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TOPIC: Two private experiments confirming Concave Earth

Two private experiments confirming Concave Earth 17 Sep 2015 12:09 #1

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The comment at the bottom of this post is under this video of a Polish 'debunker' of concave Earth

Here's the video of Mariusz Szczytynski (Polish Concave Earther) talking about this comment, he found it a couple of days ago.

Ar Pi 9 months ago
I've been watching your polemics with this guy for some time and here's what I see: you're one of those scientifically enlightened that are so educated that they won't even think for a while by what kind of mendacity and lies they are surrounded with and that the world might look completely different than what TV shows. You're a typical lemming. You have a higher education but probably not the basic one. What's more you are unable to come up with something on your own, you just philosophize about someone other's work. Move your ass and do something that anyone can do and you will find out.
When I came upon this guy's videos on concave Earth I laughed and disbelieved. And then decided to make two experiments he's talking about. First, recently in September I took a pontoon, strong laser, a measure and made the water experiment on Zegrzynski Lake. The water was perfectly smooth, no wind. Me and my friend stuck a vertical stake in the water and fixed the laser on it on the height of 30 cm above water surface. My friend sailed to the other shore, about 2 km from the first stake and placed a stake there too. By communicating on the phone I set the laser beam on his stake at the same height, 30 cm above water surface. When he confirmed the height was the same on his stake too, the laser was then rigidly fixed to the first stake with two wing screws. My friend sailed back to my position an together we made a measurement in the middle of the distance between the two stakes. The measurement showed that the distance from water surface to the beam was 39-40 cm ! We decided to check if everything was ok with the laser and the stakes. Everything was still perfectly fine. We made another measurement in the middle and it showed the same thing as previously, the beam was about 40 cm from the water surface.
The other experiment was with a ferry on Canary Iislands. The ferries between Tenerife and Gran Canaria sail quite often so you can make a couple of experiments on one day. I used my binoculars, not too strong (10/35), and a a tourist telescope fixed on a viewpoint. The experiment showed the same thing this guy you're arguing with said. When the chimneys of the ferries disappeared under the water I used my binoculars. The ferry popped up again. When it disappeared in my binocullars I switched to the telescope immediately. The ferry appeared in its entirety again. So don't tell me your bullshit but move your ass and do something on your own, instead of criticizing. Additionally I recommend the view from Teide (a volcano) from the height of over 2000 m. Ocean all around you. Wherever you look the horizon is FLAT LIKE A RULER. So you can put your all your divagations in your ass.
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Two private experiments confirming Concave Earth 17 Sep 2015 12:55 #2

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If theres ever a TZ meet :hahano: this is two experiments that should be on the to do list. :yup:

The one viewing the ferry, naked eye, binocular then telescope, people here could try that without too much difficulty if theres ships travelling away from them in the right place.
I remember the good old days, when 90+ year olds in nursing homes lived forever. Darn this pesky virus.

1365 = 1

1.1365 = 1,283,305,580,313,352
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Une Ligne a Eté Tracée - Le Documentaire Rectilineateur - Το πείραμα που έδειξε την πραγματική καμπυλότητα της γης - Ευθυγραμμικού 22 Sep 2015 11:14 #3

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We could as well duplicate the Rectilineator Experiment fairly inexpensively using modern surveying equipment
and rodin would finally be able to teach me how to use a spirit level on this unique occasion ;) :P

rod-exo and marioiram could bring their beautifully artful masterpieces and we will compare their works of art to reality :)

Now also available in French and with Greek subs for our multilingual readers of non-Anglo-Amercian descent:

Finalement en Francais- le documentaire sur l'experiment qui est la PREUVE qu'on vie dedans la terre concave... le rectilineator!! Ensemble avec l'experiment Tamarack ils confirment encore plus... Inspecter avant que vous vous moquer! NASA nous on TOUS MENTIS!

To πείραμα του «Ευθυγραμμικού» που διεξήχθει το 1897 σε τρισδιάστατη αναπαράσταση. Το πείραμα που άλλαξε την καμπυλότητα της γης. Το πείραμα που απέδειξε ότι η επιφάνεια της γης είναι κοίλη. Ο κόσμος δεν είναι αυτός που νομίζετε.

And to our German speaking readers I highly recommend archive.org/details/Lang-Johannes-Die-Hohlwelttheorie

- truth-zone.net/forum/science-and-physics/65805-poll-i-saw-the-curvature-of-the-earth-with-the-naked-eye.html
- truth-zone.net/forum/science-and-physics/63418-hollow-world-theory-inner-world-cosmos-skyscentrism-we-live-in-the-concave-earth.html?start=1380#173643
"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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