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TOPIC: Navy Sonar Blasting, Sea Life, & Noises Around The World

Navy Sonar Blasting, Sea Life, & Noises Around The World 02 Mar 2013 01:59 #1

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I got directed to this video earlier by someone... tell me I am hearing shit, or is this navy sonar the same freaking sound thats been heard round the world?

Animal Planet - Mermaids (decent watch)
I set this video to start at the right time, 8:20 but if it doesn't just skip to that time, the sonar goes off right after.

And this, is that sound heard round the world, thought to be the "horns" in biblical relation

Now...am i hearing shit , my mind screwing with me, or do these sound EXACTLY alike?
if it does, this is my hypothosis
sonar above ground, if thats wat it is...tested underwater, killed whales and dolphins, beached them, obliterated their internal systems... used above ground, birds fall out of the sky, damage to internal organs of every animal on land... reason? bring about a flase apocolypse and/or programming on mass scale, or population control...

talk away... forgive the spelling, I'm trying as hard as I can to focus on my words


i had been thinkin about scourin the internet for time frame connections between mass deaths (animals, sea life, humans, etc...) after this noise is heard above ground. ur statement about what happend with ur boy just confirms my suspiscions that this is being used.

if any of u watched the entire animal planet vid...it, according to a lot of general public ppl is a mockumentary whereas i found it quite interesting and a lot of facts (genetic collection and research on whales whose ears were bleeding, tissue that showed it had been damaged under microscope, the body that was pulled out of a shark showing the same damage and the government ceasing it, etc...). if they used it underwater to try and capturemermaids by killing them, n they know how close they are to humans, could they...no not could they, would they turn it on humans? following the tv special in may was an announcement from noaa and the us government saying that mermaids were not real (whyw ould they waste the time to come out and say this?).

then factor in the strange sound... its distorted under cubic tons of water/ocean n sounds slightly different than the above ground one which is louder but not distorted... what damage could it cause when its not distorted? are they doing it above ground to have a bigger effect? both to land animals and sea animals?

the biblical reference and the walls of jerico falling down remind me of the theory that i heard about the sound used, that humans couldnt hear, to disintigrate the wtc...the right frequency or vibration can effect molecules and effectively destroy them when concentrated n set for a specific type of....i think of the word, but a building vs people, etc...

and if everything man made can be reproduced by nature, what if the government is innocent in all this? what if this is a natural thing happening and the government is showing up to try n figure it out? what if it is the earth rumbling, or space sounds coming in and hitting certain areas only?



^ some one so kindly made a list of all the strange noises off youtube makes correlating the sounds to mass death reports a tid bit easier (144 from 2008 to june 2012)
thought it was worth ading to this thread

mass animal death lists - unfortunately only for 2012, cant go back n see previous years
list one
list two


will continue in following posts
I don't like to think before I speak.
I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.
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Navy Sonar Blasting, Sea Life, & Noises Around The World 02 Mar 2013 02:02 #2

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this cld all coralate with noises = deaths... i dont know what the range of the noise is so ive just given it a rough area, and i dont know how long the knows can efect living beings (does it not make any noise n continu for a week?) so ive given it a weeks time after noise being heard for reports of mass deaths
Last Week – 1/2012

1/31/12 McHenry county earthquake- strange sound in Wisconsin Video

1/31/12 Strange sounds heard in the sky Fish Creek, WI ORIGINAL CLIP Video
Last Week – 1/2012

31st January 2012 - 800 Star Fish found dead on beach in Japan. Link

31st January 2012 - Massive Fish death in Philippines. Link

Deaths within week following Noises:

7th February 2012 - Dozens of dead Birds found on beach in Florida. Link

3rd February 2012 - 100 Pigeons found dead in South Dakota. Link

3rd February 2012 - 1,000 Fish found dead floating in two ponds in Virginia. Link
Fourth Week – 2012

1/26/12 Strange sound in Saskatoon again! Video

1/25/12 Strange noise London 02:00 25/01/2012 Video

1/25/12 Sky sounds Atlanta, GA Video

1/22/12 Strange Sounds Jan 21 2012 Banff Alberta Canada Video

1/26/12 strange sounds 2 - Illinois Video

1/26/12 strange sounds 1 - Illinois Video

1/26/12 Strange Sounds in the Sky - Allentown, PA Video

1/26/12 strange sounds now in sunnyside new york!! Video

1/26/12 Strange sounds coming from the sky. Now I believe it! Rochester Michigan Video

1/26/2012 Mainstream Reporting Strange Noises Heard Around The World - Video

1/25/12 Strange sounds in Southern California Video

1/24/2012 Strange noises reported around North Battleford, Saskatchewan - Video

1/23/12 Strange voice heard across Kota Samarahan (2) Video

1/23/12 Strange voice heard across Kota Samarahan Video

1/22/12 Creepy Sounds in Sky - Pickering, Ont CA Video

1/22/12 strange sound 2012 in southern california Video

1/22/12 Strange UFO Sounds Over Jersey City, N.J. Part 2 Video

1/22/12 Strange sounds in Stirling, Ontario Video

1/22/12 Strange sounds Czech Republic - Chropyne - Video
Fourth Week – 2012

27th January 2012 – 64 Dolphins and Porpoises found dead along the Atlantic Coast.

27th January 2012 – 10,000 Fish found dead in Japan.

27th January 2012 – 12 Dolphins wash up dead in Louisiana.

24th January 2012 – 5,000 Fish found dead in Perth’s River in Australia.

UPDATE: 85 Dolphins beached, 61 dead in Cape Cod in America.

24th January 2012 – 82 Whales dead in New Zealand.

22nd January 2012 – Hundreds of dead Birds found in India.
Third Week – 1/2012

1/21/12 Strange sound in france / des sons étranges en france Video

1/21/12 Strange & Scarry Sounds in King City, Ontario Video

1/21/12 Strange sounds in London/Hertfordshire Video

1/21/12 Strange Noise Dublin, Ireland HAARP,UFO, Earth Groaning, Hells Bells? - Video

1/20/12 Video

1/20/12 Mysterious Sound heard in Evanston IL 2012 Video

1/20/12 Strange Noise From Sky Michigan - Video

1/20/12 Strange atmospheric sounds New Jersey Pine Barrens 6:40pm - Video

1/20/12 STRANGE SOUND - NEW - Czech Republic Prague Video

1/20/12 Strange noises Earth groaning in Germany - Video

1/19/12 strange sound 2012 co.armagh n.ireland uk Video

1/19/12 strange sound co.armagh n.ireland uk Video

1/19/12"Strange Sounds in Beijing's 3rd sighting caught on tape Video

1/19/12 3 UFO's cause Strange Spine Chilling Sounds in Beijing, China Video

1/19/12 Strange weird sounds in the sky Toronto, Canada - Video

1/19/12 Strange Noise Sound Heard in Brampton Video

1/19/12 Strange Sound Czech Republic Ostrava Video

1/18/12 Sons estranhos em Santo André, SP Brasil Video

1/18/12 Strange sound, now in Badajoz, Spain Video

1/18/12 Strange Sounds in Queens, New York Video

1/18/12 STRANGE SOUNDS sound in Czech Republic Video

1/17/12 Strange Sounds In Nottingham England 1 08:55am - Video

1/17/12 Strange sounds in Spain. Video

1/17/12 No Location - UFO Emits Terrifying Sound? Video

1/17/12 Strange sounds in NY Video

1/17/12 Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Video

1/17/12 Strange sounds in Hollywood, CA Video

1/17/12 Strange Sounds Helsinki Video

1/17/12 Strange sounds Canada London Ontario Video

1/17/12 Sons Estranhos no Céu de São Paulo, Brasil - News Report Video

1/17/12 Strange Sound in Mississauga Ontario CanadaVideo

1/17/12 Strange sound in Washington D.C. suburb Video

1/17/12 Strange Creepy Sounds In The Sky - Boulder,Colorado Video

1/16/12 Strange Sounds in Venice, Florida Video

1/16/12 Strange noises in Melbourne, Australia Video

1/15/12 Strange Sound Przytok, Poland Video

1/15/12 Strange sound in Chicago, IL. - Weird noise from sky Video

1/15/12 Strange sounds 2012 manitoba canada Video

1/15/12 Strange sounds Arta Greece Video

1/15/2012 - Video
Third Week – 1/2012

21st January 2012 – 4 Whales found dead on beach in New Zealand.

19th January 2012 – 20,000 Birds killed by oil spill in New Zealand

19th January 2012 – 3 TONNES of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia.

16th January 2012 – 53 Fur Seals found dead on Beach in Australia.
Second Week – 1/2012

1/14/12 Booming Trumpet of the "Apocalypse" In Costa Rica 2012 Prophecy Unfolds - 1.14.2012 - Video

1/13/12 Earth Groaning Dawson Creek Canada Video

1/12/12 Strange Sounds Chile Video

1/12/12 STRANGE SOUNDS sound in Czech Republic. Scary!- Video

1/12/12 NO LOCATION - Strange sounds on the Winter road going to Kash from Msne Video

1/12/12 Oahu, Hawaii just past the Kualoa Ranch Video

1/12/12 Strange sounds heard near Toronto, Burlington, Canada Video

1/12/12 Strange Sounds Heard Outside in Indiana County, PA Video

1/11/12 strange noise and holographic image over budapest - blue beam project ? Video


1/10/12 Strange Roaring Noise In N. Michigan Skies - Light Show Too! Video

1/10/12 Mysterious 'Sound Of Apocalypse' Heard Throughout Costa Rica Video

1/10/12 Rumbling sound In sky again in New Orleans, Louisiana Video

1/9/12 Sonidos raros en Costa Rica (de noche) Night Sounds Over Costa Rica Video
Second Week – 1/2012

14th January 2012 – 30 Dolphins beach, 20 dead in Cape Cod in America.

11th January 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish wash ashore in The Bahamas.

10th January 2012 – 2000 Chickens dead in India.

10th January 2012 – Large number of dead fish found floating across 3km of river in China.

9th January 2012 – Hundreds of Wildlife Animals found dead in Zimbabwe.

9th January 2012 – Dozens of Turtles found dead in Florida.

8th January 2012 – Thousands of Deer have died during past few months in Northern Plains in America.
First Week – 1/2012

1/7/12 Strange iINTENSEe Invisible Sounds in Sky Video

1/1/12 Strange sounds over Madrid Video

1/1/12 RTM News: Strange Sounds in Canada, Costa Rica, etc. Trending on Youtube Video
First Week – 1/2012

7th January 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in the Gholani River in India.

7th January 2012 – 7 Whales become stranded and die in New Zealand.

7th January 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in California.

5th January 2012 – 3000 Dead Fish in Ghana.

4th January 2012 – Oil soaked birds washing up dead on Western Isles of Scotland.

2nd January 2012 – 20 TONNES of Fish wash up dead on beach in Norway.

1st January 2012 – 200 Blackbirds found dead in Arkansas USA.
March 2012 – Noises

3/31/12 - Ferndal, Michigan - Residents Report Saturday Night Sounds that Shook Homes News Report

3/22/12 - Clintonville, Wis - Wis. town seeks origin of loud, strange sounds Video
March 2012 – Deaths

30th March 2012 - Hundreds of Birds Killed in Hail storm in Texas. Link
May 2012 – Noises

5/29/12 Authorities puzzled by Mysterious Boom like Explosions sounds; last night in Michigan Video
May 2012 – Deaths

30th May 2012 - Thousands more Fish turning up dead in Maryland. Link

29th May 2012 - Mass Fish death - 13,000 Fish found in Ohatchee Alabama. Link

Deaths within week following Noises:

6th June 2012 - Over 10,000 dead Carp found in Blue Springs Lake, Missouri. Link

5th June 2012 - Thousands of Dead fish found in Imperial Lakes in Florida. Link

do they look like they corespond at all, cld this really b connected by information available?


according to this map, this everything that had a location that i could add, there are alot more sounds than deaths occuring (unless the deaths arent being reported)
google map
and using frogs internet thing i connected those i thought could be connected and fanned 'em out


here is another one relating to that: link
in that one they're talking about blaming oxygen levels...
and later in the article it says:

Earlier this month, thousands of dead fish washed ashore along the Texas coast from the Colorado River to Galveston Island, Kens5 reported. Biologists suspected low oxygen levels caused the deaths.
The dead fish and seagulls found at Lake Erie is reminiscent of the mass animal deaths that occurred around the world in early 2011. Thousands of dead birds fell from the skies in Arkansas, hundreds of dead birds were found along a California highway, more were found in Kentucky and Louisiana, while millions of dead fish appeared in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Dead birds were also reported in Italy and Sweden, along with massive fish kills in New Zealand and Brazil.

and the one in texas is found here
Jamaica Beach, Texas – Thousands of dead fish have washed ashore on Galveston, Texas area beaches. Rotting fish have been found by the thousands from the Colorado River to Galveston Island. Parks and Wildlife biologists believe low oxygen levels may be to blame for the sudden influx of thousands of dead fish on Texas beaches, KHOU News reports.
Read more at www.inquisitr.com/300601/thousands-of-de...#aewGyrEwZ30f6YgV.99

Biologists will not be sure if low oxygen levels are to blame for the thousands of dead fish dotting the beach landscape until water up to 10 miles from the shore can be tested as well. The deep water oxygen level testing is expected to take several days to complete, KVUE notes. The Texas State Health Department temporarily closed Galveston Bay to shellfish harvesting today due to the possibility of a red tide which could have played a role in the massive amount of dead fish which surfaced on area beaches, Click to Houston reports.
Read more at www.inquisitr.com/300601/thousands-of-de...#aewGyrEwZ30f6YgV.99


to go with the lake erie deaths... there was a noise heard weeks back there... august 13th, which would make for quite a time span between the noise and the mass wash up, which could mean i have to figure a larger time frame for the noise and the deaths occurring, or it just took a while for the fish to wash up


everything i had posted previously is now listed here and copied over
I don't like to think before I speak.
I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.
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Navy Sonar Blasting, Sea Life, & Noises Around The World 02 Mar 2013 02:14 #3

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Strange Noises, Possible Link to Mass Animal Deaths
Created on Friday, 07 September 2012 21:58 Written by Sahara

Could the mass deaths of ani­mals be the result of above ground sonar like noise emissions?

Spectrogram of Navy Sonar Blast

Photo Credit: Canadian Ministry of the Enviroment

Strange Noises, Possible Link to Mass Animal Deaths
Could the mass deaths of animals be the result of above ground sonar like noise emissions?
In 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review a series of lower court rulings that restrict the United States Navy's use of sonar in submarine detection training exercises off the coast of Southern California. For many years, professor Parsons had been tracking the patterns of whale and other sea animals beaching themselves around the world. In his paper, “Navy Sonar and Cetaceans: Just how much does the gun need to smoke before we act?” Parsons and his co-authors bring together all of the major whale and dolphin strandings in the past eight years and discuss the different kinds of species that have been affected worldwide. They strongly argue for stricter environmental policies related to this issue.
So, what does the above have to do with today? And what does it have to do with the strange noises being heard world wide, or the mass deaths of animals worldwide?
Maybe nothing, but there could definitely be a correlation between the noises being heard and the mass deaths, much like the sonar being used and followed closely by beachings of numerous animals.
For some time the beachings were being, and probably still are, linked to the sea life being terrified by the noise...once on land, sea animals, who can weigh as much as 40,000 tons, without water to support them and their internal organs are slowly suffocated because the weight of their bodies crush the internal organs. But other studies, unpublished and unknown, have linked the sonar to doing something much more destructive to these animals...obliterating their internal organs and tissue, killing them in some instances before they even hit land.
The strange noises being heard around the world sound very similar to the sounds emitted by the Navy's sonar. The difference is, the ones being heard in the skies is louder, more than likely because they are not being diluted by billions of cubic tons of pressure from the ocean. While some of the noises sound completely different, there could still be a connection as testing of different frequencies are looked at.
Yes, there has been mass deaths before as a result of viruses and diseases in an animal population, even in human populations. But why now? Why is there only guess work being made about these deaths and no definite answer being released to the public? Why are samples being taken to be tested, but the results of the tests never being made public? To my knowledge, the results of these tests have not been published, nor have those running the tests come forward to offer any answers other than the speculations they made upon first arriving at the scene. Some of those speculations include water temperature change and the lack of oxygen in the water where fish are concerned. Others suggest oil, even when there is no sign of the animals being covered in oil. Others still, just shrug and continue with what they are doing when questioned.
That leaves people at a fork in the road... either they ignore it, hoping it goes away, or they question those in charge only to be met with non-answers and in some cases no response at all.
Could the government have taken their sonar testing underwater and brought it up to test above ground? Could they be going through a number of frequencies, vibrations, and seeing just how those sounds effect the animals on land? Keep in mind, humans are also a land mammals, so count yourself included when I say animals.
I have mapped out known noises throughout the world in 2012, ones that I could find. There may be more sounds being heard but either not reported or not recorded and put on the internet. I then went through and found all of the deaths that I could that happened in 2012, the ones that happened en mass around the globe...you know the kind, birds falling out of the sky, fish washing up on shores, deer dropping dead by the 100's. I placed those on the map as well.
While the noises themselves being reported, and recorded, far outnumber the deaths, there are a couple possibilities. The first possibility being that not all the deaths make the news or are reported on the internet by the everyday person, or they are occurring in rural areas and never make the internet in one form or another. Or, the other possibility, the right frequency to cause an animal to drop dead was not used...that frequency being one that destroys the internal tissue and organs, killing them. As I previously stated, the sounds, in some cases, are different suggesting a different level being used. And in some cases, the sound may not be heard at all by humans because the human ear only picks up certain frequencies.
Below are two clips, the first is that of the Navy sonar being used underwater. The second clip is that of one of the noises being heard around the globe.
I have also linked to a map which will show both the known sounds that I could find, and the known deaths that could be found. There is also another link for the mind mapping system where I went through giving the noises heard, and attempted to connect deaths that happened within a week of that noise being heard in the general area. Because I have no idea how far these sounds can travel, how much of land life can be effect in any general direction, I have just used guess work to connect some to the noise. And I also do not know how long after the first sounds begin that they can continue to effect the life they reach, so I have given a rough estimate of a week from the date of the noise to a death that could possibly be linked to it.
I will be going through and providing links to information, news articles, reports online made by people, at a later time. Please be patient in waiting for those, I will update when it has been completed.


view google map

view mindmap

Related Links:
Strange Sounds Map
by Lorie Kramer from SeekTress.com seektress.com/ssounds.htm
Including Links to Video's
Birds & Fish are now Dying All Around the World
by EU Times on January 6th 2011 - Including Links to Articles
I don't like to think before I speak.
I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.
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