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TOPIC: The Vent and the Furious

The Vent and the Furious 11 Jan 2017 08:48 #3461

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Gaia wrote:
zax wrote:
But hey... that';s just how it goes. :cool:

Hey, you know it is all about clean debate! You are a maggot and your wife will divorce you, but I don't need ad hominems to make my point. You will just accept my cult as that is the only PURE awesomeness on this planet and I care very much about clean debate. You don't, you hooknosed homo! I want to stress that I hate ad hominems, and within our Noble Nazi Cult we don't need those because it's all about clean debate. You know, Rein, Sauber und Stressfrei. Because that is how Noble I am, a True Noble Nazi of Ze Noble Nazi Cult. Now fuck off and go play with your jew barbies, you maggot!


That sums it up in a humorous fashion.

We [non-Third Reichers] can dish it out and take it.But the Third Reichers pretend to be lofty and noble,and are hypocrites.
Calling everyone maggots and trolls and Jews.
Calling for bans and giving ultimatums.

And then a few of us question the lack of a level playing field and for parity and to at least mod in a manner that rmeoves pages of spam and trolling,and get this---


Or the free speech line in the ok thread.And trolling in the point 3 thread.

Annabelle had a good post in the ok thread,but never responded to the reply she got.Don't blame her.The thread went off topic and all the spam and trollling left intact.Then the Sparkler kept stlalking her,and she made two good posts in the Member's thread,and got the reply in the above link.

Yet,as noted many times the past year,we see uneven and slippery moderating by the Masked Avenger.

Sure,it is what it is.But commenting on it is not Verbotten.

The Sparkler is like the Frau.You can ignore them,but they will bring your name up in posts and defame you.So the slapback takes place.But not the circular arguments,because they are not followed,like they folllow other members..
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