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TOPIC: Meet (((Paul Ehrlich))) Pseudoscience Charlatan

Meet (((Paul Ehrlich))) Pseudoscience Charlatan 06 Jun 2018 00:34 #1

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“Hitlerism enables us to convert all Jews to Zionism” - Nahum Sokolow World Zionist president 1933.
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Meet (((Paul Ehrlich))) Pseudoscience Charlatan 06 Jun 2018 14:12 #2

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The Western nations and white people have successfuly stabilised their populations with a touch of common sense and birth control.

But the third world don't seem to interested in common sense or birth control and seem happy to breed breed and breed until they end up in a famine and dying of starvation or being bailed out by the West.

I wonder if we should have just let nature take it's toil in Ethiopia in 1984, or at least basically occupied that country in a new colonialism, since any government who lets its people starve should no longer remain in power.

Personally I think Live Aid was the second wave of Cuckery after the Windrush. After that we've opened our doors to all the poor and useless of the world in order that they don't starve to death we have to feed them, house them, give them our jobs, our houses, and destroy our country, our culture, our religion and ethics to keep them happy.

The population crisis is a 3rd world problem. I think all nations of the world should just pull out of the 3rd world altogether and leave them to whatever mess they intend to create for themselves......

Does anyone else remember how nice life was before we all had this 'global conscience' and we knew all about the stupid fucked up shit going on thousands of miles away..... It was better when we cared more about our neighbours than some irredeemable shithole thousands of miles away.

It never used to be our problem. We used to live happily without the weight of global stupidity weighing on our consciences.

It's time to look after Britain and the British first and bugger the rest.
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Meet (((Paul Ehrlich))) Pseudoscience Charlatan 06 Jun 2018 17:54 #3

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Birth Control = White Genocide
You can't fix stupid
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