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TOPIC: Kevin MacDonald hits it out of the park on Jewish two-faced racism

Kevin MacDonald hits it out of the park on Jewish two-faced racism 04 Nov 2014 04:18 #1

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Just listen, all will be revealed

Download the mp3s before the ztazi take down Red Ice.



Kevin MacDonald - Refuting the Khazar Theory & Occidental Observations
Kevin MacDonald received his Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences and is Professor of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. MacDonald is the author of seven books on evolutionary psychology and child development and is the author or editor of over thirty academic articles. His research focuses on evolutionary psychology and on ethnicity and ethnic group conflict. He is the founder of The Occidental Observer, an online publication presenting original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the west. In the first hour, we’ll begin on the speculative Khazar theory of the Jews and although not supported by empirical basis, it is used for political purposes. The theory reached a wider audience when Arthur Koestler published “The Thirteenth Tribe” in 1976. More recently Prof. Shlomo Sand published “The Invention of the Jewish People,” that further argues that the “Jewish people” is an invention, forged out of myths to justify Jewish ownership of the Land of Israel. Then we move on to discuss the long historical animosity between Jews and Western culture. Kevin talks about politics motivated by hatred. Later, we discuss the big business of immigration. In the member’s hour, we contend how it’s no accident that pro-European films are not being made, nor is media focusing on any positive aspects of Europeans or the West. Then, we discuss change in government that could have an influence on media and culture. We’ll also speak about the situation in California as demographics have drastically changed and tensions are mounting. Later, we comment on the Scottish independence referendum and voting fraud claims. The hour ends on the new kind of rebel emerging, antifa violence and the absurdity of Whites rejoicing the death of their culture.
To understand who rules over you look to whom you tube can't criticise

The media isn't there to cover the news
It's there to cover the news up

All establishment lies pass through three stages
First, they are accepted as being self evident
Second, they are exposed by diligent research
Third, they are enforced

"Communism is the bloodiest, most difficult and the most terrible way from capitalism to capitalism" from Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina
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Kevin MacDonald hits it out of the park on Jewish two-faced racism 04 Nov 2014 11:46 #2

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Listened to it last night. Good one.

A criticism would be, that eastern jews didn't spread with romans in my book, but came from east Rome, Constantinople some time later via Balkans, moved up to Romania, Poland and through the German back door.
Ie, eastern jews are Dönmeh related.
The resident shill announced
blue_tackler wrote:
please make my profile inactive, I no longer want to have any connection to this forum.

yet he is trolling further. :facepalm:

blue_tackler wrote:
the lice are only going to jump onto other typhus victim

Prime example of holocaustianity mental issues, clinically insane, and utterly ill informed, a danger to public health if this dude was working for CDC.
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