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TOPIC: Is the Dyatlov answer staring us in the face?

Is the Dyatlov answer staring us in the face? 01 Aug 2021 20:07 #1

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En route by train to the hiking area, the Dyatlov group had to change trains at Serov station where this happened-
Excerpt from page 20 of Keith McCloskey's book 'Mountain of the Dead'-
"A young alcoholic accused someone in the group of stealing his wallet, with the result that the police were called.
Luckily nothing came of it and the group were allowed to proceed without any further restrictions, much to their relief"

So I believe it's quite possible that he and his mates tracked the Dyatlovs to get the wallet back, and all hell let loose on the mountainside, resulting in broken bones to the Dyatlovs who fled down to the trees in fear for their lives.

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