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Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. Read More:

TOPIC: The biggest conspiracy ''You'' are a black magician

The biggest conspiracy ''You'' are a black magician 18 Jan 2017 00:33 #1

"Everyday Black Magic Rituals" as it relates to the vampiric nature of this control grid: including the consumption of animal products, our use of oil (Mother Earth's Blood), the addiction to conflict & media, our allegiance to money & authority, & how it all relates to our divine creative abilities that now have the chance to re-emerge and replace this Fear-Based Society. I love you all.....Well not all of you ;)

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The biggest conspiracy ''You'' are a black magician 22 Jan 2017 15:01 #2

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okay I have only watched the first two and a half minutes of the video but felt a need to pause to say I do agree about the divide that has been created by science between the left and right (brain) and how the 'religion' of scientism has been elevated.

I do take issue though with the concept (that elites are pushing as well) that 'white' magik and 'black' magik are diametrically in opposition to each other.

On the surface this would very much seem to be the case, and there are many who get involved in 'white' magik in or to fight 'black' magik or 'dark' spiritual forces BUT and it is a big BUT.............. white magik and black magik BOTH come from the same source...... any really learned practitioner comes to know this if they did not know this at the beginning.

Highly trained and generational native shamans know this and will state so openly.

The elites know this.... THAT is why they are strongly pushing the concept of white magicians fighting black magicians.... (ie Harry Potter etc..) to indoctrinate people, including masses of youth, into wanting to become 'white' magicians..... THEY know that the source(s) of white and black magik are identical at their roots. This is why all the movies, books, tv programs, video games, enticing people, and in some cases, 'initiating' masses of people (knowingly or unknowingly) into the 'magical arts'.

It is a matter of taking some spiritual truths (that are not known about by vast numbers of people) and using those truths (there is an unseen spiritual realm that exists all around us, we are connected in this realm, what we do and think and say affects this realm in ways that are real, there are 'forces' at work in the spiritual realm, we can and do affect the spiritual realm all the time whether we realize it or not etc..) they use those truths in order to try to initiate people into wanting to USE it in a specific way and on a specific path... that of the 'white' magic practitioner.

It is an agenda and one of the MOST powerful spiritual agendas going on today imo. But be warned.... they do not tell you the real danger of this path that is being pushed so adamantly, that the root and source of the black arts magician is the same as for the white, some will find out at their own peril, all will eventually know the truth of the matter, better to find out sooner than later...
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The biggest conspiracy ''You'' are a black magician 23 Jan 2017 21:08 #3

I dont like the guy personally,some of what he says is truth ,but ultimately he knows what hes doing and that's deceiving people for the most part
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