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TOPIC: Heatwaves , Hailstorms , Floods and Forest Fires

Heatwaves , Hailstorms , Floods and Forest Fires 22 Jul 2021 08:22 #1

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Anyone watching the media will have noticed all these are ramping up and it's all being blamed on "Climate Change" ... WE are the cause of it all because we use fossil fuels for transport and electricity generation .... The truth is we humans have an insignificant effect on the climate .. All these events are being engineered by the SSP ... The illuminati have a secret off world space empire of around a million mind controlled humans ... they have fleets of anti gravity craft which can cloak ... advanced tech which can start fires and manipulate weather ...

So this is the PROBLEM being engineered by the Cabal ! ...
What is the SOLUTION? ... They always have solution to lead you deeper into enslavement ...

The "Solution " will come when the Aliens land ... They will tell us they have been watching our planet with concern , and don't want us to destroy ourselves ... Their calculations show we have to get off fossil fuels NOW , or the planet will die .... They have the free energy technology to give us , it can replace all fossil fuels within a few years , if we let them manage the changeover ... and they can stop covid too .... And the politicians will welcome them , and the pope will baptize them and before we know it they will control everything

So this is the trap that's being laid .. If we swallow the lie , our goose is cooked ! The same aliens who have been controlling society covertly , using the illuminati , will then run it openly WITH OUR CONCENT ! ... If we give our consent to this the Divine Realm cannot help....

The only solution is to partner with the Divine realm and Pray for the upliftment of the evil spirits and malevolent ET's behind this ... www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos

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Heatwaves , Hailstorms , Floods and Forest Fires 01 Aug 2021 19:48 #2

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As usual, the Murder Cult known as Islam is behind most of it-

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