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TOPIC: Richard D Hall is a freemason

Richard D Hall is a freemason 20 Jul 2019 00:05 #1

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I just wanted to fill a few people in on the man Richard D Hall who claims to offer alternative theories on main stream news, he is well known for making documentaries on the Madeline McCann disappearance, he claims the parents may have been involved in her death and disposed of the body, he is also well known for pushing an alien and ufos agenda, and claiming that the terror attacks are inside jobs

Well it has come to my attention he is a freemason, Richard D Hall isn't even his real name, he's using a pusdoname similar to that of 33 degree freemason manly p hall.
Richard works for the police, he puts out theories to bait people to contact him with information that they may have heard from other sources, he then feeds this information back to the police.

His website tracks your moment whist on there and any unrelated cookies and data, he also pushes the alien agenda and ufo agenda to hide the fact that the crop circles are created by freemasons, they are all freemasonic symbols and they are coded messages that they fully understand what they mean, he claims animals are mutilated and dropped off in the middle of fields by UFO's this is why no evidence is ever found as to why the animals are mutilated and how they managed to end up in the middle of fields when no disturbance to the ground or farmers etc is ever found.
This is purely because military are involved in these hoaxes, the people who investigate are freemason police and then the news is fed to trusted media sources which then other media outlets report from.

I'm just wanting to share this information on Richard D Hall incase anyone falls into the trap of ever contacting him or believing the rubbish he puts out, he doesn't allow comments on his videos so all this information that few people know about him is ever in the public domain

If you or I said the kind of things he does about alleged goverment false flags and the McCann family we would have police battering our doors down but Richard is free to say these things because he's purposely aiming to discover anyone whom has information on the cover ups that go on.
Please speed the word on this nasty piece of work
Don't be fooled by's time he was outted.
Exposing the freemasonic world order
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Richard D Hall is a freemason 24 May 2020 21:58 #2

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Nicholas Kollerstrom, whom I admire greatly has appeared on RichPlanet a number of times. It wouldn't surprise me if Royal Arch Freemasons were keeping an eye on him. Nick is one of the foremost researchers into conspiracism. After his invaluable research on 7/7 and the non-existent homicidal gas chambers, he suddenly churns out a book on the death of Paul McCartney. It wouldn't surprise me if he was threatened into churning out that book so his serious research would be associated with crank conspiracy theories. I saw a lecture he made on the subject and for one moment he looked so utterly dejected, as if he was questioning what he was doing giving this lecture. Serious researchers have to discredit themselves for their own safety or are warned to do so.
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