOGD that present part of that course are possibly the best books to introduce people to the Path. You can be certain that the De Medicis were not stupid superstitious people despite the fact that they bought the Papacy more than a few times. I cannot emphasize this enough. The De Medicis paid to have the Corpus Hermeticum translated and had their family name (De Brix) used as the title. They were not mere 'farmers' or 'bauers'. They have always been of the highest understanding. This is one of the reasons you can be sure the Rothschilds are the De Medicis. Both of these families used the same old song about being 'farmers (De Medicis) or 'bauers' which is translated as 'farmers'. At Nauvoo Mormonism was made most interesting by a man named Niebauer or 'nee' (born) Bauer.

I think there is a good possibility that Saunière happened upon a 'Stone'. It might even have been the 'Stone' used by Nostradamus or Leonardo. Nostradamus was protected by the De Medicis and Leonardo was one of their employees. It is even possible that Sauniere was able to influence the future he saw in the 'Stone' in a more meaningful way than other Time (or Impeccable) Warriors like Carlos Castaneda. This explanation fits with his knowing when he would die and his being able to stop that death but having been told (By the Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperors) that he would not be allowed to choose a different date to die. In fact this explanation is the one I personally favor out of all the possible explanations for the enormous sums of money he was provided. I am still not certain where they got all this money. The connection of automatic writing and time viewing seems logical as does Bibliomancy with any form of 'direct cognition' (Mac Dari into Ogham). William James and his fan Carl Jung certainly travelled this path.
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Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy and True Intellectuals 09 Jan 2016 20:45 #4

  • Robert Baird
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I suppose it is far easier for people who have limited ability to comprehend or read (for many reasons) to listen to someone read it for them. I mentioned Conor Mac Dari above. My Ogham mentors tasked me to update and re-write his book (s). It took many years and eventually lead to the many books I have written. He did not have all the sciences to support what he wrote. When I started out doing the research there was only one place to buy the book - at a high price from Kessinger. It is widely available today, due to 20 years of my talking it up, I guess. Listen closely for what he says about people on their buttocks in church pews. It is indeed possible to gain knowledge through what he calls 'direct cognition'.

There is so much we can easily do. Here is a reply to a person at another site - wherein I touch on many things,

Dear S

It is so sad that so many people scurry around beating each other up about all the religious and historical nonsense we see everywhere. People think because their teacher (who only read books while in schools so long ago and out of date) told them they KNOW - or their priest etc. that actually means something.

Invariably if you ask these teachers where the knowledge originated they have no answer after saying Rome or Greece or Egypt and yet clearly humans had great knowledge long before the Great Pyramid. This is why the Bible promoted alien theories and why we still have the Cradle of Civilization crap.

But as you know - none of these HighIQ teachers and sheepskin toting assholes can address those questions either.

The Berekhat Ram figurine was hotly debated for years - I said 350,000 years of art knowledge was entirely fitting and I thought it would soon be much older proof - we now have! It is a lot like those mother or matriarchal figures you found blowing up at Dolni Vestonici. I wonder whether the blowing up included a small baby coming out.

I just looked up accommodations in Siem Reap and found high class hotels with free taxi, breakfast, day long peanuts and stuff for just $8 Canadian. The VIP package includes a massage for an hour each day. And here are people like me paying twice as much for next to nothing in shitty climates amongst Bible Thumping deviates who celebrate Christmas and foist their MEMEs on all people. Our laws suck - but no doubt I will have issues of some sort there. One place I looked at is fully furnished including TV and internet plus breakfast for $170 a month. That is a high priced four story safe apartment with mosquito nets and weekly cleaning.

Do you think there are people in our old folks homes who would prefer this? How about all those we throw in jails and pay fifty thousand a year to house and train to be more criminal - or those we never taught and call NUTjobs? Just rambling - I have developed ways to do more with less and make a far better world - so why are we still under the thumbs and laws of EMPIRE? Check out the Lingam and Yoni thread here.
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