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TOPIC: The Human Potential

The Human Potential 20 Feb 2016 19:38 #1

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This thread will never have an end. It is about the Human Potential and Love, so we can not ever avoid it. I do hope.

The whole human potential movement is affected by Gurdjieff. That is a fact, I can and have written at least one book about. For over ten years I have watched my book on Gurdjieff sell as well as my book on Tesla and it appears to me a certain schools or group in Scotland has used it as a source book for study. These books are self-published and not promoted. Love is a key ingredient in healing - I know.

If people garner only one thing from all I have written I hope it would be "what's love got to do with IT."

If you learn what love is from Gurdjieff you will change your life as so many people did. But you probably will decrease the number of people you can truly love (Not sex) because you will also no longer be a "sleepwalker". Love is not what Tina said; "a second hand emotion".

I saw Tina in a Hotel ballroom in Acapulco as she made a career comeback and finally took control of her life. Yesterday I saw a show called American Pickers when a Chicago music and record Hall of Famer was evaluating some records they had bought. The 83 year old man said Tina still sent Ike some money now and then. I was at a major bar in Chicago once upon a time when a popular local artist or band covering Tina was playing - it was crowded and I was near the stage singing along with Proud Mary. The lead singer reached out the microphone and I sang the last minute of the song. Many are they who have noted my various voices which they have said would make me a radio personality or whatever. Gurdjieff and Cleopatra (Cicero called enchanting though he was not enchanted with her.) were some of my inspirational teachers.

I cannot quibble with such examples of forgiveness as I have used Marianne Williamson's book Return to Love, to help many abused women. It makes love and forgiveness the central means of recovery. At the same time, I despise the Cycle of Violence which causes war, and child abuse as well as what passes for nation's existence and society being what it is. That is a grand indictment but it is nonetheless true and religion has been central to the Cycle of Violence. The Sufis mentioned in this website account of Gurdjieff (Cat Stevens also joined) are from far earlier times and when it says Gurdjieff is of Greek heritage it is talking about the Danaus who his Caucasian forbears started or colonized. Another student of Gurdjieff named Idres Shah takes this back before the Sarman or Sarmoung Brotherhood Gurdjieff wrote about who are in the title of my book.

At present I am still doing further cutting edge research on these matters and I am sure I have the truest history out there. Shah takes it back before white people existed for about 40,000 years. Due to recent evidences in science I can easily identify the Ainu for 200,000 years as this source but I go back a great deal more for this knowledge and civilization. In the time of Genghis Khan it was said a woman with a container of gold on her head could walk across the entire Empire (the largest ever) and not be either raped or robbed. There are many similarities between Gurdjieff, Rasputin and Temujin. Their esoteric roots (not known to Wiki authors, are identical).
""...Rom Landau was one of the first to compare Gurdjieff to Rasputin. Describing a meeting with Gurdjieff, he explains: 'I had been specially careful not to look at Gurdjieff and not to allow him to look into my eyes...'" Time magazine once described Gurdjieff as "a remarkable blend of P.T. Barnum, Rasputin, Freud, Groucho Marx and everybody's grandfather."
"---“With ordinary love goes hate. I love this, I hate that. Today I love you, next week, or next hour, or next minute, I hate you. He who can really love can be; he who can be, can do; he who can do, is.” So, really, to love one must first exist. Be conscious.---"

"A particularly hard-core dilation of this notion posits that we are all sleepwalking through life, and desperate measures are required to wake us up, and smell the coffee. James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Aleister Crowley, G.I. Gurdjieff and Timothy Leary are among the twentieth century thinkers who employed the sleepwalker trope. Gurdjieff and Crowley were infected with the idea through their study of Sufism; and Leary through his study of Gurdjieff. Sufism sees ordinary consciousness as unconsciousness and the project of Sufism is to wake us up and keep us awake to “The Real”.

“To know about real love,” Gurdjieff said, “one must forget all about love and must look for direction. {The Logos or Divine Purpose, Bhakti is a path.}” These notes are from a January 1924 meeting between Gurdjieff and some of his students, as recorded in C.S. Nott’s fascinating Teachings of Gurdjieff: A Pupil’s Journal:

“As we are we cannot love. We love because something in ourselves combines with another’s emanations; this starts pleasant associations, perhaps because of chemico-physical emanations from instinctive centre, emotional centre, or intellectual centre; or it may be from influences of external form; or from feelings — I love you because you love me, or because you don’t love me; suggestions of others, sense of superiority; from pity; and for many other reasons, subjective and egoistic…We project our feelings on others. Anger begets anger. We receive what we give. Everything attracts or repels.”"

"Corey Donovan: As I weave my way through the writings of Gurdjieff and those who knew him, I am constantly finding thoughtful explanations like this that make me feel that, in Castaneda's writings, either don Juan (if such a person existed) or Castaneda himself may have been a purveyor of "Gurdjieff lite." Another factor in Castaneda's failure until close to the end to talk of his own sex life in a public setting (and then, to the Sunday group, only obliquely) was the basic prudishness with which young men of his social class were raised in the Latin America of the 20's and 30's. It was this same inhibition, in my view, that made him so appalled by men who dressed in shorts, or women who wore "revealing" outfits."

"---Writes Kenneth Cavandar in his essay on Gurdjieff: “Even his towering rages seemed to be deliberate act, from which he himself stood a little apart, watching to see what effect they would have on their audience.” In one of the rare moments when he was taken to task for verbally abusing a disciple, and why he bothered with such people if he was to repudiate them so thoroughly later, he is said to have replied, “I needed rats for my experiments.” He had a thirst for money, demanding cash payment for even minor services, and his liaisons with female followers left a number of illegitimate children; eight, according to one account. Not an especially likable character, from the sounds of it, but in his travels from Moscow to Paris to Istanbul, the bald man with the piercing gaze was never short of worshipful follower (whom he classified into 21 categories of “idiots”). ----"

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The Human Potential 21 Feb 2016 19:04 #2

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You have heard about the chicken and the egg and wondered which came first. I have a good answer in my book Druid's Eggs where I address things like the so-called breasts on the statue in Eleusis or wherever you find symbols archaeologists might call 'breasts'. Do not look past the Earth Mother figurine found at Berekhat Ram not so far from Eleusis and Mt. Hebron or other Anatolian sites of wisdom. It has been controversially dated as the first art back to 350,000 years ago. In 2014 or thereabouts we found art in Indonesia date to over 500,000 years ago not far from Flores Island which I was writing about a lot almost a decade before the Hobbit was found there. Why was Flores Island so important before the Hobbit? It was archaeologically proven to have human artifacts dating over 825,000 years and is an island 50 miles away from any other land - and geologically has been that far away for two million years. I know art and the math required to go over the horizon by the stars is most important because Bucky Fuller said navigating by the stars required geometry and what would lead to trigonometry as well as construction engineering. Conceptual thinking in math and art are not so far apart. If man traveled from Africa a million years ago to a place from whence he went to Flores Island (Homo Habilis's brain size was recently re-calculated a lot larger) it seem reasonable he traveled by the stars and learned a few more things in those travels for far longer. Your guess might be two million years, mine would say mankind was already conscious and intelligent or civilized by then.

The same became obvious to me when I looked at ephemeral charts and astrological castings therefrom. People communicated and maybe even had more refined ways of communicating such as the stuff we call ESP, the Neanderthal had a larger brain than modern humans before it was interbreeding with us about 170,000 years ago. Recent research and science has accepted these things - all of them are at least viable propositions and fly in the face of what I was taught in school - and I hear much of the same stuff was taught to my nephews. But Neanderthal did not have frontal brain lobes where we now know (and can map activity to prove) our speech comes from. Superior Parietal and other terms come to mind. Probably I was saying things like this before high school and certainly I was saying it by the end of high school and I had many more sciences connecting in with it, including Psychic points charts mirroring the lymph system including what was discovered in 2015, chakra comparisons to neurophysiological drawings or design of our nervous system.

So I ask who is unconscious Mr. Locke?

Everything you read about Gurdjieff, Masonry, Blake, Hibernians, Green Languages, Alan Watt, Jung and even Theraveda Buddhism and the Essenes is impacted in a major way by Pythagoras the Druid. It is not remote from your hypotenuses - just kidding.


I consider the above link as mere trash from an historical viewpoint and you can read what it says if you desire. But this is an important connection to Pythagoras who did not invent anything major as I see it, he was a great integrator of more ancient knowledge which was being destroyed so Empire builders could pass themselves off as great thinkers and such.

"Before the dawn of our modern scientific (and problematic) way of thinking, there were different ways of explaining the world, ways that may seem contrived, arbitrary and even superstitious to us. Pythagoras, a Greek contemporary of Buddha and Lao-tzu, devised a philosophy, now almost unknown, which shaped our Western world view from the pre-Christian era up to the beginning of the modern age. The Pythagorean theory of harmonics would guide Kepler in the 17th century to correctly determine the order of the solar system and presage Newton in the discovery of gravity before becoming a discarded artifact of scientific and cultural history.

Below is the writing of Evagrius Ponticus in which he uses Pythagorean number theory and describes an enneagram-like figure. This text is part of a letter written as an introduction to Chapters on Prayer, a guide to contemplative practice (from The Philokalia {A better Bible with less censorship}, translated from the Greek by G. Palmer, P. Sherrard, and K. Ware, pp. 55-57):
“I have divided this discourse on prayer into one hundred and fifty-three texts. In this way I send you an evangelical feast, so that you may delight in a symbolical number that combines a triangular with a hexagonal figure. The triangle indicates spiritual knowledge of the Trinity, the hexagon indicates the ordered creation of the world in six days. The number one hundred is square, with the number fifty-three is triangular and spherical; for twenty-eight is triangular, and twenty-five is spherical, five times five being twenty-five. In this way, you have a square figure to express the fourfold nature of the virtues, and a spherical number, twenty-five, which by form represents the cyclic movement of time and so indicates true knowledge of this present age. For week follows week and month follows month, and time revolves from year to year, and season follows season, as we see from the movement of the sun and moon, of spring and summer, and so on. The triangle can signify knowledge of the Holy Trinity. Or you can regard the total sum, one hundred and fifty-three, as triangular and so signifying respectively the practice of the virtues, contemplation of the divine in nature, and theology or spiritual knowledge of God; faith, hope and love; or gold, silver and precious stones. So much then for this number.”

Obviously all reference to prayer and god is an appeal to the authorities who put Socrates and many more to death for challenging their control of sheep.
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The Human Potential 17 Apr 2016 14:33 #3

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When we understand all Tesla knew we will be able to achieve much more than we imagine. The interface between time and space, the mind-body healing mechanisms and many other things he felt were real are on the table today, and may already be advancing or completed.

When you excite an atom into a plasma state does it retain every attribute of the original atom? Does it gain new attributes which make it different or does it lose it's bonds? Like things attract and Affinity is an important aspect of our physical reality. To control the level of Affinity in plasma states might be possible to achieve even extra-dimensionally. Can you imagine what anti-matter affinity or black hole interchanges of energy might allow. I suggest Tesla intuited the use of harmonics could go this far.

Force Fields were being developed by Tesla using Unified Force Theory despite what this report says. They might be right about this particular use of the Tesla Coil. To travel in space we might need this technology if the Alcubierre space/time bubble is not going to happen. I presume what can attract can also repeal with altered polarity.

"The system works by remotely oscillating positive and negative charges in each nanotube, causing them to chain together into long wires. Cherukuri's specially designed Tesla coil even generates a tractor beam-like effect as nanotube wires are pulled toward the coil over long distances.

This force-field effect on matter had never been observed on such a large scale, Cherukuri said, and the phenomenon was unknown to Nikola Tesla, who invented the coil in 1891 with the intention of delivering wireless electrical energy.

"Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over ultrashort distances," Cherukuri said. "With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely."

The researchers discovered that the phenomenon simultaneously assembles and powers circuits that harvest energy from the field. In one experiment, nanotubes assembled themselves into wires, formed a circuit connecting two LEDs and then absorbed energy from the Tesla coil's field to light them."

Read more at: phys.org/news/2016-04-reconfi...erials.html#jC
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