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TOPIC: Chem -trail deniers

Chem -trail deniers 07 Jan 2013 01:12 #1

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this one is guided at a person who i can no longer argue with, pointlessly i might add, over at another site many of you here are originally from, like myself.
his handle is rbl4n8katr or something of the sort.
major denier of chem trails, and really, all things "conspiracy".
he usually jumped on me when i made threads but when i gave good evidence, he would not reply or just make a strawman.
you don't think they're doing this with the planes?

watch how close these near misses are with commercial flights coming into the paths of the "droned" (imo) military seeders (chem-trail jets)

another great video also is the one here
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Chem -trail deniers 05 Feb 2013 21:46 #2

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saw a vid months ago, sometime last year... there were people out of hawaii talking about this. a couple farmers compared crops and even wild plants, along with natural water sources (tested because they had been drinking it years ago, then retested recently after they started to get sick)... crops failed, heirloom seed crops (like 100+ old generation seeds, never failed before, all of a sudden did). and the water source, was making them sick now where it didn't before, had some toxin in it. they laid it all to the chem-trailing that started there and the build up of what is in whatever they are spraying.

i went and looked for the video, haven't found it but when i come across it again i'll post it. hell it might even be one of the vids you posted, i haven't had a chance to watch them yet.
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