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TOPIC: Sharia for Dummies

Sharia for Dummies 10 Nov 2017 19:01 #1

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This video explains some of the basic principles of what life is like under Sharia law. It is completely antithetical to our values. “White Sharia” is being promoted by the Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff, in an effort to drive young women even further away from our struggle and associate the fight for White rights with Islamic terrorism. Yes, Sharia is held up as a big boogeyman by the jewish anti-Islam crusaders, so as to to rally support for Israel and their war on terror, but this does not mean that this system does not pose a legitimate threat. Jews opened up the gates of Spain and enjoyed their Golden Age in Europe under Islamic rule, which lasted for almost 800 years. Jews and Muslims are currently working together to enslave us all.

Note: the Arab guy narrating this video makes a crude remark and laughs, which pisses me right off, but watch it anyway.

Source & Comments

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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