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TOPIC: Here Is A Picture Of Bloody Slaughtered Humans.

Here Is A Picture Of Bloody Slaughtered Humans. 15 Oct 2018 00:31 #41

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Ugh wrote:
Exorcist wrote:
I remember reading a South African blog about 12 years ago that stated Churchill didn't escape from the Boers and he was secretly ransomed. His daring escape story was made up propaganda to enhance his "heroic leader" status for his future role as a Rothchild plant..

Sounds like a consp-theory to me. I've read Churchill's autobiog and there were many people involved in his escape such as the coal mine workers who sheltered him and he even stated their names. None of them ever came forward later to say it never happened.
Anyway he already had a heroic reputation as a dashing young cavalryman, volunteering for every battle and skirmish and distinguishing himself time and again, so he didn't need to stage a phoney escape and ransom attempt.
Below, Churchill in the thick of it again in the Sudan as his cavalry unit charged into the muslim hordes, again with plenty of witnesses..
He later wrote-"My pistol made contact with the man's face as I fired" -

You have to remember that those same people also say that the Germans gassed 6 million jews to death. There are hordes of "witnesses." But it is all bullshit.
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