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TOPIC: (Excerpts Of) This Is National Socialism

This Is National Socialism 04 Jul 2017 20:46 #81

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Zorro wrote:
To understand National Socialism it is necessary that we first define and identify the many misconceptions and misunderstandings. National Socialism today is by far the most demonized system here in the West, perhaps Worldwide? This is mainly due to the connection in the public ''Conscious'' to the so-called "Holocaust", which generates tremendous emotional/psychological aversion to National Socialism, conjuring up images of dead people in Concentration camps and such. This is all false and based purely on atrocity propaganda, all made up by the enemies of National socialism.

National Socialism is the application of the eternal Laws of Nature applied to human society.

In this thread we shall be de-constructing all the myths and misconceptions that exist today regarding National Socialism.

I don't hide the fact I'm a National Socialist. I have nothing to be ashamed of admitting that, neither are my belief's based on hatred for anybody, or any particular race. I don't hate anybody, neither do I wish or advocate harm on anybody..

It is always interesting to see a jew mislead the filthy goyim. You say that you don't hate other races (soecies of human) nor wish them harm. If you were really interested in the White species, you wouldn't try to gain your ends by bullshitting them. If you don't dislike-hate other species of human, what's the fucking point! And if you rule out harm, should it come to that, you're wasting your fucking time! If they could understand English, there is no damned way you are going to be able to sweet talk any fleas from leaving the dog. Deal with it.
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