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TOPIC: The Sleeping Profit

The Sleeping Profit 14 Feb 2016 14:11 #1

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Edgar Cayce

I am not sure his healings were tap-ins or en-light-en-ment to the knowledge shamans certainly access when they develop new drugs. I do find merit in many things he said including how he had the wisdom to leave his fundamentalist Christian façade and become more Eastern in his philosophy and religion. One of the main reasons I doubt he was actually channelling wisdom is his father and he were high Masons and much of what he told people was in their books (including things proven wrong about the Great Pyramid and Atlantis). He is credited with the term soul mate.

The Watchman Fellows have these things to say about him.

"By Marilyn Stewart {A truly Royal last name}

Date of Birth: March 18, 1877, Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Date of Death: January 3, 1945, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Organizations: The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, Virginia; The Edgar Cayce Foundation, legal guardians of the readings; The Atlantic University (19271931) reopened in 1985 and offers a Masters degree in Transpersonal Studies; The Edgar Cayce Hospital, 1928-1931; Association of National Investigators, 1927-1931.

Unique Terms: The Sleeping Prophet; Christ Pattern, Soul Mates (two souls who have experienced many incarnations together and complement each other spiritually, mentally and physically1); Akashic Records (a cosmic database of all thoughts and deeds of every soul which Cayce cited as a source for his readings).

HISTORY Called the “Sleeping Prophet” because of his unusual psychic ability while in a hypnotic, self-induced “sleep,” Edgar Cayce is said to have astounded skeptics with his accurate medical diagnoses and world prophecies. Though Cayce lacked clairvoyance while awake, his revelations or “readings” while asleep number in the thousands.2

For twenty years Cayce’s readings were devoted strictly to the physical needs of others. His later readings took a dramatic turn to the metaphysical, incorporating the ideas of the Eastern mystical religions, Universal Consciousness, and reincarnation into his once fundamental Christian belief.3

Born on a small Kentucky farm, Cayce came from a family with a penchant for the supernatural. Cayce’s grandfather was known as a skillful water witch whom some say was able to make brooms “dance.” Following his grandfather’s death, family members comforted Cayce saying his “second sight” would allow him to see his grandfather again, and that “death was just going back to heaven.”4 His father, a reluctant snake charmer of sorts, so loathed the snakes that followed him home that he gave up farming and moved to the city. He was a stern man who, when substituting at school, was quick to strike the day-dreaming Cayce. But the father became “proud of his son at last” when Cayce asked for his own Bible.5

Thereafter Cayce became a voracious reader, reading the Bible through once for every year of his life. Around age 12, Cayce had a vision in the woods of a bright and beautiful lady with wings. The Lady told him his prayers had been answered and offered him whatever he wanted most in life. His request was “to be helpful to others, especially to children when they are sick.”6 The following day, Cayce ran into trouble at school for not knowing his spelling lesson. That evening, Cayce studied alone, and his father would quiz him every thirty minutes. Each time the boy failed to know the answers. Exasperated, the father struck the boy, knocking him to the floor.

Late into the evening, the Lady from the vision told the exhausted Cayce, “If you can sleep a little, we can help you.”7 Cayce laid his head on his spelling book and fell asleep. When his father returned, Cayce knew not only his spelling lesson, but every spelling word in the book. His father was furious, believing the boy was playing tricks. Cayce’s mother, however, reassured her son that this new gift was from the Lady. Cayce’s ability to learn by “sleeping on a book” moved him from last place to first in the class.8 {Bibliomancy and centering - taught in the occult Masonic schools including St. Germain.} The incidence profoundly effected Cayce, moving him to pray to the Lady on occasion, and to wonder about its significance in the years following."

From this we learn that his family were snake charmers who beat their kids and had the varied magical abilities which their fundamental Christians value and admire despite their apparent distaste for the occult. HMMMM. What word describes THAT? I saw no mention of their Masonic background and I spent over a thousand hours in their library in the mid 70s. They had books I could not find anywhere else, including Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge.

Like most snake charmers and charlatans they used Mesmerism and suggestion (The Masons fought to suppress Mesmer) and their library had a wealth of occult tools. I forget if it was there that I learned more about 'aspects' and calling animals to me, I already knew a lot. Stage performing and honest jobbing profiteering is not and never will be my modus operandi.
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The Sleeping Profit 14 Feb 2016 14:23 #2

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Profit is an excellent term to use.
Cayce undoubtedly did well by his schtick.
His legacy endures at Atlantic University, they do good work. More here...
Having been around this stuff all my life I take a pragmatic view.
If the customers are getting what they want from the likes of Cayce then the likes of Cayce do well.
No schtick = no customers and the purveyor has to move on to something else to earn a crust.
Cayce had a living from his work almost from the get go.
Whilst some may not agree with what Cayce did nobody can argue that Cayce had enough customers to keep him in funds.
Those who have a taste for the numinous will find it be that from Cayce and his heirs, jobbing psychics, Spiritualism etc.
There's something out there to suit every taste.
I think that's a good thing, others may differ; as is their right.
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The Sleeping Profit 14 Feb 2016 14:44 #3

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Yes, but really good students of reality always knew more and did not need to abuse people.

That does not mean that Cayce did not open a lot of doors for those of us who have been aware all our lives - my father told me about the pixie mind (which he did not really grasp) early and often.

Today's Pied Piper is Kaku. Deepak has profited immensely also - his book on Druids followed mine.

Michio Kaku

If you are a scientist in the present day, and you do not believe in telepathy and many more paranormal facts - you are going to have to address what Kaku says about you. He calls such people "know-nothing scientists".

"Theoretical physicists are not known for their rock star appeal. Scientists are not inherently cool by our modern standards because so often the average person does not understand what it is they do. Michio Kaku is working to change that and in the process, he has become a bit of a superstar in his own right. Michio sat down with Deepak Chopra for's program One World to discuss his illustrious career, his latest book, and the conscious mind; an interest that they both share.

Michio's new book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind explores many questions that a generation ago, only philosophers were discussing in the abstract. Today, he is making these things a reality. "Telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, photographing a dream, we've done it." He told to Deepak. But there are still vast mysteries in the human brain that science has yet to uncover.


"If you take a look at the neurons of the brain, each neuron is very complicated, connected to ten thousand other neurons but they're just neurons," Michio explains. "They're just either on or off but when you put one hundred billion of them together all of a sudden you get consciousness." Science is still trying to fill in the gaps between what each of these neurons does and how that translates to consciousness. So much of our own existence is understood because others are conscious of our existence. It's a complicated idea but Michio has a way of explaining his work that makes it accessible to the average person; you don't need an advanced degree in physics or biology or even philosophy to follow along.

Michio's research has fascinating connections to eastern philosophy and it is this connection that makes his discussion with Deepak so interesting. Here are two men, with vastly different backgrounds, discussing the intersection of their interests in consciousness and bringing together different disciplines to examine the same mysteries. It is no wonder that both Deepak and his guest Michio Kaku are held in such high esteem.

This is a blog series produced in partnership with One World, a video series with Deepak Chopra and NEWSWIRE.FM. To view the full video and subscribe to all the episodes click here."
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