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TOPIC: [excerpts of] What if everything you were taught about World War II was a lie?

Adolf Hitler 05 Feb 2019 22:20 #561

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Roastie wrote:
Flare wrote:
Roastie wrote:
Rocco wrote:
Roastie wrote:
@ Rocco. Not a snitch, just stating the bleeding obvious.

Considering you have mentioned more than once on the forum you don´t like profanities, you´re wearing your
Confusnik hat yet again!
"fucking video" is not name calling. Repeatedly calling me a "confusnik" is name calling. You also leaked PM's on the board.
You have a very nasty attitude, just like the other Lefties on this board. No respect, no honor, no principles

I never said Flare was name calling. Fact. :thumbup:

Roastie wrote
Now Flare is a Moderator, perhaps he should tone down his language when replying to members.

If I see someone (Miacat in this case) ask and have the same question answered 5 times, yet comes back again with the same pre-programmed lazy question without doing any effort to investigate.... well, then I up the tone a bit.

Matter of fact, Lizzy knows Miacat for a long time since David Icke forum and apparently cat is not in it for the truth at all, since she hasn't learnt anything over all those years.

So if she can't stand me asking her if she has watched the 'fucking video' yet and leaves because of it.... well, that's too bad for her then.

Or are we all getting so pussified that we can't even stand a bit of rough language anymore?

Btw Roastie... I don't see you complain about porridge swearing and cussing in literally every single post of his.

Yet you come to me telling me I have to tone down my language over a single post? :roll:

Porridge isn't a Moderator ;)

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Why is Paganism Booming in Europe and Beyond? 02 Apr 2019 21:09 #562

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